December 2015 Journal

The Rest of November

Suffice to say this got behind. Multiple deadlines, the SASS Convention. Here are some pictures.


Below is a photo I found of COL John Hayes when he was a Lieutenant Colonel. I worked for him in Vietnam. He spent 3 years in combat in Korea, and 6 years in Vietnam. He stayed too long at the fair, and he was taken off the generals' list for staying.

Some minor errors in the discription of his ribbons. The Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry comes in 3 levels, Silver, Gold, and palm. The silver corrodes almost instantly in the humid climate of Vietnam. Looks like it should be 3 gold, 3 silver. It's something that only Vietnam vets would notice or know the difference. I also note 2 soldiers medals. Soldier's medals are rarely given. And yes, he was wounded 5 times. He received more medals as a COL.


November 11th

4000 105 gr, coated Truncated Cone Flat Point Bullets arrived

Judah Macabbee shooting his .44 Colt 1860 Army

Acquired an IAC Trench Gun because I wanted one


Blanked out the last 2 digits, MIL00__.

AZ State Black Powder Shootoff: Shinbone Shooter shooting a '97 with APP (Don't try this with real black powder.) They had a bunch of categories, so, yes, this was legal in this match.


What's wrong with this picture?:

132 boxes of 12 ga, counting everything


November 2-3, 2015

Finally got the new iPhone 6S+. The Verizon tech screwed up, and I wound up without it getting properly restored from the old one. Eventually I restored it from a October 18 backup on the MacBook Pro. I had to do this in order to get onto the iCloud where I had backed it up last night. Then about 2 hours was needed to straighten things out and retrieve lost apps and the like. Oh, well, if it was easy anybody could do it.

The old cylinder loader was getting very worn. Went to 1/2 Ace Hardware and then Lowe's to find a replacement bushing 3/8" i.d. 1/2" o.d. I think the original bearing, 2 bearings ago, was probably 1/2" long. The current one is 1", but it works fine. The rammer goes through the bushing, but the screw-in insert does not, which prevents the rammer from coming out of the bearing in transit. That coil spring helps the rammer retract after ramming. It's no help if all of the friction surfaces aren't clean and lubed. Properly adjusted, as this one is, it will properly compress any wimpy load you want to use. It also works with 40 gr. loads.

This cylinder loader is several years old. I had one of the original Powder Inc. loaders. I'm not sure why I replaced it. The second one was run over by a Mercedes and rebuilt.The result is some of these parts are older than others, but all are several years old. The vertical rod is welded in place, curing a problem with the original one. It still works, obviously. I didn't put the new bushing in until after Bordertown.

November 1, 2015

Cowtown First Sunday match. It seems when I leave town, Cowtown floods. It flooded Thursday. dumping enough stand for a pretty good sized beach. Recent construction nearby changed the flow of the "navigable waterway" that only appears in severe flooding. But the club got to work. When I arrived this morning Zona was moving sand with a big earth moving machine. He and several others had worked very hard to get the place going. Except for the fact that gun carts needed big balloon sand tires, the place was ready to go--no lost targets or buildings this time. I'll also note the road in has had a major lengthening of the paved road coming in, eliminating the little twisty bit, suspension test strip and one lane bridge. It's straight and paved almost to the race track then straight in to the gate.

This is where clean matches go to die at Cowtown now. Stage 6 starts with the pig on the left. The rack of 9 little targets holds the pistol targets. The rifle targets were at the back of the berm. It wasn't pretty for a lot of shooters, myself included. The starting line for stage one was, "This aim't Bordertown." Really?