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The links shown here haven't paid to be here. They're here because they've shown themselved to be useful in their fields. Ones with askerisks (*) are ones I've dealt with and had good results. If I've had bad results, they're not listed, but not being listed may mean I've just never heard of your store or service or don't have a web address.

December 22, 2011—I started this page over 10 years ago. I just went through and removed some broken and dead links and added some of my friends, but I really haven't had the time to do a thorough update. If I've missed you, and you know who you are, let me know.



Briley's -- choke tubes, portable cleaning brushes for shotguns,

Brownells* -- all kinds of stuff, has a cowboy action catalog

Eagle Grips* -- gunfighter grips -- Raj is a great guy, and they stand behind their products

Midway* -- all kinds of stuff, has a cowboy action catalog

Eye Safety -- safety glasses, side shields, accessories

Lab Safety -- safety glasses, side shields, accessories, hearing protection Business Card for


Civil War and Military -- 19th century period clothing and military uniforms

Blockade Runner -- Civil War uniforms

C & D Jarnagin Co. -- Civil War uniforms

C & C Sutlery* -- Civil War uniforms

HatsRCool--Authentic Civil War kepis

Coon Creek Old West* -- Civil War uniforms, SASS Clothing. I buy my uniforms from them including the EOT and SASS Convention winning Robert E. Lee uniform and the EOT and Winter Range winning 1879 10th Cavalry Captain's uniform.

Fall Creek Sutlers -- Uniforms, boots, guns, R & D Conversion cylinders

Fugawee Corporation* -- (Would I make up a name like this?) -- Civil War boots, brogans

Major US Wars and US Involvement - This is a resource guide for students. How did it get here? A nice lady techer, Karen Galvin, asked me to put it here. Her letter explaining why is on the December 15, 2010 Journal of a Gypsy Cowboy.

Mercury Supply Company Sutler -- Civil War uniforms

Quartermaster Shop -- Civil War Uniforms

Spanish American War -- Spanish American War information

Sutlers Store -- Civil War Uniforms (British store, also has British uniforms of Victorian era -- Want a Zulu War British Uniform? This is the place.

Weingarten Gallery -- Newly made, high quality military insignia that are period correct for the uniforms of our sport. Sterling Silver, etc. If you're working on a 1880s USMC uniform and need the correct eagle, globe, and anchor insignia, or a 1898 USV uniform and need all of the insignia, or 1916 (Wild Bunch era) Captain's bars, they have them. All sorts of military wings, but most cowboys didn't fly, of course. I give Joe Weingarten extra credit because he also designed the military mail system that got mail to soldiers in Vietnam after 1968.



D Bar J Hat Co.*—Custom hat makers, Frequent vendor at SASS events. I have 5 of their hats.

Champion Attitude Boot Co.--custom made Civil War and old west boots

Cowboy Outfitters -- Rand hats, other hats, clothing, boots

Texas Jack's Frontier Outfitters* -- Clothing, retail outlet of Cimarron Firearms -- this is one of the major SASS sponsoring stores. They're at every major match and donate a lot of guns and gear to matches

The Gentleman's Page* -- not a store, a reference for Victorian era men's clothing, invaluable

River Junction Trade Co.* -- clothing, including some authentic shirts you can't get anywhere else

Wild West Mercantile* -- Probably the largest outfitter in SASS, run by long time SASS members. They sponsor several major events

Hamilton Dry Goods*Home of "Old '73 Jeans" and other replica clothibng.

Old Frontier Clothing Co. -- clothing

Hanson's Leather -- clothing, gear, leather

Costume History Class -- reference material

Cowtown Katie's Emporium* -- clothing, gear, frequent SASS vendor

Clearwater Hats -- authentic, historically correct hats

Colorado Mountain Hat Co. -- custom made hats, frequent SASS vendor

Rand Custom Hats* -- fine quality hand made hats

Jackson Hole Hat Co.

Dirty Billy's Hats —Civil War hats

Jaxonbilt Hats

Golden West Western Wear/Knudsen Hats* -- SASS Clothing as well as historically accurate and movie hats, the only place you can get a genuine Stetson Boss of the Plains

Miller Hats

Civil War Lady* ­ Lady's costumes from the Civil War through the 1880s.

Aspen Filly's Merchandise*—Custom clothing and really good custom engraving.


Clubs, CAS oriented Home Pages

Brimstone Pistoleros -- All Blackpowder CAS Club

Piney Woods Place -- Cowboy Action Shooting -- Looking for an alias? If it's listed here, it's already taken. If yours isn't here, add it. SASS doesn't publish a complete list of active aliases. This one isn't complete, but it's the best available.

