Digital Index of Dispatches
         Every once in a while I get a call, text, or email asking when I wrote about some subject.  Additionally, I need to go back and look at things I wrote then.  With the Cowboy Chronicle archives being online, you would think this would be easy. However, the column wasn’t in the table of contents in many issues and seldom listed in the highlights on the front page until lately.  So it means going page by page.  This introduces the problem of finding an interesting article and stopping to read it and never getting to the goal. There are a lot of good articles in the Cowboy Chronicle. So I created an electronic index with a link to every issue with an article (or 2 or 3) of mine in it (unless I missed some). This is where the electronic issues shine.  This would be virtually impossible with paper issues, assuming I kept them for 10 years. When I needed an extra copy of the issue with my test of the Ruger New Vaquero, there were no archives at all.
         I was writing for the Cowboy Chronicle for several years before a digital archive was available.  So this starts in 2005. You should be able to click on the date to get to that issue, depending on the PDF reader you’re using.  If you’re reading the issue on your browser, the links should work.
Aug. 2005 Accuracy Testing of Black Powder Substitutes, p. 40
Dec.2005—Kirkpatrick’s Lady Tequila Rig, p. 70
Jan. 2006—The Making of Cowboys TV, p. 32
Feb. 2006—Cowboys TV, Part 2, p. 38
March 2006—Taurus Gaucho Review, p. 70
May 2006—Marlin .32 H & R Magnum, p. 68
July 2006—Coyote Cap’s 1887 Shotgun, p. 66
Nov. 2006—IAC’s 1887 Lever Shotgun with Drop 2 Mod, p. 66
Dec. 2006—Evolution of Cowboy Boots, p. 50
Sept. 2007—How End of Trail Changed My Life, p 32
Oct. 2007—Dispatches From Captain Baylor’s Ranger Camp—Notes From End Of Trail 2007, p. 38
Nov, 2007— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Hell On Wheels, Donating a rifle to the Cody Firearms Museum, Rocky Mountain Regional Raid, p.34
Jan. 2008— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Outlaw Trail, p. 37
Feb. 2008—Powder Blast, The SASS Southwestern Territorial Blackpowder Shootout, p. 68
March 2008—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—George and The Redhead’s Excellent Adventure at the SASS Convention, p. 28
April 2008—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The SHOT Show, p. 36
June 2008—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Winter Range, Or The Revenge of the Shotgun Gods, p. 50, Match Ready Guns, Part 1: The Great Western II Custom, P. 52
July 2008—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Albuquerque, the SASS University, p. 26, The Pioneer Hammer Double, p. 62
August 2008—The Wild Bunch Match at End Of Trail 2008
September 2008—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—End Of Trail 2008, The Great .38 Special Ammo Test of 2008, p. 46
October 2008—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The Care and Feeding of the Ruger Old Army, p. 38
November 2008  Hell On Wheels, the SASS High Plains Regional, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Mancos Valley Stage Line, p. 36
December 2008—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Shotgun Cleaning With the Wholly Black, Agarita Ranch, and Old Fort Parker, p. 50
Jan. 2009—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Comin’ At’Cha, The Southwest Regional, p. 24, Outlaw Trail, p. 76
Feb. 2009—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—West Fargo, p. 44
March 2009—Dispatched From Camp Baylor—SASS World Indoor Championship of Cowboy Action ShootingTM, D Bar J returns, Fear of Costume Judges, Evil Roy Video Series #5—Wild Bunch, p. 42
April 2009—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Adventures in Gun Testing, P. 42
 May 2009—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Cowboys TV Joins the Dark Side, p. 38, The Smokewagon, p. 58
June 2009—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Winter Range Stuff, The Wild Bunch Screw Wrench, p. 34
July 2009—Dispatches From Camp Baylor‑—Vendors, Read This: Products that could make you money, p. 32, The Alchemista, p. 59
August 2009—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—El Paso Saddlery’s #5 Patton Holster, P.48
September 2009—End Of Trail 2009, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The Black Powder Posse, p. 38. Long Hunter USFA SAA, p.60
October 2009—Outlaw Trail, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Loading American Pioneer Powder, p. 44, The Great Wild Bunch Holster Flap of 2009, p. 46
