September 2015 Journal

August 16-30, 2015

Spent a while installing the latest version Pressure Pro Pulse tire pressure monitor in the bus. Each tire of the bus and trailer are monitored for pressure and temperature, with all kinds of warnings. We've had their monitors from the first. This is 3rd generation. With the trailer tire problems we had (pre 16" wheels and Michelins), they have saved us much grief.

New shooting glasses. Wiley X, prescription, yellow, anti-glare anti-scratch, thick polycarbonate. I've been using Wiley X for a few years. Wild Horse John Manley and Don Ormand (Tex) recommended the yellow. The left (dominant) prescription is for focusing on the front sight. (Yes, bringing the '73 into the VA eye clinic was difficult)*. It's the same as the middle of my tri-focals. The right is distance. Works very well. Still need to switch to my trip-focals for reading fine print, I haven't discovered any downside to the yellow color. Contrast is good, and it lets in almost as much as clear. If you're getting your eye doctor to write you a prescription, make sure you get them to put the P.D. on it. Otherwise you won't be able to order them online. There are optical shops that sell Wiley X in ABQ, but the ones I visited were more expensive than I could find online with military ID and only have a limited selection. I avoided the ones with separate clip in prescription lenses because they're heavier and more difficult to clean.

*Just kidding. Measure the distance at home. If you can get the front sight very sharp and still get the rear sight clearly you're at the right distance.

We put four 16" wheels and Michelin tires on the shop/trailer a while back. I finally got around to replacing the 15" wheel/Chinese tire spare with a 16"/Michelin. It deserved an appropriate tire cover.

After problems with Mr. Car Wash we found The Rain Tunnel Car Spa, about half the price, and, unlike Mr. Car Wash, they clean cars there.

August 1-15, 2015

August 13—At 0430 this morning Angelique discovered a new and noisy kitty toy capable of waking both The Redhead and me, a 105 gr bullet. She was quite pleased with it and recommends it to other cats.

Chickaroo embroidered this stool cushin cover. Very easy to install:

What's wrong with this picture?

From my memories on Facebook, August 4, 2014, Angelique killed my Apple mouse. She seems very pleased with herself:

If you use a Rugged Gear Guncart, an FYI: You can get 150 .38 Special cartridges in a shot shell box, which is what fits in the pouches in the cart. Makes a good number for the average 6 stage match. You'll have some spares.

Red polycoated bullets used to distinguish smokeless (Trail Boss) loads from APP (BP) loads. Smokeless loads produced for Huntsman Senior Games in Oct.