Winter Range 2002

The SASS U.S. National Championship

Posse 18, Posse Marshal Texas Paladin, assistant Billy Boots. Paladin is holding the flag. Good group.

Winter Range is the US SASS National Championship event. It's run in Phoenix every February at Ben Avery Shooting Range. They limit the field to 500 shooters, and it's hard to get in the first time. Former contestants get the entry blanks first, and then it's printed in the Cowboy Chronicles. If you send it in as soon as you get it, you might get in. There's always a waiting list. This is my second year attending. It's the only event I'll fly for (can't do End of Trail because of a work conflict.)

Ruger is the major sponsor, so their booth is right by the main tent and really fancy. They weren't giving out any free samples, though.

The Eagle Grip display was always busy. All of my Rugers have Eagle Gunfighter grips. Nice people to do business with. That's the famous Raj.


Lots of Vendors. You should be able to walk in dressed as a dude, and if your credit cards don't melt, walk out as a cowpoke/soiled dove/cattle baron/Victorian Lady, etc. People looking for bargains in clothing should come here. Several vendors had sale prices well below their internet or store prices. (Better to sell it than to ship it back.)

Now the first rule at Winter Range is absolutely no pets allowed. That critter on the vendor's leg is not a pet. On the right is the about to be married Judge Roy Bean, SASS#1, who has the enviable job of being a roving ambassador for SASS. He's good at it.

The judge just got his long awaited SASS Colt. It took so long the Colt people threw in more engraving than he paid for. It'll get ivory grips and a Munden action job.

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