November 2009 Journal

A LoneRider Leather section

For Sale:

Citadel .45 ACP enhanced 1911A1, 5" barrel, was $515 now $465+shipping and transfer fees, if applicable. The Citadel is a Philippine made 1911, (Looks suspiciously like a Rock Island enhanced model) with Novak sights, big front sight, serrated front slide, lightened Commander hammer, beavertail grip safety, Ambidextrous safety, lowered and faired back ejection port, barrel opened up and polished to feed hollowpoints and semi-wadcutters, beveled mag well, and checkered walnut stocks. It lists for $575. It looks perfect for Wild Bunch Modern category. (Just noticed their ad says 2 magazines, but when this one got to me it had one mag. So I lowered the price to $495. The stock mag isn't legal for SASS Wild Bunch matches.) I have a bunch of 1911s from my misspent middle age, or I'd keep this one.

Trigger pull, average of 10, on my Lyman Digital Trigger Pull Gauge: 3 lb. 14.5 oz.


Throated and polished barrel to feed hollowpoints and semi-wadcutters. Looks ready to race for Wild Bunch

"As an American I am not so shocked that Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize without any accomplishments to his name, but that America gave him the White House based on the same credentials." - - Newt Gingrich

"And where will you be sleeping tonight, Mr. Rich?"


October 31, 2009


Worked and took photos of the shoot through posse of the upcoming Comin'At'Cha Regional. The workers, some vendors, and posse marshals who wanted to concentrate on marshaling instead of shooting during the main event shot then. I've worked it the last two years and got a lot out of it watching the core of the Dooley Gang shoot together.

T-Bone Dooley was posse marshal. There are people who think the Dooley Gang cheats because the core members all shoot well. No, they shoot well because T-Bone and Nuttin' Graceful teach them really good shooting and time management techniques. They are known masters of SASS gunfights. In realty T-Bone is a tough, no-nonsense posse marshal. Decisions in touch situations went against some of his best friends (and his wife and father in law last year), "All you bring to this sport is your integrity" is what Nuttin' says about it. I saw several people give themselves penalties when no one saw the transgression, such as closed levers or a cocked revolver being returned to the holster. T-Bone gave himself a penalty when he found he had overloaded his rifle, and it made it to the unloading table with two live rounds in it.This is the kind of behavior we have come to expect in our champions. If we can't be ladies and gentlemen in the sport, we're probably in the wrong place.

Honey Graceful shot Ladies Frontier Cartridge very well, only to have problems on a late stage because she was using .38 Special rounds with Goex Cowboy and smokeless bullets. They shot 10 stages. Though she cleaned the bore, she didn't often enough, and the fouling caused accuracy to go south. There are two simple solutions to this. First, clean the bore after every stage, and keep it wet with Windex/water. Second, just switch to American Pioneer Powder 3F. No filler will be needed, and you can shoot 10 stages without the bore fouling. I do spray the carrier with Break Free after every stage. Some Break Free goes into the bore.

Red Dooley shot Classic Cowgirl very well but had some problems

Mose Spencer shot very quickly and accurately

Nuttin' Graceful had received match DQs at the last two Comin'At'Chas. He came ready to shoot this one and was a real pleasure to watch, a symphony in economy of motion and fast, accurate shooting. He shot fast and clean.

Most of the targets were pretty good size, not Bordertown big (though the 3 Buffalo were life-sized), but nothing to complain about. There are 3 chickens engaged by the rifle in one stage that are abnormally small for this event. They ended a few clean match quests.


Buffy Lo Gal is shooting lady gunfighter now, having won EOT shooting lady duelist. She is quite good.

They still have the shotgun targets I wanted to throw in the lake several years ago. Which of these targets is up, and which is down?

Now they're all down. Aim carefully, squeeze the trigger, and listen to the spotters. If your posse isn't shouting "DOWN" or "UP" after each shotgun engagement, then get their attention with a 2 x 4. Consider this a team sport.

T-Bone is shooting Outlaw, an "outlaw" category shot in the eastern heartland. Pistol and shotgun are shot from the hip. T-Bone fired both pistols at the same time--at different targets. He did have to make up a lot of shotgun targets. He used a double sometimes and a 32" full-choke '97. Ringo Fire, the professional comedy writer, said, of the '97, "If I had 32 inches it'd choke, too."

Glley the Kid shot Buckaroo. Buckaroos beware. He is very quick and accurate.

Ten well thought out, challenging but simple stages. Very few procedurals, and usually for things like on a 2-1-2-2-1-2 stage, a shooter had a rifle malfunction, and, after fixing it, shot the wrong target. It's a gunfight, not a memory contest. If your posse is as supportive as this one was, you will do well or not depending on your own talents and abilities.

