October 2009 Journal

George W. Bush waving, caption "Miss me yet?"

September 30, 2009


Went to the Renegades practice session. Typical. Only two of us on one berm, two guys on the other with a chronograph. The other guy at the range I was practicing at didn't want to practice very long, so I quit when he wanted to and went next door to at least chrono some ammo. They had just put up the chrono.

The stock rear sight on the '73 Trapper got knocked off center, almost off the gun. I didn't have a jeweler's screwdriver for the set screw and hadn't brought the other '73. I suppose this means the jewelers screwdriver needs to be in the gun cart. Fixed it as soon as I got back to the garage.

Back to the garage. Made more ammo with Mag-Tech primers. They shot fine in the practice session and load about like Federals.

September 29, 2009


Ran errands in the morning. Wal-Mart, Staples, Sportsmans Warehouse. The latter was a total waste. Worked in the garage in the PM.

After years of avoiding it, I got tired of BP shooters telling me about the indespensibilty of a mixture with several disreputable names made of 1/3 Murphy Oil Soap, 1/3 hydrogen peroxide, and 1/3 alcohol. (Possession of these ingredients in large amounts will now get you indicted by Homeland Security, another reason not to have it). I tested it out on the ROAs.

Cylinder after 6 stages, Remington #10 primers, APP 3f

Cylinder after cleaning with Murphy Mix and scrubbing nipple area (on the cylinder!) with a US Army gun cleaning brush. The hard parts are the nipples and the nipple cutouts, which become badly carbonized.

Stay tuned. We have another idea that will be tested as soon as possible, next month


September 28, 2009


Took The Redhead out to breakfast. She was pissed because she couldn't rent a car for next weekend. The Balloon Festival has caused the car rental companies to rent everything below $100/day. I agreed to take her to Sandia Casino early enough to see the balloons rise while on the way to the Cops and Cowboys match, then pick her up on the way back.

Worked on the closet. I have too many clothes for an RV. I threw some away, put some into "storage," and arranged some better.

Appointment at the VA in the afternoon for a visual field test. The results, to me, look like they did last time. The optometrist gave me a fax number to send the records to if I can get the staff at the civilian doctor's office to send them.

September 27, 2009


Went to the Rio Grande Renegades Sunday match. Shot Heathen Smokeless and cartridge revolvers (Wrangler) to test out the ammo for the Cops vs. Cowboys match next Saturday. Actually shot with 2 hands, too. That's really easy, with well-tuned Colt SAA clones, vs 1 handed and black powder.

Of course I still didn't shoot a good match. Best stage was on track for a 26±. Jerked the trigger on the shotgun. Instant 29. And that was the best. Oh, well.

September 26, 2009


Went to the Rio Grande Renegades Saturday match, rescheduled from last Saturday. Not many people. Good match. Didn't like the long range stage, but that's jut me. Still haven't shot a good match at RGR.

September 25, 2009


Worked on the gun cart. I tried refinishing one of the boxes. I took everything out and took it apart, sanded it down, and cleaned it with a rag wet with mineral spirits, then wiped on a coat of wipe-on urethane, let it dry 2 hours, sanded lightly with 220 grit and repeated, then two hours later repeated again.

This is not the most desirable method of refinishing I believe. I was out of time, and I'd put on one more coat than the instructions called for. Not great. The cart is incredibly beat up with 4-5 years of usage. I'd like to try a dark stain, but don't know how to get the finish off enough to do that, at least not without tying up the gun cart for more time than I have. Oh, well.

September 24, 2009


September 23, 2009

Bought stuff with which to refinish the gun cart.

Went to the VA. Lots of fun.

On the way out we asked where the walk up flu shot clinic was. It's closed. They ran out of flu vaccine the first day. Do you really want the gumment running health care? Really?


From the SASS Wire:

Frontiersman: The only category where you can play with your balls and shoot your wad while tweaking the nipples on a pair of 44s. -Canada Bill

Repeated here because it was left out of Tuesday's blog, and those of you who don't go back several days won't see it:



I was asking The Redhead if we had a mop, and I explained it was time to clean the floor in the shop. She suggested the Hands On Knees method of spraying some cleaner on then wiping it off with rags. She even OFFERED TO HELP. So we went to the garage armed with various cleaning sprays, mostly things I have in the garage. I opened the rear ramp so she could sweep out. I started in what I thought was the toughest corner. Orange Cleaner worked well. So did Simple Green mixed with water. Windex Multisurface with Vinegar was good, too. We used up several shop towels. By the time I had done 2 difficult corners and about 1/3 of the ATP, she was done with the rest. She works FAST!

