June 22-30, 2013

A lot of things happened that delayed this. It's online now.

When you got into Founders Ranch just after the big "End Of Trail" sign was a tent with greeter waddies, always nice, friendly guys who wanted the job. Thanks

We set up the bus and had visitors, first, Bob Mernickle and his motorcycle gang menaced us

Biker Babes

Wild Bunch Warm Up was Sunday. Claudia Feather shooting

Samuel B. Carpenter shooting at the moving train--with 1911. At the cowboy match

Black Jack Flagg

my WB shooting costume with 1915 trench watch

The Battleship Arizona was on display

Opening ceremonies Wednesday night


The shooting costume contest was Thursday. I shot in this. Some contestants changed their costumes to some extent between the range and the costume contest. I didn't.

Posse 5

My lunches were usually at the ice cream vendor. One day I dropped the ice cream from my cone while BSing with Artie Fly within sight of the trailer. They gave me another cone.

So the next day this was lunch

After returning to the bus on Thursday I couldn't get the generator to start. The engine batteries had died, not a terrible surprise as they were original. Good Sam sent a couple of strong kids who managed to check and replace the batteries while the slide was out over the battery tray. The slide, of course, couldn't be retracted without the generator as the house batteries were down. 2 hours or so and all was repaired. Everything on a Motor Home is $500 or more. This was just below $500. The Redhead was in Las Vegas all week, so I was juggling the match, motor home maintenance, and pet care. Sleep was optional at extra cost.

Slick McClade's booth. Jim Bowie, the usual SASS gunsmith for EOT, couldn't come because of surgery, so Slick took over those duties. Like Jim, he repaired a lot of guns at little or no charge, even buying extra parts in preparation. Here Nonstop is looking at one of his rifles. Slick has the best front sights for SASS, formed brass sight that fits over the sights on your gun making it 1/8" wide and bright brass. He also does the Shotgun Boogie Ruger Short Stroke kits (as does his buddy Colt Faro. They're both friends. That's the best short-stroke for Rugers available. Get them for your guns from one of them.

Redwing Trading Company, one of SASS's nicest vendors

Cowboy Shooters Supply, The Brisco Kid and Kiamichi Queen. They sell the Rugged Gear gun carts that are taking over the sport. They brought a trailer load and returned home with two. They had Federal large pistol primers and Remington #10 caps. I bought a case of each.

Katie's Millinery is another outstanding SASS vendor

Jack Diamond does all of the firearms transfers at EOT. Gunsmith and EMF dealer

The tea room entertained a lot of ladies, just not when I was taking pictures

Singin' Sue worked the chapel fund raiser again this year. The fund did very well at EOT

The place to be a vendor at EOT is the big tent. Steffan Dal-berg of Earthwalkers, LLC is very high on the tent. Much less set up, AC, and the dust is kept out. I believe they need another big tent, and vendors will fill it up.

The only hat vendor was Colorado Mountain hats, another long-standing SASS Vendor. They were in the tent, keeping the display hats clean and cool

Spirit Ranch Clothing Co. was a new vendor at EOT. I didn't get to talk to the owner at the end of the week. He was quite happy in mid-week. I hope he did well. I suspect he did. Clothing vendors were light at EOT. Coon Creek Old West wasn't there because Buck was getting surgery, and Work-N-Ranch canceled at the last minute because of a wedding. Misty Moonshine called the shortage of clothing vendors "a perfect storm." The clothing vendors that I talked to all did quite well. I had trouble finding suspenders by late in the week. Sold out.

The hearing booth was busy every time I walked by.

I never got to talk to White Wolf Trading Company. They were always busy.

Another great SASS Sponsor, Dillon Precision. For once I didn't need any emergency parts.

Bulletsplat Jewelry also sells the ultimate hat hangers. I had planned to pick up some more but never got back to her. They're the only thing that works in a crowded RV, with some adapting on my part. I have 6

Earthwalkers, LLC. If you want comfortable books that look cowboy, this is the one and only place.

The Long Hunter Saloon, one of the best permanent sets I've encountered. It's easy for spotters to see, a problem with a lot of permanent sets.

The big vendors' tent. The tables in the middle are a great idea. People eat lunch there and see something they have to have

Old Fashioned Soda

Brad's Custom Gunsmithing, a new vendor to EOT I believe

Laser Graphics. Mogollion Drifter was always in the back working on guns when I went by, as usual. His work is very popular

Major Photography. They did posse photos and the like and Mr. Quigley Photography did action photography.

Covered lunch area

Buckaroo Bobbins has their store in a trailer with an old west front. Long established, friendly vendor

River Crossing, artistry in leather and more


Uberti/Stoeger has a permanent location next to the SASS Mercantile


The Uberti side

The SASS Mercantile

Jim Downing shares space with Taylor and Co. Firearms.


Taylors and Company. I drop in to look at guns. Yeah, that' the story.


See, I'm looking at gun


Never got in to Cimarron, Long Hunter Shooting Supplies, and Ruger. I remember when I had time to go to all the vendors.

Mernickle Custom Holsters, always a busy place. A lot of leather went out the door. as usual

Wildorado Silverworks


Triple Shot Target Systems

Sergeant Shuster, the voice on the PA system at EOT, Kona cowboy coffee

Will Two Gun Adams saved my clean match. I came off the line hearing two spotters call one miss. Will said, "let's go out and check." He pointed to an edger, and the verdict was clean. That's as close as it came to not shooting clean. 9 years of trying!


Billy Boots, posse marshal of Posse 5 and multi-time World Frontier Cartridge Duelist champion. He's very smooth. You watch him and think, "That's not so fast," and then they announce the time.

One stage without shade out of 12, not bad

Billy Boots. I believe he's my oldest friend in SASS still shooting. He was a posse marshal in one of my first annual matches. One of the best posse marshals in the business. Frontiersmen can no longer be posse marshals at EOT, so I called and begged to get onto his posse. Usually 90% the same guys. A very well-oiled machine.


Tame Bill, another old friend in SASS and part of that well-oiled machine. I managed to shoot with him at Winter Range, too.


A main cog in that well-oiled machine is assistant PM Non Stop. An outstanding timer operator. Sees everything. Has a voice that gets through my hearing protection and is understandable. This is a big deal. He also has excellent taste in trousers.

Slow but clean. Considering how bad off my left arm really was, I don't feel bad about the slow part.

The evening costume contest was back to Saturday night. Grizzly Adams won best dressed military. He has also won Winter Range with his USS Olympia seaman's outfit.

Kiamichi Queen, Silver Screen

Capt. Baylor


The Sunday morning shootoff from the Happy Jack Saloon. I had never been up there before on Sunday morning. I think it's limited to VIPS and media then (though open to mere mortals the rest of the week). Oh, yeah, I do have that yellow "media" badge. They had a champagne brunch up there with scantily clad waitresses. Who knew.

9 of the 10 Frontiersman winners. 10th wasn't there. Only one of these guys shot the match clean with a torn biceps tendon.

The World Champions for 2013

All in all this was an outstanding EOT. The stages were the best I've seen in 9 EOTs and were wildly popular. 107 clean matches out of 500+ shooters.