A new stages is the Outback Steakhouse shoot house. The shooter is shooting the rifle at a large dump target at the end of the hallway. The first two windows have pistol racks, then shotgun targets at the other doors. It's simple and a lot of fun.

Dinner with Jack and Shirley at the Mexican Restaurant in Clarksville. Excellent, cheap Mexican food.

October 30, 2009


Took The Redhead to an IHOP for breakfast then to a Brookshire grocery store while I went in search of a state inspection station. Went where the lady at KOA recommended. Went into their office. No one there. Waited 10-15 minutes. The phone was ringing much of the time. Finally a man ran in and answered the phone. Then he asked me what I wanted. I told him state inspection. He said he couldn't do it because he was the only one there and had to stay in the office to answer the phone. He sent me to Dale's. I went there. He said the inspector was doing one. I'd be next. The inspector, a blonde woman, came in and asked me if my keys were in the car. I handed her the key. She drove the ML to a spot in front of the bay. She sat in the car for 10 minutes, asked me for the insurance form, and then went to the computer, filled out the paperwork, and put the sticker on. $14.50. I asked if she could do the bus. She went to Dale. He said no, they didn't have enough room for the brake test. After 29 years in the car business, always working at a place that did state inspections, I never saw anyone do a brake test. I asked hen that was put into the test. He said it had always been there. Eventually he explained that a DPS office was nearby, and they were under a lot of scrutiny, so if they did a 40' bus, they might be questioned about the brake test when their records were scrutinized. He suggested another place.

So there's been a brake test in the state inspection all along, and nobody does it. Hmm. That's a new one.

Headed to Badlands Bar 3. The Redhead led in the ML since it wasn't that far. Parked in our spot. Left the trailer where T-Bone told me to. He said he'd move it to its spot. Got the slides out, etc. and looked to see the trailer in its spot. The Redhead brought the wheel chocks from where T-Bone had run over them. T-Bone is a take charge, ready, fire, aim kind of guy. That sort of thing happens. I need to figure out how to make some sort of award out of the crushed chock.

Omaha John arrived. Jack Houston arrived. Margaritas at 5.

October 29, 2009


There's a guy on a hill nearby frantically building a big boat and saying something about cubits. A whole lot of animals are gathering in a valley nearby.

Despite all that we got the bus ready and went to Weatherford where we managed to get into the Discount Tire. The guy even offered to mount it on the trailer. This meant bringing the bus around again and parking the trailer in front of one bay. They had the mounted replacement tire and wheel on the trailer, torqued, and inflated to the proper 65 psi, and the spare back on the spare space, inflated to 75 psi. Everybody was polite and energetic. Boy, I'd like to see their training program. It works. It cost me $18, and they threw in a bolt-on steel valve stem.

Then we got back onto the canal, er, freeway, headed east. We got diesel at a Flying J in an effort to find a place to park for lunch. No such luck. The truck stop was full, and there was no room at the end. The Redhead got us a couple of croissant sandwiches, and I ate mine while boating, er driving on I20.

Got to the Mount Pleasant KOA before 5. The Redhead had reserved a gravel 50 amp spot. I upgraded us to a concrete site, and we got the bus onto it just before the heavens opened up in a flood worthy of Noah. I got soaking wet getting the bus out, and we still had to run inside for cover.

Later it stopped enough to let us get to a nearby Mexican Restaurant, the 2 Senoritas. Pretty good. Didn't destroy my esophagus. At the time of writing don't know about gastric reflux.

October 28, 2009


Left beautiful Monahans. Hadn't gone far before the right rear trailer tire blew. The tire pressure monitor wasn't picking up the trailer tires, so it didn't warn us. A trucker waved us down. I was working on it when a white pickup truck stopped. A guy jumped out and said, "I've got a Porta Power. I can raise that trailer."

I was, at the time, looking at the mangled metal of the cross member behind the tire and wishing someone would come by with something that would bend it back into shape. The Porta Power pushed it back in place. The guy pulled a big sledge hammer out of the truck and smoothed a sharp edge.

At the next rest area I called the Discount Tire at Abilene. They don't have the tire needed. Then I called the Discount at Weatherford. They have several. I told them to hold one until we could get there in the morning. Then the choice is to stay at the Coffee Creek RV Resort at Santo tonight and take the bus there in the morning on the way to spend the night at Mount Pleasant, get groceries there, and drive to English Friday, or to stay at the Coffee Creek RV Resort tonight and tomorrow. Take the wheel in the ML, have breakfast at the Cracker Barrel across the street while they change the tire, and then do chores, get groceries, etc. and go all the way to English Friday.