Yes, I owe her a really nice dinner at the restaurant of her choice.

Back to Wednesday:

Took The Redhead to Route 66 and went to the city range for the Rio Grande Renegades practice session. But the big police championship was still going on, and the cowboy ranges were in use. Bummer.

Went back to the bus and worked in the garage making Heathen Smokeless ammunition for the upcoming Cops and Cowboys match at Founders Ranch.

The label on the box:

.38 SPCL

Heathen Smokeless

105 gr. LTC

For the record, the load was Trail Boss, 3.3 gr. (Jack Houston's load).

Yes, I did bring The Redhead back when she was done.

September 22, 2009


Got on the roof, attached the RG-6 cable and verified that the transmitter was the source of the short. Called Mike. Then he wanted pictures so they'd send the right unit.

Back to the roof:

Then they sent me a form to fill out and send back. (Email, PDF both ways.) Mike called back later and said they'd get the right part into shipping and another modem in case it's bad, too. I'm paying for shipping. I send the bad parts back within 20 days door to door or the world comes to an end. Not bad customer service. No Bangalore accents.



I was asking The Redhead if we had a mop, and I explained it was time to clean the floor in the shop. She suggested the Hands On Knees method of spraying some cleaner on then wiping it off with rags. She even OFFERED TO HELP. So we went to the garage armed with various cleaning sprays, mostly things I have in the garage. I opened the rear ramp so she could sweep out. I started in what I thought was the toughest corner. Orange Cleaner worked well. So did Simple Green mixed with water. Windex Multisurface with Vinegar was good, too. We used up several shop towels. By the time I had done 2 difficult corners and about 1/3 of the ATP, she was done with the rest. She works FAST!

Yes, I owe her a really nice dinner at the restaurant of her choice.

Mernicke Evil Roy Slim Jim rig(s)

I just received a package from Mernickle Holsters with stuff to test. Bob Mernickle apparently got tired of complaints that his Evil Roy series wasn't authentic looking enough, so he went to work making Slim Jim holsters that worked like Evil Roy's. The result is really a series of holsters. There are several options, and not just guns and barrel lengths. If you're shooting one strong side and one cross-draw, the result looks like this:

You'll notice that the bottom of the trigger guards are covered, just like 19th century Slim Jim holsters:

The one on the left is by Richard Bachmann at Old West Reproductions. The one on the right is by Mernickle. Note the protective ear that curls up behind the trigger guard. These holsters, of course, are for 7-1/2" barrels. I ordered them for 5-1/2" Ruger Old Armies.

When you shoot one cross-draw, one strong-side holster, you draw with the strong hand both times. You REHOLSTER with the weak hand while drawing the strong side revolver or reaching for another weapon. So the covered trigger guard never gets in your way.

Now let's go to two strong side holsters:

When you draw your weak hand pistol, you don't achieve a firing grip with that gun unless you shoot double duelist. If you do, the covered trigger guard won't get in your way. But if you're going to switch to your strong side hand, you grab the weak side gun around the top strap and the front of the trigger guard, leaving the firing grip unencumbered. Thus the transition from weak to strong side has less fumbling. Fumbling is bad. Smoothness is good.

So Bob made these holsters without the covered trigger guard. This is a little less authentic, but a lot more efficient and less fumble-prone.

By the way, I asked for holsters with a muzzle forward cant. Bob'll make them with the cant you want.

Normally these holsters come with "US" on them. I told Bob he'd get a better review if he sent me a pair with "CS" on them.

From the front, both holsters in the Crossdraw pair look alike. But from the rear they're different. The crossdraw one (on our left), you'll note, has the screws holding the holster together are much closer to the belt. When the rig arrived, the crossdraw holster was locked in place, as it would be when you wear it. There's something about the belt that you probably haven't noticed. Keep looking. We'll come back to it.

The rig comes with a couple of 6 round slides. They don't use snaps but more period correct brass studs.

Figured it out? Hint. The rig is left-handed, right, er correct?

