You're reading this because you're a Cowboy Action Shooter? Well, then this is the Holy Grail of Cowboy Action Shooting, Tin Star Ranch, 370 Acres devoted to CAS and cowboys. This is Front Street, Dodge City, 1881.

Here's a different view. Could be a busy day in 1881, but no, it's a shooters' meeting at a big match at Tin Star.

What Cowboy Action Shooting facility would be complete without the Jersey Lilly, Judge Roy Bean's hangout near the end of the century. All kinds of shenanigans went on there. This one only needs a bear and a couple of soiled doves to be complete.

And we're in Texas. The Alamo is a holy shrine in Texas. Brave men died there to rescue us from tin pot dictator Santa Anna (no matter what they're teaching in high school these days). This one is 2/3rds actual size and very detailed. 2 shooting stages are inside.

We don't rent pigs.

Adding much to the place is the newly completed Longhorn Palace, a full-fledged saloon downstairs, and rooms upstairs. Bring your own soiled dove. No guns are allowed inside, and they don't have a Margarita machine. Otherwise it's a really nice place for parties, especially awards parties after a CAS match.

Morning shooters' meeting at the Tin Star Open. A D Texaz is explaining the safety rules.

The shooting stages at Tin Star face a mountain (okay, it's a big hill. To central Texas it's a mountain), and they're about halfway up. This means pulling/pushing your big, heavy guncart up San Juan Hill, a recipe for a heart attack in summer. But no, they have a tractor with a trailer making constant loops in the morning to carry your guncart up the hill. Getting it down hill is no problem. Hanging onto it is a problem.


Buckskin Bunny reloads from her cleavage. I believe this isn't SASS Legal, but none of the men watching her recommended a penalty. Note the rifle rack on the left corner. Great place to shoot. The side walls are lined with steel armor plate, and sound proofing covers the armor. It's still noisy in there, but not beyond the capabilities of normal ear protection.


Major Calvin N. Hobbs shoots Black Powder from one of the stages.

Now let's see, what's my line again? Oh, yeah, "The Kiowas are out of toilet paper." Where do I place my shotgun? My rifle? These folks took care of the shooters. (Tin Star Open, 2002)

2010 UPDATE: Tin Star Ranch had some hard times and stopped doing SASS matches, but new owners have changed that. They don't have the regional anymore, and the State Championship is held a few miles away, but they do have an active schedule. If you're a SASS shooter you should visit and shoot there sometime.


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