Coffee Creek RV Resort

This park really is a resort. It's 10 months old, well built, and well designed. The pull throughs are 95 ft. long, level, gravel, wide, and easily navigated. They have a hot tub, a couple of meeting rooms, a room with a Big Screen TV, trees around the periphery but not blocking the satellites. And the wifi works and is quite fast. They recently had a 49 vehicle Newmar rally. Nice people run it, too.


October 27, 2009


Went from Las Cruces to Monahans, the Country Club RV Resort. A resort it isn't, but it was a decent place to park for the night. The drive was long, 300 miles, and we lost another hour going to Central Daylight Time.

October 26, 2009


Drove to the KOA in Las Cruces. Exhausting, but, fortunately, not exciting. No moments of stark terror.

October 25, 2009


Bordertown Awards Day

Awards started on time,went pretty quickly. Got second in WB Traditional, clean match, and First in Frontiersman. Larsen E. Pettifogger won FCD. Johnny Meadows won FC. Solicitor General won Classic Cowboy. Lassiter won Gunfighter. Hells Comin' won Senior and First OA. First Lady was Echo Meadows.

It was a really good event. The trophy is one of the nicest I've gotten in SASS.

After the awards ceremony went back to the bus and got it ready to leave in the morning. The ML is in the trailer. We just have to get things organized inside in the morning and retract slides and jacks and disconnect, about an hour's work. Then to Las Cruces on the way to Comin' At'Cha. I'm looking forward to it. Blue Mesa was on the SASS Wire with problems with his ROA. Like an IDIOT I tried to help.


October 24, 2009


Bordertown Main Match Day 2

Yes, you can miss targets that are big and close. The puff of dirt is a pistol miss. The lower, closer target is the pistol target


Do these targets look big and close?


Mean Dawg Loomis

Mean Dawg Loomis

Close targets

This is what big, close targets look like

Shot carefully. Shot clean, but slow.

October 23, 2009


Bordertown Main Match Day 1

Good posse. I'd asked for Larsen and Silverado Cid. Both were there. Good group. The stages were as close as advertised. Big, square targets from Handlebar Doc. Fairly simple stages. There were more procedurals than I expected.


Larsen E. Pettifogger shot FCD. Very fast. Missed on the last stage, though.

Shot clean but slow for the target distance. 198 seconds for 6 stages, high 28 to 38, the latter with a stuck shotgun hull causing problems.

October 22, 2009


Bordertown Side Matches

Shot Wild Bunch in the morning, Plainsman in the PM. Had two misses in WB. The targets were not close as advertised for the main match. We shot rifle targets with the pistols. But they were fun stages.

I shot the Taylor's Comanchero I have for a CC test. It worked fine. No misses. It does have a trigger safety that needs the lever pushed closed HARD, unlike the .38 with the functioning safety.

Solicitor General was winning the Plainsman match. I was fairly close when the firing pin broke on the Handi-Rifle.

I wanted a sequence on using the Handi-Rifle for the "BP for Dummies" Seminar at the convention. This is pretty textbook, which explains why Solicitor General won.


October 21, 2009


Drove to Tombstone Territories RV Park. Went to the livery and got the packet for Bordertown.

October 20, 2009


Went to Cowtown. They've put in a new gate. It was locked. There used to be a lock on another gate. I thought I remembered that combination, but I didn't. I called and emailed officers of the club. Got the combination that night at 8. Too late to practice.

October 19, 2009


Today is the first day of the "MEMBERS ONLY" page at the SASS website. I tried to get in early in the morning. Nope. Didn't recognize my email. Waited until SASS opened and called. I wasn't the only one. Some are getting in. Most aren't. 3 phone calls. Still doesn't work.

Went to Cowtown and practiced, lots of Wild Bunch work with the new Comanchero. The loading gate sticks and locks the gun up when fully loaded. Pushing the round back in the tube with my Wild Bunch Screw Knife cleared it, but a PITA. Had some roughness in the action at times. The trigger safety is stiffer than the one in the .357 with the pistol grip. After a few hundred rounds everything was smoother.

Also shot a lot of .45 ACP from the 1911, and a couple of boxes with the '97.

Then I shot a bunch of exercises with the main match backup rifle and shotgun and cartridge pistols. By noon I was exhausted.

Came home. Took the side plates off the new '73. Pretty grungy. Cleaned and degreased, oiled, and reassembled. The loading gate works better now.

Cleaned the main match ROAs for the big match. Cleaned the 1911A1 lightly. It's working really well, so I don't want to screw it up. The trigger pull is at 3 lb. 12 oz., which is just about perfect for a 1911, and I got it there without the aid of a gunsmith of a $150 drop in hammer/sear/disconnector kit.