November 2009—Wild Bunch For Dummies, Pt. 1, p. 44
December 2009—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The Engraving of Aspen Filly, p. 46
January 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The Dooley Gang, p. 42
February 2010—Wild Bunch For Dummies, Ch. 2, p. 36
March 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—New Guns at the Convention, A Screw Knife for Frontiersmen, the SASS Pocket Watch, The Best Dressed Costume Contest at the Convention, p. 55
April 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The “P” Word (Practicing), p. 38, Wild Bunch For Dummies, Ch. 3, p. 46
May 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Mernickle’s Evil Roy Slim Jim rigs, p. 40, Taylor’s Comanchero, p. 62
June 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Taylor’s & Co. Runnin’ Iron, p. 42
July 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Gunsite’s Ruger Single-Action Self-Defense Course, p. 42
August 2010—Buffalo Stampede 2010. The Four Corners Regional, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The Guns of Jimmy Spurs, p. 36
September 2010—End Of Trail 2010, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor— Wild Bunch For Dummies, Ammunition, p. 40, Burgess Rifle, p. 46
October 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—A Tale of Two Hats, p. 40
November 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Jim Bowie’s Trailer, Eagle Evil Roy grips, new Uberti 66-73 bolts, Johnny Meadows SKB Shotgun Work, p. 46
December 2010—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Wild Bunch for Dummies, Leather Gear, p. 38
January 2011—Outlaw Trail 2010, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—R & D Conversion Cylinders, p. 34
February 2011—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Wild Bunch For Dummies, Costuming, Part 1, Military Uniforms, p. 32
March 2011— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Taylor’s 1911, p. 42
April 2011—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Wild Bunch For Dummies, More on Costuming, p. 40
May 2011— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Boss of the Plains, p. 46
June 2011—Plainsman for Dummies, p. 44
July 2011—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The Black Pin, p. 44
August 2011— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Mini-tests: Adjustable Tool head for Dillon XL650, ‘66/‘73 Rifle Magazine Tube End Cap Wrench, Wild Bodie Tom’s ‘97 6-Round Magazine Springs and Followers, p. 46
 Sept. 2011—Buffalo Stampede, 2011, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Life With a Purple Gun Cart, p. 32
 Oct. 2011—End Of Trail, 2011, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Lightweight Chaps for SASS. P. 50
Nov. 2011—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Mernickle Wild Bunch Holsters and Evil Roy Signature Ammunition, p. 40
Dec. 2011— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Christmas Gift Ideas: Redwing Knives (incl. using a Screwknife to clear a rifle jam), Ted Blocker Wild Bunch rig, Cowboys and Indian Store shotgun round checker p. 38p.
Jan. 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Revisiting the Black Powder Smoke Standard, p. 40
February 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Old ’73 Jeans, p. 32, Outlaw Trail, p. 67
March 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—One On One With Long Hunter DVD, p. 46
April 2012—Tenth SASS Convention, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—High Volume Reloading for “Frontier” Categories, p. 24
May 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—The Murder Trials of George Baylor, p. 26
June 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Murphy Shot Percussion Pistols (SliX-Shot nipples test), p. 34
July 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Five Years on the Trail, p. 26
Aug 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Cops vs. Cowboys, p. 22, Buffa lo Stampede, p. 60
Sept. 2012—End Of Trail, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Come to the Dark Side. We Have Cookies, p. 50
Oct. 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Coyote Cap and the 1901 Prototype
Nov. 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Coon Creek Old West
Dec. 2012— Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Tombstone Leather Tupelo Flash Rig, p. 26, Wild Bunch For Dummies, Loading .45 ACP & .45 Colt, p. 62
Jan. 2013—Reviving the Costume Contest at End Of Trail, p. 10, Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Black Powder Velocity and Accuracy Test, p. 26, Men’s Costuming for Wild Bunch Action Shooting, p. 58
