November 2010 Journal

The revolutionary 4-wheel guncart famous in song, story, and legend is for sale: SOLD

4 wheel gun cart for sale

The revolutionary 4-wheel gun cart I designed, built, and used for several years is for sale. I was tired of holding up 2 wheel carts while pushing them. This one holds itself up and is relatively easy to push. Push down on the handle to raise the front end for turns.

4 wheel gun cart for sale

It holds up to 5 long guns and has 2 holsters for your pistols so you can take a load off on those long walks from stage 12 to stage 1. There is a provision for attaching a beach umbrella and one for a long squib rod. The 16" wheels are new this July. Getting quality wheels has been difficult. Several tires shredded on the rocks of Founders Ranch and others. These came from Ace and cost about $100 for the set of 4 and new axles. They laughed at the rocks of Founders Ranch and the volcanic rocks at Railhead.

4 wheel gun cart's main box shown open

Previous gun carts were hard to put into the back of the SUV because it was impossible to remove the ammunition from the cart easily if the storage box was built into the base. So I built a box big enough for everything needed, with dividers. The dividers aren't going anywhere. They're in grooves in the outside wood. Note that the box is dovetailed together. The floor is in grooves, and it isn't going anywhere. The floor has been coated with a hard resin product used to cover tabletops and make them shiny and hard. The hinges stop at 90°. There is a handle on top of the box and one on each side. The same construction is used in the dividers for the long guns. The main chassis of the gun cart is built the same way, floor in grooves, dividers in grooves, and dovetail joints. The floor is covered with the tabletop resin. The dark wood is mahogany, and the light wood is poplar except for floors, which are Baltic Birch ply, a 9-ply wood with no voids that is extremely strong, durable, and machinable.

Guncart for sale, shown folded for storage.

Folded for storage. You'll note the cooler in the back goes with the cart. This will fit in a space a yard long and a couple of feet wide.

The cart is worn, scarred, and in need of refinishing. (Current finish is clear urethane). But it works very well. Building it cost a fortune in R & D and machinery to build it. (little did I know I'd be retiring and couldn't take the wood shop with me.) Mahogany is not cheap. First class materials were used. But I understand depreciation. You can buy it without paying for all these things. Additionally I will include a fitted cover made of tent material (by the guy who does tents for Winter Range). The cover alone cost almost as much as I'm asking for the whole rig!!!

The cart is priced to sell. You can have it for $225 if you're at Comin'At'Cha or have someone who can bring it to you. Email me. Put "Guncart" in the subject line.

October 31, 2010, Sunday

Shot some at the fumble range, the only thing open. Worked in the garage. Dressed up as the scariest thing I could think of* and went to a Halloween party in the barn.

"Three words: President Barak Obama (but you knew that)

October 30, 2010, Saturday

Worked the Workers/Shoot through Posse. Over 20 people. One buckarette just shot 6-10, which otherwise she would shoot on Friday, a school day. Everyone else shot all 10 stages (!) except Gunz Brokus, who shot 1-6 and quit. Rather than be the only one shooting tomorrow, he'll shoot these with his posse. He's a posse marshal.

This was exhausting. and all I did was work the Loading Table. Of course, had I been shooting, I would have spent some time sitting down and watching. Memo: Next year take a chair.

Cell Phone Photos of the Workers/Shoot Through Posse

Complicated Lady shoots at the pistol targets on the Shoot House, Stage 9. Slim, a rifle target, is on the right. He's on a track and runs back and forth, only visible for a second or two on each pass. Ingeniously done.

Honey Graceful shooting rifle on stage 9

Honey Graceful shoots the rifle on Stage 9

Honey Graceful shooting out the left door at stage 9

Honey Graceful shoots smoky loads at the pistol targets on Stage 9

TBone at Stage 10

T-Bone Dooley gets ready to shoot Stage 10, Miss Anne's Garden. He shot outlaw, meaning pistols from the hip, gunfighter, and generally shot simultaneously. It was hell to be a spotter, but very impressive. He shot the shotgun from the hip, too. Very few makeups. On one stage he shot the two outside targets of a wide array simultaneously, a la Kevin Costner in Silverado.

