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June 28, 2009


It rained, messing up the shoot off. I spent most of the shoot off in places that were out of the rain. Expensive. Bought stuff from the SASS Mercantile and the guy selling Hawaiian coffee.

Then started getting the trailer ready to roll in the AM.

June 27, 2009


Put myself firmly in the top ten in Frontiersman.

Unfortunately, I started in the top 5. 3 misses in 4 stages. Ended up 7th. Really great match, though. I don't have many complaints about the 12 stages, nothing worth noting here.

Awards presentation was tonight! Didn't take too long since the side matches and costume awards were already done, and they didn't waste too much time. All ten from a category were called, lined up and shot, no, that's not right, well, shot with cameras. Applause. Next category. With 30 or so categories, x 10 = 300 buckles (not counting side matches and costume awards), and only 400+ contestants, there was little excuse for leaving without at least one buckle. If you didn't win one, you could have bought one from someone with multiples, or, you could have waited outside the Gem Saloon, where bad Margaritas and even worse drinks made with gin, limeaid, and sugar were given out for free and follow a buckle winner from one of the slower categories like Frontiersman or blind, one handed transvestites over 100 years old and mug the buckle winner.

June 26, 2009


Middle shooting schedule. Shot clean, but slower than Cid and Larsen. Cid did well on all 4. Larsen blew the last one, and I was faster, but not that much.

Then I had to get up the hill, shower and change for the evening costume contest and get a ride over to the mounted shooting arena to judge the mounted costume contest. I had arranged to be picked up by a waddie with a cart at 3:30. When none showed up I got on the CB and reached Captain Cooper, who took me there. Cat Ballou and Copper Queen showed up shortly. Not many contestants, and boy, was that apples and oranges. The men's was between a very good Confederate Texas cavalryman from the New Mexico expedition and a very good Roy Rogers. The difference between first and second was a point or so after much argument and adding of scores of all the judges.

The ladies were as diverse, a mountain woman dressed in furs and riding an Icelandic horse, with period firearms and a lady riding sidesaddle in a black riding outfit. There were also 3 ladies dressed as mail order brides who gave a skit of some complexity. It should be noted that costume judges don't count skits, and presentations are used as tie breakers only. It's a costume contest, not an acting or comedy contest. Eventually the mountain woman won, with the lady riding sidesaddle a point or 2 behind, and the 3 mail order brides third.

Then, back at the Gem Saloon, I gave my presentation in my evening costume, a Texas legislator. I didn't stay to see the other presentations but went to the Belle Union for the life member's reception and free wine for The Redhead.

Didn't win either contest. Got 2 buckles, 3rd in shooting, second in evening.

June 25, 2009


First Main Match Day

If you're looking for me, I'm wearing the quiet, understated John King Fisher costume complete with tiger skin chaps.

Great posse, Lassiter posse marshal, 8 BP shooters, including Bama Belle, Larsen E. Pettifogger, and Silverado Cid. Several Texans, Texas Gunslinger, Prestidigitator, Texas Mac, and more. Shot stages 1-4. Shot clean, 2 pretty good times, one bad one on 4, the one with 10 shotgun targets including 2 popup clay birds. Lots of problems with those. People were calling hits based on one or 2 small holes observed. No way to check, of course, after the target hit the ground. No one saw any magic BBs on one of mine. The other, visible through the smoke, was a no doubt solid hit. Had to make up the other. Slow stage. Cid and Larsen had more problems than I did.

Entered the best shooting costume contest in the John King Fisher costume.

June 24, 2009


Plainsman Match

Badlands Bud and Black Jack Traven decided to shoot Plainsman. For those of you new to the planet, Bud is currently the fastest, most consistent shooter in SASS, having won, I don't know, 13 of the 12 stages of Winter Range and likely to do the same here.

Needless to say Bud won going away. Larsen E. Pettifogger was doing well until he knocked a rifle off a table on the last stage. Poorly designed stage. Too much going on at the table, and easy to knock the rifle off when grabbing the shotgun, etc. Bud won, Cowtown Scout second, BJT third.

June 23, 2009


Multiple things happening at once. The water pump stopped working again. Had to go to shoot. Took the tram down and was almost to stage 7 when I realized I didn't have my shotgun belt. No problem. Call The Redhead and have her bring it down with the car. No answer. Started running up the hill, still calling. No answer. Made it to the trailer and put the belt on. Staggered into the bus. The Redhead was on the phone. "I was just calling you."

Hoarsely I croaked, "Take me down the hill in the car." I think she was miffed. I could breathe normally by the time we got to the bottom, more or less. Throat feelng like a cross between 2" of alkali dust and sandpaper in it, I went in search of my gun cart cooler full of prescription thirst remedies.

Silver Heart mentioned that there was a local RV repair shop advertizing in the EOT Book. I called The Redhead. No answer. I left the phone # on voice mail.

Second day of Wild Bunch. I believe everybody in the posse had at least one train wreck. If it wasn't the rifle it was the '97. Not much in the way of 1911 problems, unlike last year. Didn't see anyone staring at a stovepipe blankly. But rifle jams were common as well as '97s. Tex forgot to load his rifle one time. I just missed too much. When I slowed down and aimed carefully, I shot in 26, 28, 33 second stages, not enough to win in this company, but 12 stages like that would have been pretty good. Of course Last Chance Morales was shooting in the teens all of the time. He had a miss that cost him overall by a smidge.

