January 2016 Journal

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Catching Up

I got really behind on the Journal. Several reasons--deadlines, a Convention, injuries, alien invasion, etc. Here are some photos from December in a vain effort to catch up.

SASS Convention Photos

Packing the Jeep for the trip

Our Hotel Room, Green Valley Resort and Convention Center, Henderson, NV

After arrival

Registration day--Vendors were opening up

While most vendors were putting their booths together, Dave Johnson at D Bar J was selling hats—measuring a head


Dragon Hill Dave getting tweaks for his D Bar J "Justified" hat. GREAT HAT. Dave rocks the hat.

Dragon Hill Dave's boots

Myra Mains at Redwing Trading Co.


Brother King, Allie Mo, and The Redhead at Hank's Bar for half-priced Martinis. They kidnapped me and forced me to drink a Martini.

Half priced Martini, Tanqueray $8


Shotgun Boogie's case extractor

If you have a case come apart in the chamber of your rifle, a head separation, this tool will extract the stuck case.

You put this on the shell lifter and work the action to insert it into the chamber. It will slide through the case, then open up.

Open the action, and it takes the case with it.

Shotgun Boogie's display with some of his parts


SliX-Scraper (TK4B Enterprises)


SASS Convention

Wooly Awards

Wooly Awards—looked great. Despite having my semi-new, really good hearing aids, I couldn't understand a word. Think Charlie Brown listening to his teacher. The problem didn't recur fortunately.

Jim Bowie had 3 classes, '66-'73, Winchester '97, and Ruger Vaquero. He recently did new videos on each using a professional, unlike the old videos. Every time I take one of his classes I learn something new. You get all 3 for $50


Texas Flower and Cat Ballou Costume contest administration

Buses took us to the D Bar J party Thursday night

600 gallon Top Hat aquarium

Frank Sinatra performed--very well!

Dance floors upstairs and down

Over 200 SASS conventioneers made it. Open bar, great food from Casa Rio, great entertainment. Except for the guys on the bus that broke down, all had a great time.

O Bar Freddie danced with Miss Tabitha... and about 30 more ladies. Note Secret Service protection

Some of those big hats are helmet hats for rodeo events requiring helmets, or for riding on the street


Adventure Designs

Buckaroo Bobbins

Bullets And More

Colorado Mountain Hats

Cowboy Fast Draw Association

Earthwalker Boots


EMF, Inc. lives on after the General

Kona Cowboy Coffee Saloon

Long Hunter Shooting Supply

Hall of Fame ceremonies


Friday Night Pajama Party (Viewer discretion is advised)

Then there was "THE INCIDENT" that closed the party

These nice ladies were innocently sitting there imbibing in adult beverages, then...


Screaming, drink flying, trauma they'll never recover from. The Horror, the horror...




Major Photography

Mernickle Leather


Redwing Trading Co.



Misty Moonshine being grilled like a Republican on PMSNBC. One member drove 400 miles to ask questions. Seriously, he came for the forum then went back home. 400 miles each way

SASS Mercantile Photobomb

Taylor's & Co. Firearms

Ted Blocker Holster

Prototype Evil Roy Wild Bunch Rig by Ted Blocker Leather

The Cowboys

EMF had the prototype General U.S. Grant Commemorative by Uberti. Each manufacturer that EMF represents will be doing commemoratives. More later.


Waddie Wear

Victorian Fashion Show


Flashers invaded the fashion show. Fortunately they were pointed away from the camera.



Saturday Night Ball and Best Dressed Costume Contest

The Redhead protected by two military men with swords. Swords were a problem with casino security. They tried to shut down the costume contest because of them, but they underestimated Cat Ballou.

Grey Fox, third Military despite the fact he wore a kilt, which usually guarantees a win.

Miss Mary Soencer, first Military, the first time a lady has won, and the first nursing costume.

Wrapping Up Sunday Morning

The D Bar J wrap party — Clockwise starting with Deborah The Redhead Rich, Sherrie Hartman Mernickle, Bob Mernickle, David Johnson and Allie Mo at Green Valley Ranch Resort Spa & Casino.

Merry Christmas

The Redhead got a MacBook Air. She loves it

LRC Loaded Round Counter

I got a Loaded Round Counter

It counts loaded rounds

The actuating mechanism sits on the crimping die. If you use dies other than Dillon you might have to modify it to use this. I had been using the Lee Factory Crimp die and switched to the Dillon die. The Lee Factory Crimp die full-length resizes the loaded round.

I run all .45 ACP through this chamber checker. They all passed. I still like the Lee die for .45 ACP, but the LRC will be very useful for my other calibers, all of which use Dillon dies.


Santa shoots Frontiersman