October 2015

Been there:

September 30, 2015

Made it to Tombstone Territories without major explosion.

Texas Canyon Rest Area. The truck on the left parked about 20 feet forward of the end of the parking spot, blocking our exit until the truck on the other side left, so I could back up, angle right to give room to make the turn, then slip past the truck. About 10 minutes later the truck passed us.

The Redhead saw the Texas and Confederate battle flags and decided she likes it here.

September 29, 2015

Secret mission to Texas. Lunch at Le Madeleine in El Paso while there.

September 28, 2015

Cheated death and destruction once more and made it to the KOA at Las Cruces.

One of the things worked on at Myers RV was the wipers. You might remember that 7 minutes after we left Myers we were ambushed without warning. So I hadn't tested everything until we were getting ready for the trip. I didn't think of using the wipers until we were on the way to Las Cruces. When I tested them, this happened.

Fortunately I could tighten the nut holding the arm in and fix it.

September 27, 2015

Got everything ready to move.

Just before all hell broke loose back on Sept 10 I had Myers RV install the RV Awning Lock because, even though the installation was simple, they had to move the awning cover because it hadn't been centered when reinstalled last year. Here the lock is in the locked position. You can see a D ring slid up a slot in the housing. That inserts a spring-loaded pin into the awning spool, locking it in place.

Here we are using an awning tool to turn the D ring 90°, unlocking the spool so the awning can be extended.

We had Myers install the extended antenna for the new, improved Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitoring System. The people at Pressure Pro acted as if this was something any RV owner could do. On the next photo...

...we see that the antenna is mounted on a cross-member between the front wheels. Outstanding job mounting it there. One tiny complaint. Now the radio doesn't work. Sigh

They also replaced the black and gray tank valves. The bottom front bolt is all scarred up, and whatever is being used as a nut spins freely, and the valve leaks when opened. Fortunately it's only opened to empty the tank. I'll have to find a bolt and nut to fix it.

September 26, 2015

Founders Ranch was having an open house, and we were in town, so I went and helped. Various bays had various shooting sports on display, including one of Cowboy Action Shooting with Tex and Garrison Joe, and one of WB with EzGz, Mica McGuire, and Boggus Deal. I helped at the CAS bay. The SASS CEO brought us hot dogs and hamburgers.

September 25, 2015

The bus was supposed to be ready yesterday at 5. Wisely we decided to spend the night at the hotel and pick the bus up this morning. It needed "just a test drive." We killed time looking for an iPhone 6S+, which The Redhead decided at breakfast I should have for my birthday next month. They sold the last one just after we got waited on in Verizon.

We spent the rest of the day in the waiting room at Cummins. After 4 the manager and mechanic came in with the wrong look on their faces. The bus was ready, they said, but they had bent our ladder. We went and took a look at it. I hated to have to tell them it had been bent that way for a couple of years. The manager was very relieved.

Total bill was just over $12,000. Good Sam paid most of it.

We got to Enchanted Trails before dark, picked up the trailer, and parked in a 30 amp site for the weekend. We have to move out Monday. The entire park is booked for the balloon fiesta.

September 24, 2015

I guess one advantage of being stuck in a hotel for 14 nights in one month is I can catch up on writing. My EOT article is in. The November and January columns are in. The December one is done. (Due to January's being a printed edition, AND copies will be given out at the SASS Convention, the deadline was earlier than December).

Got the trailer moved to storage at Enchanted Trails. Our spot is rented out on Friday.

September 22-23, 2015

George S. Patton CAN get to his food despite the cone, but he has convinced The Redhead he has to be hand fed

The Pope meets.... wait a minute!

September 20-21, 2015

Just visited the bus. Short version: More damage found. 3-4 days more. La Quinta moved us to another hotel when power surge fried Dish network. Upgraded at base military rate. Mgr was a vet

September 18-19, 2015

The bus is being worked on. Good Sam okayed extensive repairs. It may be ready early next week. We're back in the hotel. We could stay in the coach at night, but what would we do with the pets all day? Cummins has been very helpful, especially manager Brian and mechanic Dale, a Marine.

September 14-17, 2015

September 17—The bus is going to be in the shop for another week±. As a result I canceled at Legends, Eldorado, and the Huntsman Senior Games and that whole trip. Whenever we're mobile again we'll just head to Tombstone.