TBone at Stage 10

T-Bone shooting the rifle on Stage 10

Complicated Lady shooting the pistol targets on Stage 10

Complicated LAdy on Stage 10

Complicated Lady shoots the rifle targets on Stage 10

The stages are all pretty straightforward, well, except for the chickens, the Robot Skeleton Ghost steers, the flying birds, motorized Slim, and the 50 yard dash carrying the strongbox of gold.

October 29, 2010, Friday

Dinner with Omaha John and Patti, Jack Houston and Biggest Heart at The Rockin' Rooster, fish fry night. VERY busy place.

October 28, 2010, Thursday

All of the targets have been painted, so shooting is limited to the practice stage, where old targets go to die. T-Bone wanted something special on the targets:

T-Bone is painting Bar 3 on each target using a stencil.

T-Bone is using a stencil to put Bar-3s on every target except shotgun targets. These will be repainted after the workers' posse (posse 21) shoots this weekend and after each day's shooting. I hope the numbers show through the smoke.

October 27, 2010, Wednesday

Went to breakfast at Don Julio's (formerly the Varsity Cafe) in De Kalb with T-Bone, Cowhand, Omaha John and Patti, and The Redhead. Good food, slow service, good looking waitress. T-Bone said several businesses have been in the building, and none have been able to succeed. Then The Redhead went to pick up the ML and on to Shreveport to the El Dorado Casino. The rest of us went to Paul's Pawn Shop to do 4473s. I rode with John and Patti, and we took the scenic route.

Got the 1911A1 from Taylor's. More later about it. Looks good.

John's guns had a problem that Cowhand is working on. He sent his 2 Cowhand-prepared Ruger new Vaquero Bisleys to the people engraving the 20 special Dooley gang guns. Now one told them that this gun had been tuned. The rest were new, out of the box Rugers. When he got them back, they wouldn't cock. The shop had disassembled all of the guns and put the parts in a pile, reassembling them at random. Cowhand has to go through all of the parts to get the ones needed for John's guns.

When we got back we practiced more, lots of rifle reloads, pick up rifle, shoot one, reload, shoot one. Shot the rifle targets on stage 10, deceptively difficult little devils.

October 26, 2010, Tuesday

Called Tammy at Taylor's about the test 1911. T-Bone had told me it wasn't at his (now Kim's) shop. Tammy said she'd shipped it. Cowhand said a Taylor's 1911 had come in, but since they had one on display, he had put it in the safe. It turns out the shop paid for it. T-Bone wasn't going to let me have it until he got his money back, so Omaha John and I went practicing, shooting shotguns, both type of targets, then pick up rifle from vertical staging and shoot one. Then pick up rifle from horizontal staging and shoot one, reload and shoot one. After lunch we shot the X-targets. !#$%!^!

The service advisor from Pete Mankin called. The ML is ready. Only $100,000. The Redhead will pick it up in the AM

The 1911 thing got straightened out. I'll get it in the AM.

October 25, 2010, Monday

Took the ML to Pete Mankin MB in Texarkana. It needs a shifter, and it'll be here in the morning. They didn't have any loaners available. Rented a Chrysler Sebring convertible, the cheapest thing at Enterprise. For some reason it was cheaper than a KIA Deathtrap, which I really wanted to drive.

Practiced with John.

The $147,000 Bad Beat Jackpot was won yesterday.

October 24, 2010, Sunday

The ML wouldn't go out of park again. It did later, again, too late for The Redhead to go to Shreveport, where there's a $140,000 bad beat jackpot. (If you're a poker player, you understand).

More practice, doing exercises.

October 23, 2010, Saturday

The ML wouldn't go out of park when The Redhead started to take it to Shreveport to a casino. She had stopped to talk to John, who had left the key in the ignition of his Jeep and ran the battery down. He wanted a jump start. We can't jump other cars from this one. The battery is under the passenger seat. I don't remember if there are contacts under the hood for jumping. I do remember some people doing damage to their ML's doing something wrong jump starting. I would have looked it up in the manual if I hadn't been hit with our problem. We couldn't move the ML. It was in the way. Fiddled with it, and eventually I got it to work. Parked it. Later it worked fine. The nearest dealer is Pete Mankin in Texarkana.

