the Simunitions Runs


In DHG 3 and only DHG 3 Walt Rausch brings Simunitions equipment and has runs with Clint and an instructor or two as bad guys.

Simunitions are primer powered, brass cased, paint-ball bullet modifications to real firearms. That's a Ruger Security Six there. It feels like a gun and shoots like a gun except for recoil, which you don't feel under stress anyway. If you're hit, it hurts.









The face is well-protected, and you wear a neck protector, a Kevlar vest, and a long-sleeved shirt, and padded gloves. Still, I got a welt on my chin despite the face protector, and one on my right wrist. You're told not to shoot for the head or pelvis, just the body. But Clint hit me in the chin, and I hit him in the face once. Reflexes are still there despite warnings, and you'll do what you've been trained to do.

You'll probably get shot. I think everybody got shot except Peter Dayton. We got to watch others do two runs in the Terminator, which was good. It meant I felt somewhat better about screwing up. Others screwed up worse than I did, the most memorable one who missed searching a room only to have "FLAMING DEATH!" appear behind him with 2 Rugers blazing.

If you screw up and get cornered, shoot until you're empty. Maybe the bad guy's shooting your vest. They frown on giving up. I agree. "NEVER... NEVER... QUIT....." (DHG 3 Handout, Page 4) "The fight is usually won by the last shot fired." (Clint Sound Bite.)


Here's Walt in his element. You can see kind of how the rooms work in the Terminator. The student is checking out the rightmost room. You'll note a door on each side. It's VERY difficult to check two rooms simultaneously, and it blew my mind. I must've spent 10 minutes before deciding, "@#$! it. They can kill me, but if they eat me, I'll give 'em indigestion." I'm not showing much of the Simunitions scenarios because I don't want to give them away. (That and the photos of me show me doing something stupid.) I think they use them again every year.

But you will survive the Simunitions runs, and you WILL be able to sleep again someday. Eventually, there's