September 13, 2015

Gustavo Castilla Photographer---these are actual tintypes using authentic equipment and techniques. At Founders Ranch

High Desert Drifters 1875

Misty Moonshine

Misty Moonshine and Roxy West

Cajun Dawge and Squid

Cat Ballou and Tex

September 12, 2015

Starts just after midnight and goes on for hours.
Starts near Broadway & McNight
Best place to watch is inside the RV park at CUMMINS ROCKY MOUNTAIN behind the concrete barrier erected after previous crashes.

September 11, 2015

We're in the bus, plugged in to water and power at Cummins ABQ. After the lady service writer pissed off The Redhead one time too many we contacted the manager, who moved diagnostic from next Wednesday to today and got us into the RV park. It took that big wrecker to move the coach into the park.
The problem is a catastrophic failure of the oil pump. Apparently I saved the engine by turning the engine off when the dash screamed at me and flashed "STOP ENGINE Low Oil Pressure." The mechanic added rod bearings to the long list of parts to order just to make sure, but the $30,000 engine wasn't destroyed. The thing that will take the longest is getting Good Sam to approve the repair. No surprise. Every extended service contract company is like that. They want to pay as few claims as possible. Most are worse. I dealt with them for 30 years in the car biz. They're not Mother Teresa.
Anyway, back in our place, with our TV, etc.

September 8-10, 2015

Put the bus in Myers RV for several minor things. Spent 2 nights in a hotel, an undisclosed location in a locked room with a computer fighting 4 deadlines at once. But with the aid of my muse Angelique the draft of the EOT article is done. The rest is just editing.

Then on September 10th we picked the bus up, turned right on Central, and the "STOP ENGINE" warning popped up on the instrument panel, along with a god-awful buzzer. I pulled into the center turn lane and shut everything down. Called Good Sam. They wouldn't send a tow truck because we weren't in a "safe location." Trust me. This WAS the safest location available. Called the police. They sent a car, which kept its lights on for the next 2 hours while we tried to get a tow truck that could handle us. the first one the police sent couldn't. There was no flatbed in ABQ big enough. It was on its way back from Virginia.

So finally a truck arrived that was up to the job. It took the bus to Cummins.


The bus at Cummins. It will be several days before it can be diagnosed. Their RV park 1s full, so we'll be in a hotel until a space opens.

September 4-7, 2015

New project to chronograph the Colt percussion pistols for a CC column. Black Diamond Bob had several useful replicas. Top to bottom: Paterson, Walker, First Model Dragoon, 1860 Army. These 4 give us the .36 (same ballistics as the 51 & 61 Navies), the 44s: Walker-60 gr., 9" barrel, Dragoon-50 gr. 7-1/2" Barrel, 1860 Army, 35 gr., 8" barrel


Walker chain fire

Dragoon loading lever drop

Results will be in the December Chronicle

September 2-3, 2015

Put the bus in Cummins Rocky Mountain Albuquerque for its annual service Wednesday. Spent the night in a hotel and picked it up Thursday

September 1, 2015

New Uberti '73 bolt

A few years back the bolt was redesigned so the bolt extension didn't wind up in your eye socket in case of a massive failure. But we still needed new bolts way too often because the bottom extractor was too soft and bent or broke.

The Brisco Kid, and possibly other gunsmiths were repairing this by cutting a slot in the bottom of the bolt similar to the one on the top and mounting a separate hardened steel extractor with a cross pin like the top. His were going like hotcakes at EOT. Another gunsmith bought ten.

Now Uberti is shipping them like that.


This one just arrived from The Brisco Kid for my #2 main match rifle. It has been polished.

As you might expect with Uberti the early ones are being rationed among Taylor's gunsmith customers. The Brisco Kid got 4.

Old firing pin extension on bottom. New one on top. Shotgun Boogie explained what the extra cut is for. "The upper one is for old AND new bolts. The oval cut in the upper one is for the old cross pins." If your bolt is the old, old style which wasn't as safe as the current, you will need the new extension and the little locking tab.

Installation would have been 15 minutes,,, except the hole for the cross pin was slightly undersized, so almost an hour was used up getting the right sized drill bit. Drilling the hole took less than a minute

After that 15 minutes later I was running dummies through it. Several are temporarily lost in the shop floor. Found Amelia Earhart the last time I cleaned it.