The Rockin' Rooster

Shot several exercises with Nuttin' Graceful. Very helpful. Then some of us shot plates and the Texas Star. Went to dinner with Omaha John and Patti. Went to the Rockin' Rooster. Very good Texas country food. The Redhead had a chicken fried steak and loved it. John and Patti had cheeseburgers with calorie and fat slices added (bacon). Very good. I had their Mexican platter. They have a full Mexican menu. Excellent. VERY good tacos. Good enchiladas and tamale. Mildly seasoned. Actually found myself adding salsa. Nice place. Rustic. Independent. No chain. One wall has a rooster sitting in a rocking chair cartoon. Another had a local cheerleader's uniform. Cute, young, very hard working waitress.

October 22, 2010, Friday

In last night's email:

Deleted. Turns out the photo is photoshopped. See

Weather at Badlands Bar 3

Last year September and October were nearly all rain. This year it has been dry, and the ground is dry and the pond low. Last year land that would have housed RV's was kind of corrugated with low points that held water. That's been smoothed off. A tremendous amount of work has been done on the grounds with a lot of gravel and soil added.


A couple of days ago it was calm and foggy. I went out and shot. One shot of BP made a white sheet in front of me. The fog would have affected 2 or 3 stages had I been shooting that morning. The next day it was sunshine and enough wind to blow the smoke away. If that occurs on match weekend, it will affect the BP rankings. It's strictly luck, and unpredictable. That's just the way it is in this sport.

In the morning shot mostly plates, the Texas Star, and rifle shoot one, load and shoot one exercises.

In the afternoon took the guns to the stages and practiced transitions sans ammo. Had dummy ammo for the shotgun. Used the Vaqueros. Can't dry fire the conversion cylinders or the nipples on the ROAs. The next time someone at the VA says, "Do you exercise, Mr. Rich?" I'm likely to belt him. Can hardly lift my arms.

Bar 3 Photos:

Cowhand heard I was going to take pictures of the chickens, so he painted the SG targets, too. FWIW the tail is the biggest part of the chicken.

Wagon for the Jolly Green Giant

Paging Mr. Jolly Green Giant. Your little red wagon is ready! The wagon is visible from the road--and from space...

The Ghost Steers

Bar 3 is haunted by ghost steers.

Cowboys with big hearts

While these cowboys have really big hearts, they're very stoic. Solid hits don't elicit a sound out of them.

October 21, 2010, Thursday

The Battle Between Good and Evil

At 0300 the battle between Good and Evil started.

Good (Arthur Pendragon)

Evil (Angelique)

The battle continued until about 0600. Once I got up and poured The Redhead's coffee, both Good and Evil called a truce and came to the bed demanding cat treats. Evil, now at 8 lb. and all muscles, had been attacking Good, at 6 lb.and all fur, but Good held his own. The battle continues.

The Chickens at Badlands Bar 3

I know where the chickens of Badlands Bar 3 went. Here's a cell phone photo of them taken by a confidential informer:

All chickens, all the time

Shot a little this morning. Several people came by to talk, including Lefty Rhodes, who is at the new RV park 25 minutes away on US82. T-Bone called Cowhand and gave instructions for us to shoot plates. Shot the plate rack some with the ROAs/conversion cylinders.

After lunch went back with Vaqueros and a big box of Gunsite ammo, smokeless with 158 gr. bullets and max load of Trail Boss, unneeded for the Single Action Self-Defense Course because they supplied ammo for us gun writer/hacks and, I believe, all of the paying customers except the lady with the .32. Shot up about half a big box shooting at plates then shooting one rifle, reload one about 50 times. Then shot one strong side pistol, holster same with weak hand while picking up rifle with strong hand, then shoot one rifle about 50 times.

Yes, the case tumbler is running 24/7 making dirty brass clean. I'll have a lot of reloading to do in ABQ.

