Another Mecca to Cowboy Action Shooters, Texas Jack's. You should be able to get nearly everything you need for CAS there, clothes, leather gear, and Cimarron Firearms. Cowgirls max out their credit cards in other Fredericksburg shops. Cowboys (and cowgirls who shoot or dress 19th century) do it here.

Inside Texas Jack's. That's George "Hyram Gregg" Baseke, store manager, behind the counter. The blonde semi-hiding didn't identify herself. Something about being wanted in 3 states. That's The Redhead, SASS 25034 on the buying side of the counter, smiling despite the fact that I put Texas Jack's down as a dependent last year I gave them so much money.


Downtown Fredericksburg, a great place to vacation even if you don't do Cowboy Action Shooting

First you have to accept the fact that things aren't moving like they are in New York City. Slow down. Enjoy yourself.


Wheeler's might be the perfect business. They're open for lunch, period. But they're always full at lunch. (There's a bakery in town that opens at 8 or so and sells out by 9 then closes.) Yes, not only do I want to move to Fredericksburg, I want one of those perfect businesses.

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