I just received the Classic Motorbooks 1998 holiday catalog. On Page 18 was the following blurb about Drive to Survive:

"By Curt Rich. What do you do if you're being followed or harassed in your car? Do you know how to use your car as a weapon? This dynamic guide teaches you evasive driving techniques such as the legendary bootlegger hairpin, J-turns, and how to run your assailant off the road. Filled with combat survival and race car driving techniques that are crucial for keeping your options open in life-threatening situations. Sftbd., 6"x 9", 128 pgs., 50 b&w ill."


Their Phone # is 1-800-826-6600. You can fax your order to 17-715-294-4444. You can order online at Put "Curt Rich" or "Drive to Survive" into their search engine. They take Master Card, Visa, American Express, and Discover.

You can order from me directly using checks or Mastercard or Visa using PayPal. If you're using PayPal e-mail me at giving me your mailing address and the number of copies desired. Use PayPal to pay via credit card. I'll ship when they tell me they've received payment (usually immediately). Include $1.00 for shipping for the first copy. If you're ordering multiple copies, I'll ship as many as you want for just $1, not per copy, total. The book is $14.95.


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The Motorbooks blurb is not quite complete. The book starts with a system of situational awareness derived from combat survival techniques which will minimize your chances of getting into an accident or getting mugged or carjacked or robbed. This is the most important part of the book. Use this system, and you probably won't need the rest. From there it goes on to several techniques to avoid accidents and basic high performance driving concepts. It recommends driving schools for the techniques you can't learn from a book. Then it gets into the evasive driving techniques and both how to avoid being carjacked, etc., and what to do if you're kidnapped despite all your efforts.

Jeff Cooper read the draft and said this about it:

'Note that... Curt Rich has just released a new and very important work called "Drive to Survive." Curt, in addition to being a fully experienced combat infantry officer, is also a firearms enthusiast, but above that, he has driving credentials as long as your arm. He knows whereof he speaks. I have read the draft from beginning to end, and I counsel all the faithful to purchase not one, but two copies of this book - one to read and one to loan. Here is a 'how-to' book which may really make a difference, if we can get enough people to read it.'

UPDATE, December 2001

The book has been praised by several major self-defense experts, notably Massad Ayoob and Clint Smith, both of whom have put it in their recommended libraries. Sales have been quite high in 2001, going up after September 11th to the point that it's a bit hard to get. had one copy when I checked one day in November. The publisher was down to 12 but had more on order. You can order it from me, and I have some in stock. This is the second printing with the minor errors of the first printing corrected.

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