October 2012 Journal

September 25-30, 2012

Spent 2 days dealing with the VA on 3 issues. A mail carrier apparently delivered an important prescription to the wrong address. I had to file a police report, spend hours on the phone with the VA pharmacy & the doctor's nurse, and two trips to the hospital. The right side hearing aid, the one the smartassed repair guy said was perfect, was completely dead. So he got go mistreat us once more, and it's off to the factory, never to be seen again. The third item was the fact that they had never changed my address despite our trip to Benefits last week. They wouldn't this time, and the greeter wouldn't let me talk to the supervisor because "he has someone important in his office." 20 minutes on the phone with Benefits worked, though.

Friday headed west towards Las Vegas.

This is why we haven't traveled much this year.

Arrived at Sam's Town RV Park Sunday afternoon. One tire died as we approached the RV Park:

September 19-23, 2012

Because I was sick the last time I updated this, I neglected to talk about the replacement of the front TV in the bus. It was a flat screen but was having problems. It was also 27" in a 32" space by current standards.

The old TV removed. Flat mount that didn't have 200 x 200 mm mounting holes, so the new TV wouldn't work on it. I wanted to be able to access the back of the TV anyway, and it was a bitch with this mount, so...

I mounted a piece of Baltic Birch ply on the old mount and the new, articulated, locking mount on it.

Then mounted the new TV on it. The articulated mount caused the TV to stick out about 4". I can correct that, but it will mean taking everything out, moving the old mount that amount deeper into the cabinet with extensions, and remounting everything. Sounds like work. Fox News is on a wide format that doesn't use the whole screen, leaving a couple of inches bottom and top. Most stations use the whole screen.

The new TV is bright enough that a photo that doesn't wash it out makes the rest of the scene black. That's Kimberly Guilfoyle, one of the major reasons to watch The Five.

The Wiley-X "Guard" shooting glasses arrived via Evil Roy Shooting School. They work perfectly. I can get a sharp focus on the front sight of the pistol. Getting used to the left lens being 30" focus and the right being distant takes a few minutes, but by the time I'm shooting, it's almost unnoticeable. Having the close-up lens makes seeing caps and nipples easier at the loading table. Delivery took less time than Karen expected, and I was able to wear them at the RGR matches 9-22 and 23.

I put this photo on my Facebook page asking readers what the firearm was. It took about 20 responses before we got past, "what firearm"

Found on Facebook:

September 10-18, 2012

Several trips to the VA. Hopefully I've gotten all of those out of the way so we can leave town when we want to. Had an upper respiratory infection that took me out for most of a week, so not much accomplished. Did get 2 columns off to Tex and Cat.

September 6-9, 2012

Went to the HDD match Saturday. An accident on I40 stuck me for 45 minutes. Arrived during the posse briefing. Apparently I'm the only one who lives west of I25. Texas Tiger showed me her new Ruger Vaqueros by Jimmy Spurs, Cowboy Gunworks. She had had 3 broken hands on her Rodeos in the last year and wanted something unbreakable. He did the half-cock hammers and transfer bar removal, very light cocking, no-creep trigger. No short stroke, per se, but with the regular (high) hammer, there's no likelihood of hitting her hand with the hammer when cocking weak handed. Nice, reliable package. A lot of people, myself included, like the standard hammer when shooting with two hands because the low one doesn't allow as high a hold. Evil Roy mentioned that in his Convention seminar. Duelist is different, and the lowered hammer is a tad more comfortable. I have lowered hammers on the two ROAs that I don't use in competition because they're just not as reliable as the other two, and I would like to have them on the match guns, but the match guns work, so I'm not changing anything.

Sunday went to the FR Wild Bunch match. English Lyn wrote the stages. Excellent. He'll be doing the 8 stages at the "Just Shoot" match the end of the month at FR (replacing Outlaw Trail.) All of the stages were challenging, but not because of any silly shooting orders, etc. Some allowed starting at any position and using any gun on any target, as long as they were hit once and the knockdowns down. Some used all 3 guns. Some used pistol and shotgun. One used all pistol. Pistol and shotgun seemed to be the best solution. Lyn remembers the line: "It's a gunfight, not a memory contest."

September 3-5, 2012

Two days at the VA first thing in the morning. For a fasting blood test I arrived at 0640. Left at 0800. If I'd walked in fifteen minutes later, I would probably still be there. No, that's an exaggeration. I've been told not to exaggerate a million times. It would have added an hour at least. Wednesday they told me to arrive 30 minutes early for a 0800 appointment. Wasn't called for the appointment until 0830. Figures.

I now need prescription shooting glasses, or at least I hope it helps. Got a prescription from the VA last week with left eye focused about front sight distance. Went to local Wiley-X dealers then called Wicked Felina at Evil Roy, also a Wiley-X dealer. The local guys know glasses, but not Cowboy Action Shooting. They were trying to sell me different glasses than what Evil Roy uses. He's not an optician, but he's a pretty good and savvy shooter. So I got the same model he uses. Two weeks.

September 1-2, 2012

RGR scheduled matches for both days, having lost their usual dates to a big annual IPSC match that takes up the whole range. IPSCers must be doing better than SASS shooters as the first RV I saw in the RV lot was a Marathon Prevost. Went to the RGR match Saturday. 1 posse. Several people gone to Roswell for their annual. Couldn't hit the broad side of a barn, and the targets were not barn sized by any stretch of the imagination.

Sunday went to the BRR match at Founders Ranch. 1 posse, several beginners. Shot a little better than at RGR. Still couldn't hit the little-bitty rifle plate rack on bay 6. I blame the backup rifle. Yeah, that's the ticket.

For this month's wallpaper I held a contest on my Facebook page. The winner is on the wallpaper. There was a discussion as to whether or not she qualified for B-Western. Sadly her holster does not qualify for B-Western, and she doesn't have 5 Classic items, so I guess she'll have to shoot Cowgirl.