Meanwhile, The Redhead...

Not wanting for us to have to go 25 minutes (plus an hour each way to make the bus flyable, then reversing same) just to dump the black tank's contents made a bunch of golf cart runs to an area that could use fertilizing. She had pumped a 1 gallon container full and dumped them. Several runs. It's pretty easy with the Sani-Con. Using this method we'll be able to keep ahead of the black tank and stay here through Nov. 7. She says I owe her for it, but she hasn't decided what.

October 18-20, 2010

Pretty much the same thing every day, practice in the morning, work in the shop in the afternoon till exhaustion, fall asleep during Glen Beck, wake up to pour The Redhead's wine. I don't get Margaritas anymore unless someone is over. They're 250 calories, and I'm starving on 1400 a day. Kind of got off track when we went to Louisiana. Got up to 167. Back to 163 this morning.

From an email from Shaniko Jack:

p.s. I estimate that I have referred about 100 people to your website in the last four years. New Cowboys, friends, relatives, NRA members, gun club members, attendees at the Crossroads of the West Gunshow at the Cow Palace, S. F. CA.
Shaniko Jack

Thanks, Jack.

Mallard Fillmore, Oct. 18:

Mallard Fillmore, Oct 18

October 17, 2010, Sunday

Went to Texarkana for breakfast at the Cracker Barrel, getting stuff at Wally World, Lowe's, and Gander Mountain (finally, a place that makes Sportsman's Warehouse look good!)

October 16, 2010, Saturday

Practiced, worked in the garage.

October 15, 2010, Friday

By the way, the photo of The Redhead eating shrimp was taken at Clifton by the Sea in Bacliff, Texas, not Papadeaux (though she did eat there twice with different relatives).

A few days ago a shooter asked me if I was a disabled vet. I said yes, and he handed me a card from Fenley Law Offices, 1-800-940-4557. All he does is VA disability cases, on a contingency fee basis. I called him this morning. He is sending paper work. He's a Vietnam vet, Infantry. I'll keep you informed.

October 14, 2010, Thursday

T-Bone came by on his horse for the evening lesson (picking up the rifle, single taps and double taps.) He told The Redhead, "That horse doesn't know it, but he's going to be a world champion, too." He is building an arena.

October 13, 2010, Wednesday

Getting water at Badlands Bar 3

Refilling the fresh water tank at Badlands Bar 3. The nearest faucet is shown, the little white circle w-a-a-a-a-a-a-y down the field. Fortunately I have 175 ft. of white hose, a water softener (the blue bottle on the lower right.) Not visible in this size photo is a whole house water filter put inline near the source. There's another one in the bus. I did get my exercise setting out and retrieving the hose. I filled the tank before the trip and again when we got back. We dumped tanks at the Texarkana KOA both ways. We'll need to dump again before Comin'At'Cha.

Battery Tray

The battery tray was stuck when I tried to service the batteries before we left ABQ. This morning I was able to get it free and cleaned corrosion off the battery strap clips and the positive terminals and sprayed on lithium grease to prevent further corrosion. Topped off the batteries with distilled water.The cells were low, but not to the top of the plates, so no damage.

The latch has a vertical plunger lock. It has become disconnected and wouldn't raise. Once I got the tray loose, the plunger fell off. Then there was nothing to secure the tray. I had to put the plunger back in. It's still not connected, so I'll have to make an appointment at Aloha RV in ABQ to get the latch mechanism repaired/replaced/whatever.


October 12, 2010, Tuesday

Worked most of the day getting the gun cart and gear out of the bus and into the trailer and the stuff taken out of the bus for the trip put back.

gun cart in basement

The new gun cart in the basement of the bus for the trip. Owners of this model can see I failed to screw the connection in that locks the top down. No problems, however.

The rest of the stuff: a folding table for gun cleaning, a big storage box full of cleaning stuff, powder, and ammunition. The orange "dry box" has ammo, balls, and caps. The big storage box on the right has leather gear. The bottom storage box on the left is always there, filled with seldom-used tools. That latch on the pull-out tray wouldn't release. I fiddled with it for a long time before getting it free. Learn something new every day.