Vets and PTSD

A few days ago I had an interesting conversation with a shrink who has spent most of her career with PTSD patients.

PTSD, post-traumatic-stress-disorder was first written about by a doctor at a Navy hospital in 1978. It didn't reach the VA lexicon until 1980.

This meant that all that Vietnam vets knew of it was what we learned from TV shows written by people who hated the military and soldiers. So we were portrayed as being crazy. We weren't going to go to the VA and be called crazy. We tried to hide the symptoms. By the time the VA even considered the situation, most Vietnam combat vets had already lost their first wives and a job or two. Some lost their military honor because they did something that gave them a less than honorable discharge, such as smoking a joint to relieve the stress of what they were going through. Some wound up in prison. A whole bunch of them ended up dead. Fatal accidents involving alcohol killed more Vietnam vets than the NVA did.

PTSD is the universal response to horrific situations. It is no different for a rape victim, a child who was abused, someone who lived in a war zone, a victim of a brutal robbery, a terrible car accident, or a survivor of violent close combat. Perhaps it shouldn't be called a DISORDER. Perhaps it should be called a REACTION.

It doesn't go away without treatment. It can be shoved to the back burner and then pop up later. The survivors of Japanese POW camps came home after the parades, got medical treatment and back pay and were told to go to work and have a good life. Those who survived to retirement all showed symptoms of PTSD. Without the stress of work and raising a family to push PTSD into the background, it popped into the forefront.

It is affecting the survivors of the current war despite the fact that doctors know that everyone will experience it to some degree. Heroes who risked their lives for their country are losing their VA benefits because they turned to drugs or alcohol, and the military found out.

The VA isn't going to help those people. BUT the Military Order of the Purple Heart has trained professionals who do know how to help them. They get benefits restored, and, once in the system, the VA is capable of helping, well, as much as a government agency can.

The VA thinks that, for example, all psychiatrists are equal. So sending a Vietnam vet who has a recurring nightmare involving close combat with Vietnamese men to a Philippino psychiatrist with a strong accent doesn't ring a bell. When the vet refuses to see the psychiatrist again, they don't understand.

But PTSD is being compensated for monetarily. If you have a Purple Heart, a CIB, or a valor award or other evidence of combat stress, you're likely to receive significant compensation. If you can't work because of it, the compensation might be 100%.

So if you are a combat vet, or if you know and love one, see the nearest NSO of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. They're in the phone book. They're in the MOPH website. The DAV and VFW NSO's are not as well trained in some of the aspects needed in complicated cases. You don't have to be a member of the MOPH. You don't have to have a Purple Heart. They help every vet who walks in the door.

People who read this blog have contacted me about VA compensation problems. This means other readers haven't contacted me but need to see someone. Thus I wrote this so they'll go to the MOPH. No matter what your problem is, they've dealt with similar ones. They can help.

Remember, VA medical care and compensation isn't free. It's pre-paid.

October 18, 2009


Went to Cowtown to practice. Noticed a lot of traffic. I went in behind a Navion Class C. It went up the hill to the sniper range/burned out western town. An explanation of what they were doing will follow.

But down on the range there were a lot of cars, and everyone walking around was in full cowboy garb. I parked next to a couple who were loading their gun cart and asked, "I've been out of town for a while. What's going on? I thought the match was yesterday."

"Yesterday and today. We're having a 2 day match the weekend before Bordertown. You can shoot either day or both."

So, despite the tennis shoes, I entered. My practice clothes, blue jeans and denim shirt, are acceptable cowboy gear.

Good match. The targets were close. The instructions were simple. 6 stages. 5 were 10-10-4. One was 10-5-8. Yes, eight shotgun shells. 100° heat, and black powder. Yes, one hand I burned.

The people on the hill? They weren't sniping but photographing naked women, who occasionally looked down at the range and waved, causing chaos. The women shooters didn't understand that men cannot see too many naked women. I predict binocular sales to members of Cowtown Cowboy Shooters Association will reach unheard of levels. Personally, I'll just take the Nikon with the 300 mm lens.

To answer Jack Houston, who asked, "Why do you shoot 20s in practice and 30s in matches?" I have the answer. Location, location, location. Here I shot 4 in the 20s, 2 in the 30s, no misses. Overall average 29.81. A 31 was my first stage, before I got the hang of it, more or less. The longest time, 34, was the 8 shotgun stage.

Of course Hell's Comin' shot all in the teens, 14 being the lowest I remember. He was complaining it should have been a 12, but he fumbled something. Oh, well. Blackjack Zak shot an 18 that included a reload caused by jacking one out.

Very enjoyable match. 8 shooters out of 40+ shot clean. Hmm, I don't remember any matches in New Mexico where 20% shot clean... well, maybe the one I put on. Never saw the results, so I could be wrong.