The belt is left-handed. I once got a cross-draw rig from Alfonso's of Hollywood, and it had a left-handed belt. It means the holster that is locked in place is on the buckle side. (Yes, you can lock down the other holster, too.) If you want a right handed belt and a left-handed rig, ask for it. The only problem with the left-handed belt is your End of Trail belt buckle, the one that cost you $15,000 if you only count this year's expenses, will be upside down.

Put it on your shotgun belt. The pistol belt needs to be tight, and you can't get it tight with an EOT belt buckle.

I'll be trying them both in upcoming matches. I'll be recommending the rig that allows me to win first overall in a major match.

September 21, 2009


Got the screens on the front windows and de-bugged the front of the bus, disconnected and leveled the trailer, attached power and TV. The Redhead called tech support for the failed satellite internet dish. I wound up on the roof talking to the tech while going through the troubleshooting. Last thing was I needed to get RG-6 cable and run it direct from the modem to the transmitter. If the modem works then, it's the cable, even though we've done other tests to rule it out. If it doesn't, then we call Mike back and order a rebuilt transmitter. They send it, and we send this one back, only $75 including ground shipping both ways.

Went to Radio Shack and got the proper cable. By then it was too hot, and I was too tired from manual labor to get back on the roof. I'll do it in the morning.

In the mail were the rigs from Mernickle to test. Details later.

September 20, 2009


Main Match Day 2, Shootout at Old Magdalena

Today we encountered 2 stages with 2 catapult throwers throwing little pieces of charcoal. I missed all 4. They did an arc way into where my peripheral vision was before the attack in '95. One of them also had the WW sweep. It goes like this: 1-3-2-3-1-5-3-4-3-5. Several shooters on our posse got through it only because all of the workers were yelling things like "Four! Four!" Mica got 3 out of 4 bonuses and had an 18 as a result. Half a Hand Henry got all 4 and had 2 stages in the teens.

Nearly every stage had an uneven number of shotgun targets. They were always broken up, such as shooting 2 from the right fence, 3 from the left. One had you shooting one from the right fence, running left to the left fence, and shooting the second. If you had a '97, no problem. If you had a double trigger double, you shot one and opened the action and ran, then closed it and shot the other. One lady shot one, opened the action, and ran, being right handed, pointed the shotgun at the next shooter at the loading table for most of the run. He didn't see it, and she didn't get called. I watched Half a Hand Henry load two, eject one, and load one at the other end. I loaded one at each end.

The last stage was fairly complex. Shoot 2 shotguns from the right fence, move to the first window with the shotgun. Shoot the pistols, a continuous Nevada sweep. All pistols were shot in pairs. Half a Hand Henry shot it gunfighter, so everything was gunfighter friendly. Then you took the shotgun to another window where the rifle was staged, and you shot a double tap Nevada sweep with the rifle. Most of the stages did not have sweep direction specified. Some of the ones with difficult orders did.

Then the shotgun had to be taken to the next opening to shoot 3. I wound up being the last timer operator and getting several people through the stage. I asked if they wanted coaching. Most did. One who didn't did tell me to keep him from doing anything really stupid. He tried to holster his second pistol after shooting only 4 rounds, and I did catch him in time.

It was after 3:30 when I got back to the bus, skipping the closing side matches to do the fastest RV movement prep on record not involving escaping a forest fire. The trailer got prepped and loaded in less than 10 minutes. I listened for gunfire and kept working while I heard it. We got the slides in and the jacks pulled when I saw other shooters heading back to the awards ceremony.

The trophies were unique, made from 3" pieces of rails from one of the mines that used to be in Magdalena. Mica McGuire was first man, but Half a Hand Henry was first overall and first gunfighter. Led Foulin, the only FCD was told to move to another category, and they put him in FC, and he won it. Texas Tiger won Lady Wrangler. She wore an outfit that appeared to be painted on tiger stripes with fringe from head to toe. I didn't take the camera with me. Darn.

Tex was there, so they had senior gunfighter, and t had at least three contestants. He won. After 12 misses and only 5 clean stages, at least 3 train wrecks, I expected maybe 3rd but was 1st. Marshal Cotton was second. Precious was third.

