Black Powder Smoke Standard Ammunition Test
Location; Founders Ranch
Date: 8/22/2011
Ammo Maker, Operator: Captain George Baylor
Judges: Shirley Shooter, Shaky Shooter
Conditions: 75-80°F, 0-5 mph wind, humid, just after rain
Procedure: Load Smoke Standard and test round alternately in Ruger NM Vaquero, 4-3/4" barrel, .38 Spcl.
Judges did not know which round was smoke standard, and which was test.
Fire rounds alternately. Judges were told to choose which round smoked more, or if they were the same.
Test was repeated until consensus developed.
One Judge stood approximately 6 feet behind shooter, the other 5 ft. to left of shooter and 6 ft. to rear

  Volume Bullet Bullet      
Powder CC Gr. Lube Filler Pass/Fail Remarks
APP 3F 1.0 105 Smokeless   Pass more smoke
APP 3F 0.7 105 Smokeless   Pass  
APP 3f 0.5 105 Smokeless   Fail  
Pyrodex P 1.0 105 Smokeless   Pass darker smoke
Pyrodex P 0.7 105 Smokeless CBR Fail  
777 2F 1.0 105 Smokeless   Pass  
777 2F 0.7 105 Smokeless CBR Fail  
Goex Express 3F 1.0 147 SPG   Pass more smoke
Swiss 3F 1.0 147 SPG   Pass more smoke
Elephant 2F 1.0 147 SPG   Fail  
Cowboy 1.0 147 SPG   Fail

Old Std

CBR= Caulk Backer Rod filler-does not increase smoke as some fillers do.

Volume was standardized to CCs because of variations in density of powders. Lee dippers were used.

Due to the subjectivity of the test, the inability to calibrate absolutely, and the variations due to weather, light, and conditions, no guarantees are offered or implied that any marginal load (the one below which failure occurred) will pass at any given time. Do not extrapolate data and apply it to similar but not exactly the same powders. For example, Swiss 3F passes with 1.0 CC in the test load. Swiss 2F might or might not pass. if in doubt, increase minimum passing loads by 10-15% margin.