October 17, 2009


But it's a dry heat

Made it to Pioneer RV Park by 2ish. All set up, screens on the windshield and side glass, slides out, ML out of the trailer. It's 97°F here!!! Now I know why we didn't come here until November before!

It's !@#$%$!ing OCTOBER!!!

Satellite TV dish went up easily.

Those screens paid for themselves. It's cool in here now.

The Redhead corrected me. The high temperature of the afternoon was 104°F!

October 16, 2009


Since the VA kept me from leaving on Tuesday, and since I wanted to make the Saturday Cowtown Cowboy Shooters match at Phoenix, we decided to drive from ABQ to Phoenix in one day, no big accomplishment in your Corvette, but a big one in a vehicle that takes a couple of hours to get ready to move, maybe more, and doesn't go over 60 mph, and is pretty exhausting to drive.

So we got up at 0500 and started preparation. In order to pull the slides in, much rearranging inside must be done, hats on the bed, every nook and cranny filled, etc. The shades were on the windshield and side windows. That takes the Little Giant ladder, then two of us rolling the 4 pieces into a 4" x 5' PVC Pipe. Then I cleaned the glass outside and inside. Outside I had to take the jacks out of the trailer, and reattach the trailer to the bus. Plumbing had to be dealt with, emptying the tanks, disconnecting water and sewer. Then the slides could be brought in. The internet dish retracted smoothly. The TV satellite dish stuck halfway down, pointing straight up. So, instead of heading to Phoenix at 60 mph, we spent the day until 1630 at Camping World awaiting the repair of the super-whammy dish. The service writer said it had failed because we left the inverter on when on shore power. The mechanic said, no, that didn't matter, because the inverter was bypassed when on shore power, but if the batteries were allowed to go almost dead, the inverter would put out bad voltage, and that's what locked up the dish.

Both of these are BS. We haven't been dry camping in months. The damn thing just stuck. Apparently it was an electronic glitch, and resetting it made it work. (Not just removing power and repowering to "reboot". I'd done that.}

Made it to USA RV Park in Gallup about 7:30 PM. Long @$!%^ing day.

October 15, 2009


Went to Santa Fe for a VA related trip. This is why we're not already in Phoenix.

October 14, 2009



Jack Houston sent this picture of his latest rig, made to order. If you shoot B-Western, you need to have Jack do your holster rig. You also need that Rossi 92 I have for sale. See the ad further down the blog.

October 13, 2009


There's a Foretravel Rally going on around here. I'm surrounded by Foretravels. One is particularly noteworthy because of its trailer:

45 ft. coach, 30 ft. trailer. That's l-o-o-o-o-n-g (Legal length in New Mexico 65 ft., fine for being over, $430. Then the permit for an over-length rig, $430. Visiting the Land of Enchantment, priceless)

There was also a Prevost, the model with the fiberglas sides instead of steel sides:

Next door to us is a big rig:

I promised pictures of the new shades:

Free ad for the couple that did it:


October 12, 2009


Worked in the garage. I had gotten a Steam Buddy at Staples to see if I could generate steam to heat up the guns while cleaning them. Absolute piece of useless crap. Didn't work at all when I got it. Put compressed air to the vents and got it to work. Just a few dribbles of steam, not nearly enough to aid in cleaning. Still testing out Murphy's mix. Have to degrease the cylinder after cleaning it with Murphy's mix. Don't need oil in the nipples. Otherwise it does leave the gun a little oily. One wag described it as slimy. He's not far wrong. It does seem to work a little better hot, or when the metal is hot from steam.

Cleaning the nipples was no easier than with Windex, though.

October 11. 2009


Autumn Ambush

Shot the last 4 stages. The stages were good, among the best I've seen. They would have been better if the rifle targets had been 5-10 yards closer, the pistol targets 3-5 yards closer, and the shotgun targets 4-7 yards closer. Most were pretty simple. They used lines from "The Outlaw Josie Wales" and "The Magnificent Seven." One stage, the Missouri Boat Ride, was based on the long range shot from Josie Wales, and the shot was at a plate hanging from a rope. Another had the long range shot from The Magnificent Seven where James Coburn shot a man out of the saddle and complained, "But I was aimin' at the horse." You did this with each pistol's 5th shot. The horse, a buffalo target below a cowboy target, was a no-shoot.

I let Dawgtooth Dave use my Mernickle Evil Roy Slim Jim holsters both days. He has ordered a set, but they haven't come in yet. He liked them. I wore the set I've been using that LoneRider Leather made for me.

