Judge Roy Bean, SASS badge #1, was there, and much appreciated. He told me a good story. I mentioned I'd ordered a pair of SASS Colts and gave him partial blame (along with Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch and Mike Venturino). I mentioned I was still waiting for them. As someone who sells cars which occasionally require a 2 year wait, I didn't think the wait was unreasonable, but apparently others do. He mentioned he had ordered another one and had been waiting 9 months. He asked Donna Oakley, who handles the orders for SASS, if she had any information on his yet, and she said, no. "Do they know who it's for?"

"They know," came the reply. Even The Judge has to wait on the Colt Custom Shop.

Captain Ira Aten, the rangemaster and creator of the sometimes devious scenarios, is on the Judge's left. Pepper Russell, THSS President, is on his right.


This is "our" stage, #10. Jack Houston (as the Lone Rider) and I were stage marshals in the gunshop stage (appropriate location for me since I spend much of my misspent middle age at gunshops. The photos on the wall of old time cowboy stars are part of Jack's collection. His father was The Lone Rider in a series of 30s movies.The cowgirl shooting is Miss Hattie. What an outfit! She'd fit right in a 1890s wild west show.






This cowgirl is the world famous Buckskin Bunny. Bunny is a shy, retiring sort. She has a costume for everything, wearing 7 or 8 at Thunder Ranch last year. How I missed having a lot of photos of her at TR I don't know. She shoots quite well and placed 2nd in Ladies Modern I.









Too many photos of women shooters? Look, you photograph what you want to. I'll photograph what I want to. I believe this is Powder Puff, and she won Ladies Traditional.











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