"Heaven and Hell,"

Ruger Old Armies

engraved by

Aspen Filly

Last year I asked Aspen Filly to put my SASS number on the bottom of the grip frames and my alias on the left side of the barrel to replace the owner's manual that had mysteriously disappeared. Then I asked her to put a MACV emblem on the top of the grip frame. Then I let her go hog wild. I wanted something unique. I showed her some trinkets and momentos from my misspent youth, and she did the rest.

She used the star and V device from a Bronze Star. The laurel wreath is from the Combat Infantry Badge

Purple Heart

Air Medal

Palm leaves from a Vietnamese Gallantry Cross, and another star. The shield at the top is the MACV crest



On the right side of the barrels she put a statement every combat soldier knows:


Hence the left gun is "Heaven," and the right one is "Hell"


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