November 2012 Journal

October 30-31,2012

We had time to kill in Tucson. We drove out west of town and found ourselves in a meeting of registered Obama voters:

Late Wednesday afternoon the bus was finished, including steam cleaning because diesel fuel was all over the aft end of the bus. We told them we would pick it up in the morning, because we'll have a long drive.

October 29, 2012, Monday

The tow truck to take the bus to Inland Kenworth in Tucson, the only place in Tucson that will work on a Cummins engine in a motorhome, was due at 0900. At 1000 I called Good Sam. The truck had broken down, and they were looking for another one. Eventually they called back and said it would be there in three or four hours(!)

We waited:


Finally the truck arrived—from PHOENIX!

I drove the bus out of the space, but fuel was spraying out of the broken line, so I shut it down as soon as it was lined up with the trailer. The air suspension hadn't pumped up. The driver attached an air hose to the air line and pumped up the suspension.


The driver attached the winch to the suspension and v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y pulled the bus on while I steered. No, with the engine off, the power steering does not work. When the wheels were turning I could barely turn the wheel.

This is all the way on with the trailer still tilted. Getting it there required boards behind the trailer to prevent exhaust dragging.

The trailer at level.

The driver locked the chains tight. Then we drove to Tucson, talked to Inland Kenworth, the only place in Tucson that could work on a Cummins engine in a diesel pusher motor home. They could only work on the engine, which might have cost us $500. The dash AC doesn't blow cold air. Good Sam extended service has a $500 deductible per ticket. So, if the AC repairs are covered, and they both could have been worked on at once, we would have paid $500. Odds are that the AC isn't covered. Most AC failures start with hoses, gaskets, or seals, which aren't covered. Then we went to a motel. hoping the truck driver got the bus to Kenworth.

October 26-28, 2012

Haunted Jeep at the RV park


On the first day I thought I was doing great until a shotgun malfunction cost me 10 seconds on my third stage. Then the disaster struck on my 4th stage, a P and a minor safety, 20 seconds in all. After that I figured I had no chance of winning, and

, of course, couldn't get a clean match, so I went as flat out as an old guy with arthritic thumbs and bad eyes. Didn't miss any and would have been in the high 20s average without the 2 disasters. Shot with Big Iron Buster, who had 2 misses on one stage due to a gun problem. Ended up 1.18 seconds behind. He won. I was second. Hugo Bear, again, was State Champion at third.

Great stages. Well run match.

More YouTube videos. I stopped getting anyone to video me. I realized everyone on video had problems. I figured it was a jinx. I did video Larsen E. Pettifogger twice, and the second time he had a great run. He won FCD despite some problems.

Lady Gambler shot Ladies Frontier Cartridge well, but the jinx caught her.

Nine-Toe Joe shot well... once he got around to it.

Blackjack Zak shot seriously fast, as usual, winning his category. This is his last stage, not his fastest, but both rifle and pistol were Nevada sweeps, with no double taps, and some stages were inheritently faster.

October 25, 2012, Thursday

Shot the Bordertown Blast in the morning, 3 stages, each using 2 or 3 of the 4 main match guns. 1 miss, 1 procedural (not paying attention), but everything worked, well, except for the brain on stage 2.

Then shot Plainsman (badly as the video shows) in the afternoon. Hugo Bear set up and wrote the stages. Thanks for volunteering, Hugo. The rifle targets were at the back of the berm, which is 35 yards or so. He moved the pistol targets out from main match distance but wasn't allowed to move shotguns. He added 2 bells on each stage. We had to carry a bear on a couple of stages. Others had a 5 second bonus for putting a knife or tomahawk in a bucket. Everybody got the bonus.

You Tube- Tex shooting Plainsman Tex had a cap-only ignition and put the pistol down after shooting. I think he's been practicing reloading his .38-55 Handi-Rifle, as you'll see.

I had a stealth ball, and I fumbled a lot, especially shotgun. I had slipped the belt around to facilitate rifle loading, and then I forgot that. Note I hadn't cocked the rifle when I staged it. Like a hammer double, if it's open, it may be cocked. My .45-70 loads are 50 gr./300 gr. bullet. They do smoke and recoil a little.

Here's the rest of the Plainsman field on YouTube:

Capt. Baylor

Gilley Boy His first Plainsman match. He's going to be dangerous in the future.

Hugo Bear He ran the match.

Lefty Lem

Meadow Patti Her husband, apparently fearing she would beat him, put the wrong sized caps on her revolvers

Hank-A-Chief shot clean and smooth and won

October 24, 2012, Wednesday

T A Chance and Dirty Bob, two of the best RO Instructors in SASS. It was a real privilege to teach RO1 and 2 with them and Lassiter. The bulk of knowledge of the three of them is phenomenal. If you hear any of them are teaching, you really should take the class as a refresher if you already are certified. If you aren't and shoot in SASS you really should be RO certified, at least ROI.

October 22-23, 2012

Haunted Jeep

Had dinner with Redwing and Myra at the Longhorn. Excellent steaks & ribs. The manager stopped by and promised something special for SASS people who ate there this week. Offering us free apple cobbler would have been special, but he didn't.