Things were going great until the last stage. Dave had shot and had a mediocre time, so I thought I could make a good one. It had 6 pistol knockdowns, so I actually put powder in the chambers, about100 gr. of Express 3F, the hottest stuff I had (Just kidding about the 100 gr. One of the SASS Wire nimrods is bound to complain, maybe start a thread about "Capt. George Baylor is a liar!") I knocked down the 6 knockdowns and the 4 stationary targets and ran to the rifle. I got 2 rounds out, and the rifle jammed. I looked in the chamber and could tell a case had collapsed. I grabbed the trusty screw knife and couldn't get it free, finally putting it down after fiddling with it 30-40 seconds or so(!) So I had a 76 second stage PLUS 40 seconds of misses. I'm beginning to hate last stages of matches. I presumed that I was out of it then. I'd been ahead of Dave, but spotting someone 70-90 seconds usually isn't a good thing.

This is why I use new Starline brass for major matches. Would have for this one but I'm saving what I have for Bordertown and Comin'At'Cha. Then I'll get on Starline's backorder list.

I had 3 weapons for sale at their swap meet, no luck. Put the following ad in the SASS Wire Classified:

Rossi 92, 20" barrel, blued, .357/.38 Special, SOLD

Citadel .45 ACP enhanced 1911A1, 5" barrel, was $515 now $495+shipping and transfer fees, if applicable. The Citadel is a Philippine made 1911, with Novak sights, big front sight, serrated front slide, lightened Commander hammer, beavertail grip safety, Ambidextrous safety, lowered and faired back ejection port, barrel opened up and polished to feed hollowpoints and semi-wadcutters, beveled mag well, and checkered walnut stocks. It lists for $575. It looks perfect for Wild Bunch Modern category. (Just noticed their ad says 2 magazines, but when this one got to me it had one mag. So I lowered the price to $495. The stock mag isn't legal for SASS Wild Bunch matches.) I have a bunch of 1911s from my misspent middle age, or I'd keep this one.

Taylor's Uberti Remington 1858, .44 cal, 5-1/2" barrel, stainless steel, SOLD

All new in the box. These are all guns I've won over time. I looked them up in Auction Arms and GunBroker and picked prices below what they were going for.

2 things you need to know:

1. If you're interested, send me a PM, and only a PM. In case of multiple buyers, first PM wins. In past sales I've forgotten to specify, and then I had to try to figure out if an E-Mail was sent before or after a PM. So, only PMs.

2. I'm about to go to Bordertown, then to Comin'At'Cha. Mail will come to my mail forwarding service and get forwarded to me once a week. So checks sent to me won't necessarily get to me for 2 weeks. No problem from my end, but I'll ship after I get the check. I probably won't be able to ship from an FFL to your FFL until mid-November when I go through Albuquerque. Jack Diamond is there and does transfers.

BUT I'll take these guns to Bordertown and Comin'At'Cha, and if you pick them up there, you can avoid shipping and transfer charges.

3. Special deal: Buy all 3 for $1285!!

After the match two ladies asked me to see if I could come up with an additive to black powder to make it smell better, maybe like Jolly Rancher candy. I said I'd talk to the ex-CIA chemist friend of mine who is a SASS shooter. After I thought about it I'm pretty sure there's more of a market in the massive underground effort to find a way to make semen taste like chocolate.

At the awards presentation they called my name for first by mistake. I demanded a recount, but they were adamant.

The schedule called for awards presentation 1300-1330. I left after 1500. I believe that's the way SASS awards presentations are supposed to work. Must be because most of them do. They couldn't ALL be that optimistic, could they?

Speaking of SASS Wire nimrods, there was a thread a couple of nights ago titled something like, "Captain George Baylor, your article has a typo." When I went to copy the post to put it on here the moderators had already deleted it. The poster said something like, You said 100 gr. of BP by volume would weigh 100 gr. That's WRONG. Then he explained how he weighed 100 gr. samples of 15 different BPs and came up with these results:

Goex Cartridge ......... 90.2gr
DuPont FFg .............. 91.2gr
KIK FFFg ................. 91.9gr
Goex Cowboy ........., 94.1gr
Goex FFFg ............... 94.4gr
Meteor FFg .............. 94.4gr
Meteor FFFg ............ 97.0gr
Goex Express FFg ..... 97.2gr
Schuetzen FFFg ....... 97.8gr
KIK FFg .................. 99.2gr
Swiss FFFg ............. 102.3g
DuPont Fg .............. 102.6g
Skirmish Fg ............ 102.7g
Swiss 1.5 ............... 104.4g
Swiss FFg ............... 104.9g

I don't remember how he determined the container was 100 gr. Gr. is a measurement of weight. When I make such comparisons, I adjust a powder measure to drop 100 gr. of Cowboy, then weigh the charge it throws of other powders. That's how I did Black Powder Conversions.

