This issue is all about European Delivery of a Mercedes-Benz. We just picked up the redhead's #* birthday present, her SLK 230 MT Sport in Magma Red with Salsa interior.

European Delivery starts here. 4 months or more before you need your car, see me. We'll order the car to your specifications and take a deposit. 40 days before the car is to be picked up, you pay for it. Financing and leasing are available through MBCC. Many banks and credit unions can't handle a European Delivery.

Mercedes-Benz European Delivery has a travel department, and they can get you discounted airfare and make hotel reservations for you. Virtually everything else I handle for you. I've been doing it for clients since 1981 and have picked up 2 cars myself under the program.

If you need a car in less than 120 days, call me. Mercedes keeps some cars in a pool available, usually common colors and equipment C and E class. I've arranged deliveries in less than 3 weeks.

European Delivery includes 2 nights in 5 star luxury hotels, with several to choose from, plus 15 days (extendable up to 6 months at extra cost) zero deductible European Road Insurance, return shipping to the selling dealer, marine insurance, customs clearance.

When the car arrives we will put on a state inspection sticker, clean and wax the car, fill the tank, and handle titling and licensing for you if desired (and almost everyone desires). Your German license plates will be given to you for a souvenir, and we'll, if requested, mount the European Delivery grille badge on the grille for you.

It's a neat program.

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