October 20-21, 2012

Los Vaqueros 2 One Day Matches at the Tombstone Livery

T A Chance put together some really great stages, Bordertown-like but about 3-4 yards further out. I saw one procedural both days. 2 misses on day 1, one on day 2-video below of that.

Mist Chance shoots Stage 5, Day 2, Black Powder

Dirty Bob shoots Stage 5, Day 2, Frontier Cartridge

Capt. Baylor shoots Stage 5, Day 2, Frontiersman

T A Chance shoots Stage 5, Day 2, Frontier Cartridge Duelist

Redwing shoots stage 5, Day 2, Senior Duelist

My luck with video cameras continues. I shot stage 4 in 27 sec. clean. But on stage 5 on camera one pistol had a "Cap only" ignition. (Look it up in the ROII Handbook). Immediately after shooting a couple of people were all over me, thinking that I had reholstered after a squib (not to mention continuing to shoot the pistol).

I will explain what a "cap only" ignition is, and why it's not a squib. Percussion caps are not primers. The percussion cap fits over a tube called a nipple. When it is crushed, sparks result, traveling down the tube and contacting the powder, which explodes, sending the projectile down the barrel. If something blocks this tube, then the powder is not ignited. A lot of things can cause this, from oil to debris. I normally check to make sure the nipple is not obstructed before loading by looking through the cylinder in the sunlight. Cap only ignition, following Murphy's law, only occurs at matches. The last one I remember before this one was at stage 12 at Buffalo Stampede 2009.

October 19, 2012, Thursday

This week's care package from Escapees Mail Service included our absentee ballots. The Redhead filled hers out with black pen, then stuck it in the return envelope. Out of the return envelope was a slip of paper "Use only a Number 2 pencil." Yes, this means her vote probably won't be counted. We know it wouldn't in one of the states with Democrat Secretary of State. The Democrat Party has been on a program of getting Democrats in as Secretary of State in as many states as possible. They certify the vote count. As Stalin said, "It doesn't matter who votes as long as we count the votes."

Today we made a supply run to Sierra Vista, mostly groceries, but we got a package of number 2 pencils and a pencil sharpener so at least my vote will count. If you saw the episode of "Copper" on BBC America a couple of weeks ago you saw how the Democrat icon, the Tammany machine in NYC, did it. That's how they'll win enough swing states to put Obama back for 4 more years despite not winning the popular vote.

October 16-18, 2012

George S. Patton, Jr. has what appears to be contact dermatitis. He had it on arrival here last year, and we didn't get rid of it until we got to ABQ. Multiple vets cost us a lot of money with no results. The drug that worked in ABQ, Atopica, doesn't work now. He has a new bed, and the spots are on his belly, so it's possible it's the problem. The Redhead washed it and covered it with a blanket that has been safe in the past. She has a big collection of drugs and is trying them one at a time. George is not happy. The cats don't care

Angelique sent a C Mail to Cat Central: Remind all Black Cats that Halloween is just 2 weeks away.

I had called Good Sam Roadside Assistance on Monday to get someone sent out to check the fluid leak. He arrived on Tuesday and showed me it was diesel, at high pressure, from the fuel line to the injectors. The vehicle is not drivable safely. This requires a Cummins repair facility. More calls to Good Sam. The plan is for them to pick the bus up with a flatbed circa Oct. 29. It'll have to go to Tucson. We'll leave the trailer here. Coming back and getting it when the bus is fixed, as expensive as it will be, will be less than having it towed. Good Sam doesn't cover it because it doesn't have a bed or bathroom. Neither does the Jeep, but they cover it.

Had lunch at the Crystal Palace in Tombstone. This was our waitress. Cute, perky, helpful, tattooed. The hamburgers at the Crystal Palace are excellent. On another occasion we had dinner at Big Nose Kate's. We like the Reuben's there. Decent Margaritas, but their blender is broken, so on the rocks. They come in an ice tea glass, a good thing

This typifies Tombstone. Morgan Earp was shot at this spot. Today it's commemorated by selling T-Shirts and cheap straw cowboy hats. The National Historical Society has been threatening to revoke Tombstone's status as a national historical site unless they get more authentic. They've made improvements since we first came in Sept. 2001.

Other than that got the guns and gear ready for the weekend Los Vaqueros matches at the Tombstone Livery, warm ups for Bordertown.

October 15, 2012

Catching up on photos:

Stolen from Facebook:

More photos from the D Bar J Grand Opening party:


October 13-14, 2012

"Is it Halloween yet?"

Main match Arizona State Wild Bunch Championship: 6 stages a day, good stages, challenging, but not too full of P traps. Pecos Clyde was Match Director, and he knows what the Wild Bunch Action Shooting Committee wants in matches. The WBAS committee wants more distant pistol targets than are common in CAS, and clean matches are rare. There were 20-25 rounds of pistol in each stage, and at least 6 rounds of shotgun except one stage that was all pistol. Rifle was mostly 10 rounds, but 8 and 5 were used. The Tombstone Livery is limited in range space, so 2 stages were on each bay. The bays are wide, so it's possible to have 2 quite different stages. Left running and right running stages plus ambidextrous stages were used.

