Archives of Curt's Newsletter,

published online from October 1998 through May, 2007

LAST Newsletter, Cheating Death, Retirement, Miscellaneous Ravings, Common Valor, Mercedes I have known and loved, Life with the Zoo Our new home

April 2007

2007 Green Car, Next Generation C-Class US introduction, Random Acts of Courtesy, Mercedes-Benz QC, Miscellaneous Ravings, A Dog's Prayer, A Short History of PTSD


February-March 2007

Ten Best Engines Award, Automotive Hall of Fame, ML320CDI at 7500 Miles, Distronic Plus and Radar Detectors, A Test, Miscellaneous Ravings, Moving the Cat


January 2007

2008 Mercedes-Benz C-Class Introduction, Ocean View Concept Car, Diesel Buyers, GL320 Crash, Run Silent, Run Deep, Top 10 Questions, Miscellaneous Ravings, RV Arthur

2008 C-Class Sport Sedan

December 2006

Safety Award, BLUETEC Diesel Initiative, Analog TeleAid, Reliability Letter, Miscellaneous Ravings, Christmas Carols for the Disturbed, Veterans Hospital

Merry Christmas

November 2006

Scientific American 50 Award to Mercedes-Benz Bluetec, Popular Science Best of What's New, Going Diesel, Miscellaneous Ravings, Rules of the Road


October 2006

Three New Diesels, Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel, Motor Trend names Mercedes-Benz GL450 Sport/Utility of the Year, Paris-Beijing 2006,
Miscellaneous Ravings, Goodbye to a Really Good Friend

September 2006

US Mandates ESP® for all cars, BLUETEC® for 50 States,
S550 Safety Award, What to do at the Gas Pump, Miscellaneous Ravings, Ode to Odie, Pet Blogs


August 2006--Left in because of 2006 EOT article.

2007 E-Class Driving Debut, AdBlue, 2007/2008 Diesels, 80 MPH is Legal, Miscellaneous Ravings, End of Trail, Important Things I learned About Life From My Cats

George S. Patton, Jr. on vacation

July 2006


June 2006


May 2006


April 2006


March, 2006


February 2006


January 2006


December 2005

GL-Class intro, S550 Options, The Zoo



M-Class 5 Stars, S550, Hygenius Research Vehicle


October 2005

On Track 2005, 0 to 60


September 2005

ML63 AMG, New Mercedes Phone System, Why Lassie was a dog, not a cat


August 2005

2006 R-Class, Safe Saks


July 2005

2007 S-Class, First Pictures, What's new for 2006, 24 Years at Star


June 2005

Building an ML, ML500 vs. Lexus LX470, Tire Life


May 2005

E320CDI World Records, MB pickup, 2007 G-Class, New Puppy


April 2005

ML vs... R-Class introduced, MB Awards, A Very Good Dog


March 2005

S65, E350


February 2005



January 2005

E55 Station Wagon, CLS55


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October 1998

Special European Delivery Issue