Didn't get the bus moving until 5:45. Getting out of the field was half the fun. The gates were no more fun the other direction. Between Magdalena and Socorro the Pressure Pro went berserk. The right front trailer tire was at 91 PSI. It was 65 cold, so it should have been 75 or so. We stopped. Tex and Cat stopped to help. I could find nothing wrong with the tire. The brake and axle were cool. The tire was at 85 PSI when I put a gauge on it, but dropping. It was back to 77 when we started off and never gave us any more problems, strange.

We didn't get in until it was dark, of course. That was scary with my night vision. But I got it into the parking place on a flat spot in one try. We were set up by 9 or so. I couldn't sleep for a while before I could unwind.

Next year this event will be the New Mexico State Championship.

September 19, 2009


Main Match Day 1, Shootout at Old Magdalena

This is a tough match. They printed 4 scenarios per page. The printing came out so small I could barely read it with strong reading glasses. I thought of putting each scenario on the printer and blowing them up, but I didn't have time. Half a Hand Henry wrote the stages and is our posse marshal. She told me she was doing some things we used to do in SASS, such as carrying things, shooting through moving props, etc. No problem. I only have problems when your score depends on your ability to throw a tomahawk or something like that, and I don't really want to do anything on the clock that you wouldn't do in a gunfight, such as singing a song or diapering a baby. (Yes, we've had to do that at THSS). We didn't have to do anything silly while the clock was running here. She also told me she moved a lot of targets in from the boonies. When she got there the club didn't have anyone who went to other SASS matches, and they were shooting fairly distant targets. I've been to some of their monthly matches and remember it that way. They're further in, but they're not Bordertown. They still have a way to go.

I quickly realized, however, that target order and scenario complexity was going to be tough. Getting through without a handful of P's would be a challenge. I got caught out on the first stage. The outside rifle targets were shaped like whisky bottles, and I got 2 misses. Bummer. Then I kept getting misses. I got kind of uptight over some of the target orders. This is a real target order. I am not making this up. Rifle:4-1-3-2-4-4-1-3-2-4. Same with pistols. That order will be in my dreams I had to work so hard to get it in my head.

I tried to work at the beginning of each stage so I could figure the stage out by watching people shoot it. Some rifle targets were still pretty far away. A rifle reload required a shot at a target that was far away and small. I believe less than half the posse got it.

Then there was a bonus pistol reload. Fortunately, it was at the end of the scenario. It was a 10 second bonus, and a 5 second miss. I posse with 2 other Frontiersmen, Hulon MacGregor and Capt. Eli. MacGregor got mad and quit after messing up one complicated scenario. Capt. Eli and I discussed the reload. The target was at about 25 yards, normally a rifle target. Capping one chamber on a percussion pistol, if everything goes well, takes about as long as inserting a cartridge if you're using a snail capper. But if there is any bobble, it will take a lot longer. So, if everything went well, I could cap and fire the pistol in less than 10 seconds, but hitting a small target at 25 yards one handed in that time period was iffy. I shot before Capt. Eli and didn't try it. He didn't either. Neither did Marshal Cotton on the next posse. Precious, on the posse behind us, did and missed. Several good shooters missed.

I talked to Marshal Cotton after 4 stages. He is a firearms instructor. He was clean. I think I had a clean stage by then. When I got a miss, I got 2. Not my best performance. I don't think anyone on my posse shot clean, except maybe Half a Hand Henry. I didn't get to see her every time. She was getting some good times. Mica McGuire, who was first OA last year, had some bad stages--for him, a couple of 46s. This was a match where anything below 30 was a brilliant stage. I never got below 40s and had some really ugly ones with 2 misses.

The rain came and went. I was in line to shoot the 6th stage when the range was closed due to lightning. I'll be shooting 7 tomorrow.

Tex and Cat came over for drinks. They stayed and watched much of the Texas/Texas Tech football game. Or at least Tex did.

Wild Bunch Rig

This is the first time I've gotten a picture of the ERSG3 REF1 Mernicke slide for their Evil Roy Wild Bunch rig. You'll notice the left-handed magazine pouches. This manages to get everything on one belt.

This is so much lighter than a CAS rig I keep thinking something's missing

You need at least 4 mag holders. With 6 you have some spares. I keep on around the back with one round in it. If you eject a round for some reason, and put in another mag, you'll be out of whack and liable to get screwed up. Put in one. Shoot it. the slide is locked back, and you're ready to move or insert the next magazine for the next sequence. The pouch at the back is from my CAS rig. I keep the .45 Colt ammo square in there and put empties in at the unloading table. The belt is completely covered. The pouch goes where Mernickle put a US emblem and .45 ammo loops. If you're skinny, you're limited to 4 mags.