October 10, 2009


Autumn Ambush

This may be the smallest annual match I've attended, 44 contestants. 42 of them shot Frontiersman amazingly. Dawgtooth Dave and I were on the same posse, both shooting Frontiersman. Shot 6 stages. Then I had to wait until after dinner for the prize drawing before going back to the bus. They did the prize drawing right. They gave out the guns first then worked down in order of value. Then the winner got to choose a prize from what was left on the table. If you needed to go, you could leave after the guns and big gift certificates. Stupidly I didn't and stayed an hour to win a bullet puller and a Goex cap.

Drove home without falling asleep by screaming bawdy ballads at the top of my lungs for the last 20 miles or so. Then too wired to sleep for a while. Figures.

October 9, 2009


Errand running. Took the parts to be sent back to Mobilsat to a UPS Store. I saw an ad on TV last night for Dr. Scholl's Custom Fit Orthotic Centers. Went to WalMart and used the machine to pick orthotics for my poor, pathetic, abused feet. (Trust me on this. If you jump out of enough airplanes, someday you'll regret it. Additionally if you spend your youth running in combat boots, you'll regret it someday and wish you'd spent that time with any three of Hugh Hefner's ex-girlfriends instead.)

Found 9 boxes of Winchester FeatherLites and bought them. Stocked up on other things I needed.

Spent the afternoon working in the garage getting things ready for tomorrow's Autumn Ambush at Founder's Ranch.

October 8, 2009


Worked on the internet dish. The new power supply worked, but I had to remove the new "buck" and put the old one back on, all while the weather went to hell around us. I finished just before the rain.

Had Singin' Sue and Shanley Shooter over. I flex-honed his hammer double to facilitate shell ejection and polished the edges on his chambers to facilitate loading. Then Margaritas, light dinner, and conversation.

October 7, 2009


Didn't make it to the Renegades practice session because of flaky weather. It turned out that it was not raining during the practice time, but I don't know how many people risked it. Attendance has been sparse of late, especially with Wheelin, Dealin Don being sick (open heart surgery, recovering, but no shooting yet).

Wasted a trip to Sportsman's Warehouse. Worked in the garage.

A LoneRider Leather section

Jack Houston was a bit miffed that I've written about Mernickle leather gear here and in the Cowboy Chronicle (full test of the Evil Roy Slim Jim rig to come in CC). So I've put together a section on Jack's work. I've been using his leather gear for a long time and intend to until someone comes up with a markedly better rig built to my specs and pays me to use it or he stops making rigs I like.

October 6, 2009


Appointment with the Military Order of the Purple Heart National Service Officer in ABQ, Bruce Gibson. They're reclassifying the disability from the prostate cancer, and he is fighting it. There's more, possibly to be revealed later, maybe not.

IF YOU ARE A COMBAT VETERAN, DON'T TRY TO DEAL WITH THE VA YOURSELF. These NSO's at the veterans organization know how the rules work.

October 5, 2009


The Redhead took me to Vernon's Hidden Valley Steakhouse for my birthday. Great food, service, and ambiance. It's meant to be a speakeasy from the 1920s. There are no signs outside. You go to Los Ranchos Liquors and find the door in the back corner with the bars on a little window. Knock three times and say the day's password, which today was "Flyin' on moonshine." Then the door opens and lets you in. Very dark inside. Black everything but white napkins in glasses on the tables. Piano music. High prices. Good wine list. Fantastic filets. Memorable.

October 4, 2009


Went to the Buffalo Range Riders match. 5 of the stages were the same from yesterday, but with some of the targets moved closer. Since the cops were shooting duty ammunition, we used IPSC safety distances. (I remember that Texas Paladin was on a campaign to require those distances in SASS and did at Tejas Pistoleros. I don't know if he realized that they had the distances because they allow jacketed bullets ad higher velocities than our lead only bullets.) Fun match. I had 4 clean stages. Once more I didn't get a White Buffalo for a clean match. I can't get a clean match in New Mexico. No one got a clean match today. Long Hunter was 1st OA. Amber Ale was smokin', taking second OA and beating Texas Tiger. This meant she was faster than Boggus Deal and other really fast shooters.

October 3, 2009


Cops Vs. Cowboys

Went to the Cops Vs. Cowboys match at Founders Ranch, a charity event. About 100 contestants I think. Since there was only one category for me, I shot smokeless and 2 hands.

The way it worked, cops shot duty ammunition and duty weapons. We had white paper targets that our steel targets had been placed on and black paint painted so the white part was the same size and shape as our steel targets. They loaded their pistols on the line, cocked and locked, the way they carry them. Rifles had a magazine in, chamber empty. Shotguns were empty.

