.32 H & R Mag Smoke Standard Test
Founders Ranch, 10-06-13
Captain George Baylor & Edward R. S. Canby
.38 SPECIAL 1.0 cc GOEX FFg
Federal Standard Primer
145 gr, Black Dawge Bullet lubed with SPG
Per SASS ROII Handbook, September 2012
All .32 H & R Test Loads used 100 gr. bullet, case mouth crimped in
crimp groove, Federal SP Primer, Starline or Federal brass
Powder load, CCs. Result Comments
APP 3F 0.7 Fail Marginal
APP 3F Note 1 Pass Note 1
777 3F 0.7 Fail Note 2
Black MZ 0.7 Marginal
Black MZ 1.0 Pass
Pyrodex P 0.7 Fail
Pyrodex P 1.0 Pass
Swiss 3F 0.7 Pass Marginal
Swiss 3F 1.0 Pass Exceeds
Goex 3F 0.7 Pass
Goex 3F 1.0 Pass
Ten-X .32 S&W Long BPC Fail
Note 1-This is Doc Barium's match load. A 9 MM case on a stick is dipped. Full case used.
Fills case to bullet base, no comression. This is less than 1cc, more than .7cc.
Note 2-Edward R. S. Canby was unwilling to load 1.0 cc of
777 3F due to the fact that required compression in excess of
Hodgdon recommendations. 3F was used in violation of Hodgdon
recommendations because a poll of .32 H & R Frontier Cartridge
shooters indicated a lot of them are using it. 777 2F was not tested.