September 18, 2009


Side Match Day, Shootout at Old Magdalena

Rain came and went. Whenever I was next to shoot, it came. When I wasn't, it went. Shot Slowest Pistol, Slowest Rifle, and Slowest Shotgun between the raindrops. Then shot the Wild Bunch match. Rain came and went. If I lost, it was because of the rain. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it. Actually it went fine except for the rain. I just didn't shoot fast enough and had 2 misses.

Had 112 people over for Margaritas. Beats working. Arthur was captivated by Amber Ale, who managed to pet him for some time. This is rare, indeed.

September 17, 2009


Ralph, his son, and another tech took the fridge out of the wall, set it on blankets on the floor, and took the old cooling unit off. The cooling unit, basically, is the refrigerator. The box is just where you put the groceries. Disconnecting meant disconnecting a lot of different kinds of connectors, taking off metal tape, etc. Then the new one was put on, everything connected, and the unit put back in. More connections on the outside. Lots of work. It's not lightweight, either. But they maneuvered it back in very well. No damage to the floor. Everything worked.

The weather wasn't cooperating. It was raining all morning. I called everybody I could reach in Magdalena to see what the weather was there, and whether we could get the rig in on the roads in their current condition. Everyone said the usual, come on down. It's perfect. That leaves me certain that there's no way in hell to get the rig in, and the mud is 6 feet deep and rising.

But we left anyway about 2 PM, with a working refrigerator, and a $1800 charge on the MasterCard. By the way, if I hadn't mentioned it, it's a new unit, not a rebuild. There were 5 at a distributor in California, and more on the east coast. Yes, I know. The dealer should have called at least one parts distributor, or the factory should have called them, but they didn't.

When we got to Magdalena, the weather was better, but the way in was still appropriate for a Mini Cooper, not a bus. The front gate was about 3 feet wide. The posts on either side were decorated with the fiberglass fenders from duallie pickup trucks which had tried to enter. Fortunately, the gate was a good ways off the road. On the right side of the road as we approached for the left turn, there was gravel for 15 feet or so. I used every foot of it in order to make the widest turn possible so the trailer would be straight when it got to the gate.

Then I pulled back on the stick and flew over the gate.

Just kidding.

That was the easy gate. They got harder.But before we got to the second gate, the truck guiding us in went through a mudhole and stopped just past it. However, when we encounter mudholes, we try to go as fast as reasonable. Inertia trumps gravity and mud suction. So we flew over it, and the pilot truck driver realized that there was a bus growing in its rear view mirror. It accelerated away in time to avoid being a bus speed bump.

The second gate was around a tight right hand bend. We went to the left until brushing the razor trees lining the trail and made it through the gate.

The third gate was, thankfully, in a straight line. Eventually we got parked in an actually level parking place. Margaritas were late, and we didn't get the TV dish up until after Bones started, a horrible sin. Fortunately we get Fox west coast, too. So I recorded it then.

September 16, 2009


Hooked up the trailer and drove to Moriarty. The Redhead drove the ML. We parked the bus and trailer at RV Sales. The cooling unit hadn't come in. We went to lunch. It hadn't come in. We went to Singin' Sue's hair cutting emporium and got our hair cut. The unit hadn't come in. We waited in the bus. It hadn't come in.

It arrived at 4:30. Ralph came over and started disassembling the old unit, planning to finish tomorrow starting at 0800. Theoretically we'll be out by noon. Plenty of time to go to Magdalena.

What could go wrong?

Dinner at Buford's, no longer a good steak house but a mediocre sports bar.

September 15, 2009


Took the mesh windshield and side glass covers off and rolled them up and stored them inside a 5' x 4" urethane pipe. Very easy. Then cleaned the glass with foaming Invisible Glass and Griot's Garage non-linting towels. Leaving tomorrow to go to RV Sales in Moriarty to get the refrigerator fixed.

Finished up the garage. Put guns and gun cart back into the car. Gun cart is much cleaner.

Called RV Sales. The cooling unit has not arrived. It will be there tomorrow. Figures.