Fasthammer won Traditional

Learned that the Mernickle Evil Roy Wild Bunch holsters are all illegal. They don't cover the ejection port. Bob Mernickle says they cover stock ejection ports, but not lowered and faired back ones. But we couldn't find a gun that didn't have the top of the ejection port exposed. So if you ever won anything using one of those holsters, please send it back so they can send those awards to those of us using legal holsters that were beaten by this blatantly illegal holster. My God, it exposes 1/2" of ejection port to view.

After the match went to the Cowboys and Indians booth and waited about 6 hours to see Jim Bowie. Yesterday I had been giving Bat Masterson 2-1/2" B & P shells for the 6 round '97 stages. 2 of those and 4 regular shells would fit in a 5 round '97. He had gone to Jim and gotten him to make his fit 6 2-3/4" rounds-$35. So I left mine for him to do the same. Told him Saturday would be fine. He thanked me. Most popular man at EOT.

Said hello to Wes Flowers, who says his leg is doing better, and he's walking some.

Talked with Doc Teaford, the new EMF rep. I still have the Alchimista from the test. Nobody's asked for it back. Since Don left, who knows if they know where it is? Stupidly I told him I had it and would get it back to him this week.

Saw Tammy at Taylor's. They're loaning me one of their new race-ready '73s, Codymatics, but they have a name for them. No brochure in front of me. So I don't remember the name. Asked them to send a .45 Colt instead of .38/.357. I have 2 Codymatics in .38/.357, so I could tell about them without a new one. But .45 Colts are getting popular with the growth of Wild Bunch. It's a growth area of SASS. A lot of people tell me they want to shoot Wild Bunch, but they haven't gotten the guns yet. Some need all 3 guns. Some just spent several hundred dollars on illegal holsters when they could have gotten legal ones from LoneRider Leather. Yes, they can shoot local matches with their .38s, but not Regionals and EOT, not the European championship events. For those they need manly guns firing manly loads with a power factor of 150 or more. (Yesterday we were told to meet at stage 3 to have our equipment checked out. A chronograph was prominently displayed, and someone might have been chronoed, but I didn't see it.) .38-40s, .44-40s, and .45 BY GOD Colts. Hmm, yesterday a shooter put .44-40s into his .38-40. Fortunately it was the first gun.

Went up the hill. While there The Man With No Name and Connivin' Katie Jones came by to talk. The RV repairman arrived. He said it was probably the pressure regulator, but since the whole pump was only $80ish, it seemed to be a lot of trouble to just replace the pressure regulator and then have something else go next week. I agreed. He had brought a pump, but it was a bigger model. He put it on temporarily and said he'd be back in a day or two to put the right one in permanently and would leave a note on the windshield if we weren't in.

I had to go down the hill to be a judge at the Wild Bunch Costume Contest. The Man With No Name came with me. When we arrived, he was forced to enter by the other judges. He took third as Dutch.

Bat Masterson won the men's division dressed as a Major of the 4th Cavalry per the uniform regulations, more or less, of 1916. This color of shirt and trousers replaced khaki, but khaki was still in use then. Private purchase officer's boots, M1911 spurs. M1912 swivel holster for 1911, leather magazine pouches,leather garrison belt, Mills trouser belt. The hat was a Bailey's antique. I believe it was from a little later period, but it was close. Regimental crest on the hat. Left collar has 4th cavalry crossed sabers. He is holding a swagger stick in his left hand.

Nellie Blue took me literally when I said, "Show skin to win." She dressed as a Mexican "soiled dove" from The Wild Bunch. She wore a wine-stained peasant blouse that was soaking wet, and yes, see through. Alas, I got no photos, being too engulfed in my judging duties, writing things down and such. Even though I was only one judge out of 3, she won. She was true to the movie.


June 22, 2009


Tumbleweed Thom celebrates Wild Bunch

Shot 6 stages of Wild Bunch in the morning, 6 stages of warm up in the afternoon. Finished about 4 pm. Tired. The Wild Bunch stages in the book were an early draft and had little relation to what we did. The posse marshals made it work. Texas Jack Morales was our posse marshal. He did a good job. Most of the contestants had problems with their '97s. Several were using borrowed rifles and had problems. Tex had a locked up 1911 because an oversized round left the bullet lodged in the barrel when the case was ejected.

After we finished, 1-1:30 or so, we were told to meet at the Copper Queen Hotel as soon as we had changed guns. Most of us weren't parked in VIP parking but W-A-A-A-Y up the hill. I went to the tram pickup area and saw it disappearing up the hill. Fortunately Brushy Bob was working there and took me up the hill in his pickup and back down. I think I was the last person to arrive to make the posse. Evil Roy and family, including Holy Terror's new husband, was there and took charge. We shot 7-12 and finished at 10 till 4.

Eventually the tram took several of us up the hill. Larsen E. Pettifogger came by later with his dog.


Nellie Blue demonstrates the dangers of shooting a '73 while dressed as a Wild Bunch puta. She has two burns in her cleavage, very painful, and one just off her shoulder from two more rounds. Several posse members did volunteer to kiss it and make it well.

More later. Took 128 photos. Might have gotten something good.