The Georgetown Loop Railroad

The Georgetown Loop Railroad was a short ride, 1.5 hours or so. Access was easy as it's right off the Interstate on the way to Leadville from Denver. And you can board at either end of the track.


















Obviously it's a brand, new, up-to-date operation with only the latest of equipment. (Of course, if you weren't looking for a ride on an antique railroad, you wouldn't have stopped there anyway, right?)













(Yes, the train is stopped.)

















"Keep Off!" We don' need no stinkin' "Keep Off" signs.











The scenery was spectacular, but it usually is when The Redhead is around.












The reason it is called the Georgetown LOOP is because













The track LOOPS over itself.












The places you can find that are pretty rare.












And the scenery, as we said, is pretty spectacular, even when The Redhead isn't in the picture.




Then we went to Leadville and The Leadville, Colorado, and Southern Railroad to cap off our train touring.