We'll go anyway, but not at 0 Dark 30. Then, when it comes in, we'll be there.

September 14, 2009


Getting ready to go to Moriarty Wednesday to get the refrigerator fixed and then to Magdalena, I worked in the garage. I cleaned up the gun cart. Needs re-urethaning badly. Later. Got everything ready for the "big" match and cleaned up the garage. It's 90% ready.

September 13, 2009


Went to the High Desert Drifters match at Founders Ranch. Shot lousy. I hope I've got all of it out of my system before the Magdalena annual match next weekend.

September 12, 2009


The Redhead is still sick. Worked in the garage.

September 11, 2009


When I was growing up all of my older relatives told me where they were when the Japanese Navy attacked Pearl Harbor. Everyone of my generation remembers where they were when President Kennedy was assassinated.

Now everyone old enough remembers where we were on September 11, 2001. The Redhead and I were at Williams, Arizona, preparing to take the train to the Grand Canyon. The Redhead was taking a shower, and I turned the TV on. After some channel flipping I found one of the morning shows. An airplane had hit one of the twin towers. I sat, mesmerized. The Redhead came out of the bathroom, and we watched as the second tower was hit on live tv. Then the other horrors, the Pentagon, the towers collapsing, the crash of flight 93. We debated briefly what to do. There was nothing we could do, of course, from Arizona. We decided to carry on our vacation. We went to breakfast. It was obvious that most of the vacationers hadn't turned their TVs on that morning. You could spot those that had. I wanted to shout to the room that we were at war, that terrorists had done more damage than the Japanese did at Pearl Harbor, that nothing would be the same, probably ever. But I didn't.

We went on the train, sitting in the premium seats in the observation car. Again, I could tell who had turned their TVs on. There were 6 of us. When the "train robbers" came through, they chastised us for not laughing at their jokes. When we had lunch at the hotel at the canyon the radio was on, and slowly everyone on the train learned what was happening.

Much of the rest of the vacation was spent watching TV, learning of miraculous escapes, horrific tragedy, and unforgettable heroism. The vacation went on. There was no going home. Airplanes were grounded. Shopkeepers were sullen and rude at Tombstone. The food was terrible. I'm pretty sure 9-11 had nothing to do with either of those facts. The only bright spot was Hertz, and I've rented Hertz cars ever since. When we were finally allowed to fly home, Southwest Airlines treated us as if we were the terrorists. I began to lose my respect for Southwest then.

Since then most of the United States has forgotten. They're unhappy that water boarding was used on a couple of vicious terrorists. Water boarding is little more than hazing. Some of us remember what torture really is. Beheading people on video is torture. Blowing up women and children is torture. They want us to fight an "overseas contingency action" in a politically correct manner that is getting an excessive number of good young Americans killed. They consider Christians and Jews and veterans to be potential terrorists, ignoring the fact that all of the attacks have come from radical Muslims. I'm sure the good Muslims are horrified by what is being done in their name. Of course, in 8 years I haven't heard any good Muslims complaining about their brothers' actions.

God bless all of the American patriots lost on September 11th and all of those lost in the war on radical Muslims since then. And God bless their families and loved ones and all of the military families suffering through repeated tours of duty in hell. They deserve better. We deserve better. The terrorists deserve our best efforts to give them what they deserve, an eternity in hell.

September 10, 2009


Got a 5' length of 4" PVC pipe from Lowe's for storing the new mesh sunshade window covers (see Monday). It is significantly cooler here with them in place.

Still no energy. Ditto The Redhead. About typical for me at least.

September 9, 2009

Wednesday, 9-9-09 (6-6-6 upside down)

This picture came from the Michael Bane Blog:

"Those who hammer their guns into plows will plow for those who do not." ~Thomas Jefferson

Went to the Rio Grande Renegades Wednesday match. Good match. Still couldn't shoot a 4 stage match clean there. Close targets, simple scenarios. Some "left to right" and one "Lawrence Welk" sweep, but basically good, close, quick stages. I should have shot them all in the 20s but had little bobbles on the 2 clean ones and misses on the other two.

Too tired to do much else. Still recovering from the whatever flu.

Talked to Ralph at RV Repair in Moriarty. He can get a rebuilt unit here in time to put it in next Wednesday. Only marginally cheaper than a new unit, but available from stock somewhere. I told him to get it shipped, and we'd be there.