Badlands Bar 3—Home of the Dooley Gang and Comin' At 'Cha, the Soutwestern Regional

Winter Range -- U S National Championship, Phoenix, AZ


Cowboy Guns and Gunsmiths

Cowboy Shooters Supply*--The Brisco Kid and Kiamichi Queen=shooting and loading supplies, Codymatics and other guns, Rugged Gear gun carts, etc. Frequent vendor at SASS events.

Bond Arms, Corp. -- Derringers

Buffalo Brothers Cowboy Store -- also badges, grips, other stuff

Cimarron Firearms* -- Replica firearms

Taylor's & Co.*—Frequent vendor at SASS events. Importer of Uberti and other replica firearms, 1911s for Wild Bunch, "The Smokewagon," and other race ready guns

Competitive Edge Gunworks -- Larry Crow

Cowboys and Indians Store* -- Winchester 73, 66, and Henry short stroke action jobs, Frequent vendor at SASS events. Jim Bowie, Gunsmith

The Cowboy Shop, Cody Conagher gunsmith°—Home of "Codymatics"

Coyote Cap Gunworks* -- Shotguns and more, Frequent vendor at SASS events

Fall Creek Sutlers -- R & D Conversion cylinders

Numrich Arms* -- gun parts

VTI Replica Gun Parts -- gunparts

Lodgewood Mfg -- US Martial Arms, 1780-1898

Longhunter Shooting Supply Frequent vendor at SASS events, World Champion Longhunter, Rugers, Taylor's, '66-'73 action jobs and short strokes, Kirkpatrick leather, etc.

Lee's Gunsmithing* -- Rowdy Yates, SASS #141 is in charge. They work on all CAS guns, with percussion pistols a specialty. Rowdy won Winter Range with a pair of 1860 Armies he modified. His Ruger Old Army package is outstanding and cheap.

Nutmeg Sports -- Ivory grips for Colts, engraved SAAs

Ruger Parts Booklets

Ruger Mainsprings The Easy Way -- instructions on replacing a Ruger Mainspring without losing an eye

Scattershot Gunsmithing -- tips and hints.

Shiloh Sharps Rifle Manufacturing Co. -- Sharps Replicas of high quality

Leather Gear

LoneRider Leather*—custom leather at reasonable prices.

Mernickle Holsters*—Home of the Evil Roy series, plus a couple of items designed for me.

Ted Blocker Holsters*Old west, CAS competition, and Wild Bunch rigs

Gun Cases

Tuffpak Gun Cases* -- A different way of getting the job done.

Americase, Inc.


Cal-Graf* -- The Simple Gun Cart

Off The Wall Guncarts -- Gun Carts, Gun Wagons, Cart Plans, wooden wheels Frequent vendor at SASS events

Wendel's Wagons -- buckboards, covered wagons, etc.

SASS Guncarts -- pictures of guncarts

Misc. - Information about the horse that was actually there.

Old West Photography

Major Photography* -- Artie Fly and Sexy Sadie Frequent vendor at SASS events



Mec Reloaders* -- Shotgun reloaders

Hodgdon Cowboy Action Reloading Data

Ten-X Ammunition Co.* -- Cowboy Action Shooting Ammunition, including BP loads made with American Pioneer Powder

Midway USA *-- all kinds of gun-related stuff

Starline Brass *-- all Cowboy Action Calibers

Cabelas -- hunting, fishing, outdoors, black powder

Circle Fly Wads -- All sizes and thickness wads

Goex, Inc. -- Blackpowder

Powder Inc.*—Goex black powder, cylinder loading Black Dawge black powder cartridges, etc.

American Pioneer Powder*—black powder substitute

Rocky Mountain Cartridge, LLC. -- Obsolete and hard to find brass

Stewart Dawqe & Assoc. -- blackpowder information.

Maine Powder House -- Blackpowder

Dixie Gun Works

The Possible Shop*—Percussion supplies, Treso nipples, etc.

Track of the Wolf -- Muzzleloading and blackpowder supplies

Widener's -- Reloading supplies, etc.


Fredericksburg Official Home Page -- home of Texas Jack's, Comancheria Days

Quiet Hill Ranch -- a nice bed and breakfast near Fredericksburg

Granbury, Texas Attractions -- Interesting town near Showdown at Buck Creek

Transportation Security Administration -- Flying with guns?


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