Feb. 2013— Dispatches From Camp Baylor —D Bar J Hat Co. Grand (Re) Opening Party, p. 22
Mar. 2013— Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Who Are Those Guys With the Funny Guns, and What The Heck Are They Doing?, p. 22
Apr. 2013— Dispatches From Camp Baylor —A Left-Hander’s Guide to Cowboy Action ShootingTM, p.32
May 2013— Dispatches From Camp Baylor — I Wish All My Friends Were Cowboys, p. 26
June 2013— Dispatches From Camp Baylor — Wild BunchTM For Dummies Updates
July 2013—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Testing…Testing…Testing (Doc Noper Leather, Super Powder by American Pioneer Powder, Improved SliX-Shot Nipples for Ruger Old Armies), p. 42
Aug. 2013—Buffalo Stampeded 2013, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Loading the .38-55 Winchester for Plainsman, p. 30
Sep. 2013—End Of Trail 2013, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Slick McClade’s Slick Magic, p. 34
Oct. 2013—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Multi-Subject Column (Bob Mernickle Signature Series Knives, The 1895 Montgomery Wards Hatband by Watson’s Hat Shop on a Boss Of The Plains by D Bar J Hats), p. 36
Nov. 2013—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Suits (Men’s 19th Century Dress Up), p. 34
December 2013—Outlaw Trail 2013, p. 1, Outlaw Trail Wild Bunch, p. 32, Dispatches From Camp Baylor — The .32 H & R Magnum and the Smoke Standard, p. 34
Jan. 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Waddie Wear’s Shirts, p. 44
Feb. 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor — Mernickle Quick Cal Cross-draw Rig. Shooting Duelist with a Cross-draw Rig, p. 34
March 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor — Cleaning Black Powder Brass, p. 46
April 2014—SASS Convention 2013, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor — Wagon Gun Carts (Off The Wall Gun Carts, Wendel’s Wagons), p. 40
May 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor — Cylinder Loading Stands for Percussion Revolvers, p. 44
June 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor — A Little About Chaps, p. 32
July 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Seven Years On The Road, P. 34
August 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Frankford Arsenal Platinum Series Rotary Case Tumbler, p. 36
Sept. 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —American Pioneer Powder Premium Grade, p. 46
Oct. 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Loading .38-55 on a Dillon XL650, p. 52
Nov. 2014—End Of Trail 2014, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Museum hat by D Bar J, Mernickle’s Wild Buttstock Covers, Eagle Kirinite Grips, Frankford Arsenal Media Transfer Magnet for Stainless Steel Media.  p. 58
December 2014—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —An Incomplete History of Six-Shooter Modifications, p. 54
January 2015—Outlaw Trail 2014, the Four Corners Regional, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor — Ringer’s Bullets, Black Powder,
and the Desert, p. 32
February 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —Dillon XL650 Accessories, p. 32
March 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor —New! Improved!
Shotgun Belt from Mernickle Holsters, p. 40

April 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Ulttrasonic Gun Cleaaning, Uniorns, and the Holy Grail

May 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Rebirth of the 6-Button Bib Shirt, p. 30

June 2015—12th Annual SASS Convention, p. 1, Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Digital Index of Dispatches, p. 44

July 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—CED Brass Dryer, p.40

August 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Polymer Bullets, p. 38

September 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Frontiersman For Dummies, Part 1, p. 42

October 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor–Frontiersman for Dummies, Part 2. P. 40

November 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor–Bone Orchard Ammunition and other Heathen Smokeless Ammunition, P. 44

December 2015—Dispatches From Camp Baylor—Chronographing Colt's Percussion Revolvers, P. 40

January 2016—Dispatches From Camp Baylor–New Mernickle HP Rig, P. 38

February 2016—Dispatches From Camp Baylor–Beginners' Corner–Choosing calibers, P. 24

March 2016—Dispatches From Camp Baylor–April Fools Special, p. 30 (Note: The editor changed the title, missing the point of an April Fools prank.)