October 11, 2010, Monday

Drove to Bar 3. Unloaded gun cart and such and put into trailer. MUCH work needs to be done to get the shop functional again.

October 10, 2010, Sunday

Shot the last 4 stages clean, lots of tutoring from T-Bone. Lunch at the range. Awards started late but went pretty fast. Won Frontiersman. Wyandot Jim was second. He left 10 in the rifle on stage one-a squib. I'll be interested in seeing the results. Oliver Loving was in third. Don't remember fourth, a worker who shot through the weekend before. The other 5 were all former World or National champions. Hmm, now I've won the Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and Louisiana State Championships, but I've never been a state champion. (The Cowboy Chronicle has me as having won the New Mexico State Championship, but the match listed as the state championship was the state championship in 2010. I won in 2009.

Jack Houston won Senior Duelist. He was surprised, but I thought he shot well. Slick McCade was first overall.

Ben Scalped, Rio Concho Kid, and Artie Fly had Margaritas with us.

Photo from OKC, from Robin Rogers Morton's Facebook album:

Photo sent by William Slaughter of The Redhead eating something dead and fishy at Papadeaux (I think):

It'll be a while before we're in a town with a restaurant like that, and she's taunting me.

October 9, 2010, Saturday

Shot first 6 stages of the Louisiana State Championship. Typical Black Powder counters. First stage, a swinging target that hadn't made a sound all morning didn't make a sound when I shot. The counters said 2, 2,1. Timer Operator, T-Bone Dooley, said I hit them all. Got a real miss 2 stages later. No stages in the 20s, some in the 30s.

Dinner at the range, a steak dinner. Pretty good for range food. REALLY tired.

October 8, 2010, Friday

Shot the Wild Bunch match. Didn't win.

Dinner at the range, the Chili Cookoff. God some good chili.

October 7, 2010, Thursday

Jack arrived about 9. We got out 10ish. Dumped tanks at the Texarkana KOA. Got diesel at the Flying J, lunch at a Wendy's at a Shreveport Pilot. Parked at the match t about 5.

October 6, 2010, Wednesday

Practiced in the AM. Got the bus ready for travel. Since the trailer isn't going, I cleaned out 2 compartments and loaded them with the stuff I'll need for the Louisiana State Championship. TBone had to cancel the lesson.

Jack Houston let me know he is going with me (long story.) I'll have to clean out room for his gear in the AM.

October 5, 2010, Tuesday

Practiced in the AM with JoeBoy. Anther lesson from T-Bone.

Oh, yeah, I'm now eligible for Medicare.

October 4, 2010, Monday

Practiced in the AM. First lesson from T-Bone in the evening, just before dark.

October 3, 2010, Sunday

Another day with the Dooley Gang. Shot stages 5-10. Again, good stages. Lots of fast shooters.

October 2, 2010, Saturday

The Dooley Gang/Badlands Bar 3 monthly match. Excellent stages, fast simple. There are people in New Mexico who should shoot here but, of course, never will. These guys know how do do SASS stages.

Afterwards Billy Boots polled the club on the TG Summit agenda, and they voted wrong on 3 items. Why they don't want the Burgess to be allowed in B-Western defies logic. I don't know if B-Western sales will be significant if they do accept it, but if they don't, and it doesn't sell well, then, the next time a company is contemplating spending a lot of money so SASS people can have another toy will remember and say, "The !#%!1s wouldn't approve the last new gun for B-Western. @$!! em. Let's build a polymer-framed pistol for IPSC.

More Margaritas at the bus. I'm not losing weight this way.

October 1, 2010, Friday

Joe Boy was practicing when I walked GSP, so we practiced together, shooting 6 stages. Much work on strategy and transitions.

Tail N Kid and Gunz Brokus (two aliases chosen so they will haunt spellcheck everywhere) landed and parked their RV's. Both and wives came over for Margaritas, and the 6 of us went to the formerly great Italian restaurant in Clarksville. I hope it was just having a bad night. But everyone got really awful food.