Pecos took movies of everybody except me and showed them at the Saturday night dinner, where side match awards were given out. This was the first WB match with 8 categories, breaking the 4 into Senior in each. Since first OA (Evil Roy) and first Lady (Claudia Feather) were both seniors, this was to protect the non-seniors, I presume.

Claudia Feather shooting, Robber Baron timing

YouTube-AZ State WB Championship-Man on Man Finals

YouTube-Capt. Baylor @ AZ State WB Championship Bloody Dave took the video using my iPhone for the first time. Excellent job!

YouTube-Johnny Meadows @ AZ WB State Championship

YouTube-Pecos Clyde @ the AZ WB State Championship


October 12, 2012, Friday

Chronograph and side match day at the match. My pistol loads were about 5 points down from EOT, attributable to the altitude, I suppose. Evil Roy had a similar situation.

October 11, 2012, Thursday

The Redhead went to Sierra Vista for supplies, while I got guns and gear ready for the Arizona State Wild Bunch Match starting tomorrow.

October 10, 2012, Wednesday

Drove to Tombstone Territories RV Park. When we stopped The Redhead smelled oil. The engine was dripping oil from the area near the transmission. Don't know if it's a seal or what. It stopped when the engine was shut down. Engine and transmission fluids show full. Hmm.

October 9, 2012, Tuesday

Drove to Pioneer RV in Phoenix

October 8, 2012, Monday

Put the Jeep in the trailer and drove to the KOA in Kingman for the night.

October 7, 2012, Sunday

Got the bus and trailer ready to travel except for putting the Jeep in because we were invited to dinner at Dan Diamond and Mae Be Cinnin's. Several shooters there. Up till midnight.

October 6, 2012, Saturday

This stage was from "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly," (I think) which involved first shooting the rope holding Eli Wallach's rope

Then a plate rack with the rifle

Then 4 shotguns

Then a pistol plate rack

Dinner was at a local country club, prime rib, very nice. Shooters' meal was included in the entry fee. Guests $30. The costume contest had a roaming gaggle of judges who asked about your costume. Worked well for contestants.

The Redhead & Capt. Baylor at the party. Bigger field in "Uniform" than at EOT, but then this contest was Saturday night and didn't require standing in line to do a "presentation."

Dixie Bell. Really well done outfit

Lady Bulldog showed me a card that another shooter, Shortstock, gave her for winning Lady Gunfighter:

The reverse side:

Won the costume contest Best Dressed Uniform, 2nd in Frontiersman.

October 5, 2012, Friday

Dinner at TGI Fridays at Sam's Town, using The Redhead's points. I ordered the small strawberry Margarita


Kota Khoas, shooting Grande Dame I believe, with coaching from Penny Pepperbox. Excellent job.

The stages were all based on Clint Eastwood movies. This stage had a scene from "Unforgiven." Dan Diamond shooting.

October 4, 2012, Thursday

Warm up match day at Eldorado. Looks like a fun match.

October 3, 2012, Wednesday

Since I had 180 rounds of match-worthy .45 ACP ammunition, I had to load some ammo today. The Redhead was having fun at Sam's Town.


October 2, 2012, Tuesday

I received an email from Silver Heart dated yesterday that apparently 1011 people had dropped off the waiting list at Bordertown, so I can shoot if I want to. I accepted (wishing I'd gotten it in September. I'd be in Tombstone today if it had). This means I'll go the Arizona State Wild Bunch Championship in Tombstone October 12-14.

Today we went to the Mob Museum. Warning: It takes hours and hours to go through it. It is enjoyable if you're into true crime.

Since my 113th birthday occurs on Friday, we had my birthday dinner tonight at Billy Bob's Steakhouse. Excellent.

The Redhead at dinner


October 1, 2012, Monday

Got a new tire from the nearest Discount Tire. The Redhead played video poker. In the evening we went to D Bar J Hat Co's Grand Opening. They have a fantastic 7500 sq. ft. facility with room for a really big party, an upstairs dance floor, and a 200 gallon aquarium (to be supplanted by a 600 gallon top hat shaped aquarium that will be on the finale of the TV show "Tanked."

The D Bar J sign on the building

The mayor of Las Vegas and other dignities were there for the ribbon cutting. Security personnel were dressed as mobsters, with fedoras, of course. The director of the Clark County Museum (of Pawn Stars fame) was there, wearing a flat hat. I was wearing my D Bar J Boss Of The Plains. Whoever took this picture cropped us both out.

The D Bar J people and the mayor in front of a few hats

Some of the restored machines, some 100 years old, that D Bar J uses to make fabulous hats

More machines

A small portion of the blocks, these for crowns. They have a wall full of brim blocks, too. As a result they can do hats you can't get elsewhere.

Mr & Mrs Mernickle in their Steam Punk outfits. After the politicians left Bob brought out his steampunked rig for a Mare's Leg