Camp Baylor

Our Retirement Home

for traveling to SASS Matches

The Dutch Star at Area 61
Our new home, 2006 Newmar Dutch Star diesel pusher, 40 ft., 4 slides, 400 hp. Cummins. Purchased October 2006 from Ron Hoover RV in Houston after extensive shopping and research
4 Slideouts
It is currently parked at space 61 at the "Undisclosed Location" RV park. Because the Satellite Internet dish gives it a certain alien look, especially at night when the dish is lit with blue light, we call the place Area 61. The ML320CDI behind it can't be flat towed, so it won't be the "toad", per se. It will be in an enclosed trailer with the reloading shop (see below).

The "Area 61" dish

Living room area. Arthur Pendragon is exploring. Cabinets are real cherry, no "wrapped stiles"
George S. Patton, Jr. has 2 couches. One makes into a bed with an air mattress. The one shown folds open to make a bed with a seam in the middle. But that's the comfortable one for TV watching in the living room.
32" Flat screen Sony, DVD player/recorder, DirecTV, automatic satellite dish, AM/FM Stereo/CD/Sirius Satellite Radio, speakers everywhere, surround sound. The TV, believe it or not, is too small for my eye, but I'm adapting.
The Galley. The Redhead rules here. Three burner cooktop, large microwave/convection oven, double white sink, pull out "cutting board" (No cutting will be done on the Corion. No Corions were injured in the making of this page.) Ingenuity is useful when working with the reduced space, but we're working it out. Basic rule: 1 person per area at a time.
4-door refrigerator, ice maker, adequate for two but requires we stop getting large economy packages of orange juice, etc.
The hallway. Really this is the only cramped area, and generally only if two people try to occupy it at the same time.
Theodore Roosevelt Bear's ghost watches over the master bedroom. Queen sized bed, very comfortable. Hats for Cowboy Action Shooting have to go somewhere. When this photo was taken, not all had made the trip. 9 hats are stored on the bedroom walls, and 3 in the trailer. Thank 3M for removable stick-on hooks and picture hangers.
Another flat screen Sony. Both TVs can be fed by the satellite, a conventional antenna, a cable hookup at the RV park, if there is such, or the DVD recorder/player. No VCR, so I sold all my VHS tapes of Westerns.
The big mirror is a wardrobe/closet with shoe rack in the back. 1/2 of the closet is my CAS clothes. The other half has The Redhead's clothes. Lots of room left on that side. Crowded on the cowboy side.
Combination washer/dryer--needs a lot of time to dry
The brains of the "Area 61" Internet Satellite dish. Note blue lights.
One lavatory and medicine chest/vanity
. .
Shower is fairly conventional, has a flip down seat. Bigger than expected. The water heater gets hot water to it fast so you don't have to waste precious water (when dry camping) waiting long for it to heat up. We've already dry camped for 4 days, so we have an idea about capacities of fresh water, grey, and black. With the 7.5KW Onan generator and an inverter and solar panels, power for dry camping isn't a problem. The limit without fresh water refill and emptying the grey and black water tanks is probably 5 days unless we get better at water conservation.
Door to the John and another lavatory and medicine chest.
George S. Patton, Jr. has given it his seal of approval.
Arthur Pendragon has adapted to the change in environment quite well

But there are sacrifices that have to be made that he's not yet comfortable with.

Putting Arthur on a leash is an idea whose time has not yet come. He has learned how to remove the harness in 5 seconds flat. He is officially an indoor cat while in Camp Baylor. Fortunately he loves it there and is much more gregarious and loving than at the house. Equally fortunate, The Redhead loves it there. We're both ready to head west in it.

The New Garage
The trailer/garage/workshop has arrived. It gets its own page