It was interesting to see them start to shoot their rifles and have to stop and load a round. All of the rifles I saw were AR15 variants, usually with 2 lb. of electronics and handles. I was reminded of the problems we had keeping batteries for our equipment in Vietnam, and the report of a Gunsite graduate, a Colonel, who spent Desert Storm desperately trying to keep units in batteries. Most of the cops took sight pictures and fiddled with their electronic sights for a minute or so before making ready. The shotguns had lasers and flashlights and all kinds of ammunition holders. The cops said most of them didn't carry shotguns anymore on duty. They carried AR's. This makes sense as a 30 round AR is a much more effective and versatile weapon than an 8 shot shotgun. They use shotguns to take the hinges off doors. The shotguns there were basically IPSC guns. Many were semi-autos. None of the cops on our posse who shot pumps got the message that single loading was faster. They were very happy when told they could stoke them on the clock. I timed several unofficially, and it took more than 5 seconds to load them. One guy, once had loaded the gun, took a second or so to take down 4 targets, so he did 4 in about 6 seconds. The rest took longer.

On the first stage I realized I had made a mistake by bringing only 105 gr. bullets. I have some hotter stuff at home, factory rounds. We had a 3 round plate. Fortunately we had 3 rounds from one pistol and 5 from the second to take them down. I needed 4 or 5 to take them down. Mica McGuire left 2 standing. When we got to a stage with 4 of the big coffin knockdowns, he came up with Winchester 158 RNL and loaned me 10. We had no problems taking them down then. I finished the match with 3 misses, best stages in the low 30s. One miss was on the shotgun dueling tree, with little-bitty targets at 10-12 yds. I saw one lady miss 5 out of 6, proving once more that targets should be selected for her, not Long Hunter. Long Hunter, of course, did them all in the teens. He was 1st Cowboy, 1st OA. I was 20th Cowboy.

Total time of the top 20 cops and top 20 cowboys was used. Cowboys won by about 22 MINUTES.

There was a raffle for 4 guns. They said there was a .22 lever gun, a .22 bolt action, and a Beretta and a .22 Derringer. I bought a stretch. I won the .22 lever gun. When I got it to do the 4473 I realized it was a Rossi 92, 20" barrel, .357/.38 Special. Plain blued, satin finish stock. Since I have all the rifles I need in .38, I'll put it on the SASS Wire and sell it.

Texas Tiger and the tiger outfit

Texas Tiger wore the tiger striped outfit she wore at Magdalena. English Lyn took a couple of pictures for Tex and me:



October 2, 2009


Called Tech Support. Spent much of the morning doing things they said. Mike finally gave up and went to talk to the owner. He called back saying it's got to be the power unit. It has the right voltage to the pins (one of the tests I did), but it's not handling the amperage drain. So they'll send one. I've got to pay for 2 day air. We need it before we leave.

October 1, 2009


Took the bus to Cummins. The radiator shroud had come in. Getting it ready to move took a few minutes longer than normal. Now we have to factor in removal and stowage of the mesh windshield and window shades. This requires the big Little Giant Latter, which must be removed from the garage, moved, extended, and moved from location to location to pop the snaps. Then reversal of the process when it's done. Then the two of us roll it up and stow it in a 5' long 4" PVC Pipe.

Another delay was the automatic leveler. The right front jack takes forever to lift-again.

But there was no problem at Cummins. They didn't start working on it until 1215, and the appointment was 1000, but that's the breaks.

We got diesel at Flying J on the way home. The Redhead got the ML filled after I left with the bus, so when I got back to the RV Park she wasn't there to help guide me in. She was quite pleased to find the bus backed into its slot in front of the trailer and perfectly lined up.

Then we worked on the Satellite Internet dish. The parts came in last night. I got the replacement transmitter installed except the shield on one side didn't fit because the transmitter was slightly different:



The cutout for a wire attachment point was in the wrong place

But more important than that, when turned on, there was no power to the modem. So all this time the problem appears to be the modem, which is what we said in the first place. But what do we know? I sent these photos to tech support.

They sent a modem. The instruction booklet for installing it looks like War and Peace. We'll be calling tech support first thing in the morning.

Then we discovered the remote extender wasn't working, and we couldn't control the TV from the bedroom. About 2 hours of fiddling. Nothing. I had bought, at Radidio Shack, because of continuing problems with the old unit, a new Wireless Remote Extender set. "No wiring, just plug it in."

Suffice to say that it only took 2 hours which involved angering The Redhead. You think the Incredible Hulk is dangerous when angry? Peanuts. This is disturbing a force of nature more powerful than a Category 5 Hurricane.