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Last updated March 2015
Captain Baylor and the Redhead, 1881
photo courtesy Major Photography, 512-447-7504

Captain Baylor is second from left, top row

Texas Ranger photo manipulated by Major Photography


Table of Contents

Captain Baylor's Journal

a journal of our life as full time RVers including Cowboy Action Shooting events we've attended since we retired.

Soiled Doves Winners at EOT 2007

Getting Started in Cowboy Action Shooting

Updated January 2010

Captain George Baylor, Texas Rangers 1882

Updated February 2011

Wild Bunch For Dummies

Completely revised and updated July 2015

Frontiersman for Dummies

Black Powder (& Substitutes) for Dummies

Updated April 21, 2014

TX Cleanshot makes smoke with his Schofield and a full case of powder


Articles in The Cowboy Chronicle by Capt. George Baylor


"Heaven" and "Hell"

engraved by Aspen Filly

Ruger New Vaquero test

(New December 20, 2004)

New Ruger Vaquero

Accuracy and Velocity Testing, Trail Boss, Black Powder Substitutes, and Goex Cowboy

Ransom Rest testing

2006 End of Trail

The World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting

new July 2006

End of Trail sign at entrance to Founders Ranch

Black Powder Smoke Standard Ammunition Test

August 2011

Cleaning Ruger Old Armies for Dummies

February 2014

Clearing "The '66-'73 Jam" With a Screwknife©

October 2014

American Pioneer Powder Premium Grade Test

July 2014

Marlin Cowboy Maintenance and Spares Kit

(updated November 13.2003)

Marlin Cowboy firing full house BP load
Reloading for Cowboy Action Shooting
Dillon XL650, the Blue Bitch in the Garage

The Texas Ranger Costume

(updated May, 2002)

this article appeared in The Cowboy Chronicle®

Authentic Early Texas Ranger Badge

The $20 Engraving Job

April 8, 2004

Engraved, matched pair of Colt SAAs, Ivory grips

Some Useful Conversion for Black Powder Shooters

February 1, 2005


Some Musings on Costume Contests

This article appeared in The Cowboy Chronicle®

Blue Moon in full warpaint

In Search of the Real Cowboy Hat

Thjs article appeared in The Cowboy Chronicle®, April 2004

Original Stetson Boss of the Plains
Winter Range 2002 (U.S. National Championship)
Winter Range Posse 18, Texas Paladin Posse Marshal

Trailhead '01

(Texas' Biggest Annual Event that year)

Trailhead 2001

A Cowboy's Guide to Fredericksburg

(and Tin Star Ranch. This was written a long time ago. Things have changed. but Fredericksburg, Texas is still a neat place)

Alamo Replica at Tin Star Ranch
Thunder Ranch's Pre-1900 Course
Thunder Ranch
Thunder Ranch Pre-1900 Course--Guns Of The Old West article
Class at Thunder Ranch

Tequila's Leadville Shooting School

this article appeared in Shoot Magazine

Tequila's Shooting School

Flying to CAS Matches

this article appeared in The Cowboy Chronicle®


The Single Action Shooting SocietyŽ

for details about Cowboy Action Shooting*

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Texas Ranger History:

Some history of the real Captain Baylor

Cover of Walter Prescott Webb's book, "The Texas Rangers" showing Captain Baylor and Sergeant Gillett
Information about other Texas Rangers:
James B. Gillett, Texas Ranger Sergeant James B. Gillett, Texas Rangers
1887 Texas Ranger Photo
A Texas Ranger, 1887
Leander McNelly, Captain, Texas Rangers
Leander McNelly, Captain, Texas Rangers
Elias Chance Briggs, Texas Ranger
Elias Chance Briggs, Texas Rangers
Tidbits from the Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum
Texas Ranger Hall of Fame and Museum
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Capt. George Baylor, 1882

photo by Major Photography

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