Journal of a Gypsy Cowboy

formerly Curt's Fulltime RV Journal

September 2007


September 30, 2007

TSRA Posse 3

Catching up:

It's been a busy month, and to complicate matters, the ulnar nerve problem in the left arm along with pain in one leg when I sit too long has meant that I've had to allocate computer time to higher priorities.

We went to Brookshire after the BP match for 2 weeks to get the annual on the bus ($800+ and 2 days, plus another visit when they get the parts in). I saw all my civilian doctors and tried in vain to get to a VA doctor. So far I've seen a PA and a nurse practitioner and allegedly got some of my prescriptions on the way via mail. I have another appointment with a nurse practitioner and have asked for appointments with 2 specialists. We'll see. I'm keeping the COBRA for a while.

Additionally we got all of the pets annual checkups. Emerald, 12, has chronic kidney failure. More tests, etc. will be done when we return. The others are fine.

Errands kept us busy, but at least we got to see 3:10 to Yuma. Llked it.

Went to the Tejas Pistoleros match. 32 on Saturday and only one posse on Sunday. Doesn't sound good. Too many clubs in Houston.

Went to Fort Parker for the TSRA State Championship. Not my best shoot, but a good match. Had a bunch of people over for Margaritas 2 nights in a row.

We'll see if I can write more in October.

September 14-16, 2007


Powder Blast, the Southwestern Territorial Black Powder Shootoff. Since they asked me to write about it for the Cowboy Chronicle, I'll save the article for them. Great event. Bluebonnet Belle owes me photos for the article. If/when she sends me any I'll post them here.

September 11-13, 2007


Mostly spent it practicing in the difficult (for BP shooters) conditions at Oakwood. Went to Gander Mountain in Corsicana for some "stuff," most of which they didn't have. They were, however, in the same center as the Collins Street Bakery, which has been in business sinve 1896. They're famous for their fruitcakes, but they do good lunches, too.

September 8-10, 2007


The local match of the Oakwood Outlaws is always a good one. They have 3 days of shooting. The biggest crowd is Saturday. By Monday it was down to 9. I was working on managing the smoke. Considerably faster Monday than Sat and Sun.

Sunday night we went to dinner with Omaha John and his wife and met Texas Paladin and Scrounger at the Mexican Restaurant by luck. It was great to get good Mexican food again after so much mediocre stuff in New Mexico and Wyoming. The picante sauce was not too hot. I've never been to a Mexican restaurant that couldn't come up with hotter sauce if you asked. But the New Mexican ones couldn't come up with mild even when it was costing them future busines.

September 5-7, 2007


Practiced each morning. The terrain here is horrific for black powder. The trees, the eastern facing, and the low terrain make the smoke just hang. I can't match any of the times I was getting at Badlands, for example.

Friday night we went to dinner at a steakhouse in Palestine with the shooters who had gotten here for the weekend's monthly shoot, Juata Hand and Texas Alline, Jericho Walls, Gunslinger, and Omaha John and his wife.

September 4, 2007


Took the ML to Star to get the suspension fixed. I expected it to be there overnight, but Steve Downey called before noon to say it was fixed. (Airmatic compressor replaced).

September 3, 2007

Labor Day

I'm reminded that when I was working, I would get a whole 2 day weekend off for Labor Day. I used this for a lot of vacation weeks as a result. I never could figure out why we closed on Labor Day and stayed open on Memorial Day. Of course recently most car dealers just stay open both days. That's just another reason to stay out of the car biz. The people who run the stores are idiots. In areas where all of the stores are open reasonable areas cars still get sold.

Yesterday when we asked Sarah, the nice lady who runs Old Fort Parker, where we could buy propane. She said the dealer would be closed on Labor Day then called him. He agreed to meet us at the store at 0900 this morning.

Getting the big rig in and out was a serious pain in the tail, but with a lot of ground guiding, and eventually with him moving a dumpster with a skid loader, we got in and out.

Then we went to Oakwood and backed into a spot. We've learned one trick on areas we're unsure of, to check level before putting the jacks down. This spot goes downhil toward the front, and a couple of 2 x 8s cured that. Then it was still out of spec left to right, requiring another 2 x 8. Now everything's within 1° of level. This is important because the @#%!% refrigerator is kind of picky, and when it shuts down it's expensive.

September 1-2, 2007

Saturday and Sunday

Noah Gonatellya sent these pictures fom Ft. Parker. I don't remember anyone standing out there in the 170° area, so I assume he used a remote camera. Noah Gonatellya took this shot of me at Ft. Parker.

Close up of the ROA as it fired

A blowup of the Ruger Old Army shows fire coming out of the barrel as well as the smoke from the cylinder gap. This is timing you just can't get, even with a motor drive. Very impressive.

Shooting the rifle

Good shot of the rifle. The wide angle lense makes the short rifle look like it has a 30" barrel instead of 18.5"re

Stayed and shot at Old Fort Parker. 22 contestants Saturday, 27 Sunday. Shooting in Texas is like shooting with a super squad at EOT. In this case seven or eight people on the posse were shooting in the 20s, and 3 or 4 of them were shooting in the teens. Big, close targets, all movement was left to right. Target order got tricky sometimes, but nothing outrageous. The Saturday stages were completely different from the Sunday stages.

Old Fort Parker hosted a wedding Saturday night, complete with a Mariachi band, Spanish Polka music, and fireworks. They partied later than we did, for sure.

Very hot, and the RV hookups here have 30 amps only. The posts are fairly distant, so I had to use the 30 Amp extension for the bus, and the trailer had to be hooked up to 20 amps. This 20 amp supply wasn't enough to keep the trailer AC going with anything else, such as lights. Popped the breaker several times. 30 amps isn't enough for the bus on a hot day, either. The refrigerator switches to propane, which makes it not cold enough to keep the ice cream hard, for example. Using the microwave shuts off the one AC. We can't run them both at the same time. Sarah, the park lady, had requested 50 amp hookups from the first, but the people controling the money got cheap. Too bad. We would be more likely to spend more time here if they had 50 amp service.

Goody drove here on a Triumph motorcycle, his guns in the saddlebags and such. He doesn't shoot black, obviously.

I noted that none of these people are going to Oakwood for Powder Blast, not even the BP shooters. Strange. Ditto from Badlands Bar-3. Are all of these guys afraid of black powder?