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Friday morning begins with a Shooters' Meeting

One of the speakers was Mr. President. Aside from doing a rousing job as Theodore Roosevelt, Mr. President has shot the event clean at least the last 2 years. I intended to shoot clean until I missed my first shot.

The safety briefing was done by Dudley Done-right and his famous horse, Horse. It was a valiant attempt to turn the most boring time of the day into something fun. It worked.

Also part of the morning meeting skit was the Tucson 9, an 1880 baseball team faithfully recreated by some SASS members. Some of them shot in the costumes. When I kidded about this on the SASS Wire one of the longest threads in SASS Wire history. The costume police came out in force to complain about them, but the bulk of respondants, as I do, feel they did a fantastic job:

Al major activities not including shooting took place at the main tent

For years Cactus Cris and his wife have run the cart corral. You can rent a cart for $25 for the whole event or store yours at night for $20. Heck of a deal. They also have peanuts constantly available. Food is neither plentiful nor of gourmet quality at WR, so I tended to exist on the peanuts when the lines for greaseburgers were too long.


Inside the cart corral. This is the place you would place your prize drawing to sell it if, for example, you won a Small vest, and you're a XXXL.

There was always a line for food. Finding food at WR wasn't hard if you were looking for the four basic food groups of CAS®: sugar, salt, grease, and fat.

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