Still no answer from Camping World. This is why you should always get a second opinion, I suppose.

September 8, 2009


More RV Stuff Follows

Called 3 RV repair places about the refrigerator. One, Aloha RV, called back. The cooling unit is $1250, $75 shipping, $534.60 installation, total $1859.60. BUT Norcold says it's a special order unit, and they can't quote a delivery time until after they get the order!!!

Ralph at RV Repair, Moriarty, called back once while we were on the road and left a message saying he would call back again. That's the last we've heard.

Camping World said they would call back, but we haven't heard from them.

Went to the Apple Store for an appointment with the Genius Bar. .If you want to see a crowded bar, go to an Apple Store. That's crowded. You'd think they had free Margaritas served by topless super models. Our appointment was 1:45. We left after 4, but the computer has the latest upgrades installed and left cleaned. We bought an Klear cleaning kit. Would have bought a clear plastic case but they didn't have any. Ordered one from Speck, the manufacturer. Half price for the "old" model MacBook Pro.

The Redhead has the cold now, and I'm not quite done with it.

September 7, 2009

Monday-Labor Day

Still recuperating from the cold. Worked more on the MacBook Pro to no avail. Used the old MacBook for emails and internet. The Redhead packed the fridge with ice and made steaks for dinner to use them up. Couldn't call RV repair places, of course.


Had mesh shades installed on 4 front windows, windshield, left window, right window, and door. We had seen them being installed on another bus here and talked to the installers, About $500. They were done in an hour. Left an instruction sheet and gave us a lot of instructions for care, such as getting a 4" PVC pipe for storage. Roll them up, don't fold. Photos will follow.

September 6, 2009


RV Stuff Follows

The refrigerator started beeping. Code was FL. By the time we figured it out, the room was full of ammonia. The cooling unit had failed.

But, before that happened I worked on the computer for several hours, never being able to get the DVD out. I spent some hours on the internet on the old MacBook looking for an instruction on how to do that when you can't get the computer to boot up. Nada. No, there's no place to stick a pin like your Dell. Gave up eventually.

Before that, I decided not to go to the Buffalo Range Riders match. The cold is in full force.

September 5, 2009


Too sick to go to Magdalena. Took drugs and vegetated. I did decide to stop putting off Software Update and let it install several programs, including Mac 10.5.8. After 5 hours I realized I had a problem. No way to do a restart. Result. Computer without a system. No problem, I can install an older system via DVD then upgrade again. But first, check to see if anything's wrong with the computer. Put in the Tech-Tools Pro DVD and let it work all night.

September 4, 2009


The Weekend from Hell Begins

Got guns ready for 2 matches this weekend. Then realized I was getting a cold.

September 3, 2009


Worked in the garage.

September 2, 2009


Went to the Renegades practice session. A group of club members were working on the sets at the second berm. Being a loyal member I practiced, staying out of their way and keeping their liability insurance down by staying away from power tools, paint brushes, and ladders.

Good practice session. Beats sitting in waiting rooms.

The Mag-Tech small pistol primers arrived. Maybe they're not a myth after all. If you want them, they're only $200/1000.

There, that'll stop the usual suspects from trying to buy some from me. Of course, after I've made up a batch and tried shooting them, they might be cheaper... or not.

September 1, 2009


VA appointment at 1100. The Redhead dropped me off at 1030 and started looking for a parking place. At 1130 she called me to tell me she was driving around until I got out. But she did find a parking place and come in just before I finished. I scheduled next appointment for 0900.

When we got back I worked in the garage on the gun cart. The tires, you'll remember, were coming off the wheels, so I put 6 cable ties on each wheel around the tires to hold them on. One tire had 2 left. All had lost some, worn off. But, more ominously, the front wheels had developed negative camber. Checking this out I discovered the axle was bent in the middle. It'd take too long to explain the problem. Suffice to say I needed to make a new front axle. The axle is a 1/2" dia. tube. Inside is a 3/8" dia. threaded rod with nuts on the end to hold everything in place. 1/2" fender washers and nylon spacers are used to place the wheels the correct distance out from the sides of the cart.

It should be noted that a 1/2" diameter steel tube is bigger than 1/2", and the bushings on the wheels are exactly 1/2" i. d. This required some work.