August 2015 Journal

July 16-31, 2015

Winchester has a $2/box rebate, maximum rebate $100, so very likely everyone who shoots Winchester Featherlites has done this 50 times, assuming you could find them. I hadn't seen any in a while, and hadn't used them in Wild Bunch. They work fine, and the lack of recoil does speed up the process of emptying the '97.

Yes, smokeless. There is method in my madness. I may need some smokeless soon.

David Johnson posted this photo, exact time period not given, to illustrate the variety of hats in the 19th century. From Boss of the Plains and derbies to porkpies, fedoras, a federali, a hamburg, straw boaters, random dents, and caps, there is a variety there.

Tex got this shot of me during Winter Range Wild Bunch. Trigger finger on mag release. The magazine has fallen free.

Night patrol

Gargantuan chronograph session for a Chronicle column. Several smokeless loads, Bone Orchard ammunition, and Tin Star powder

I hate it when that happens

Bone Orchard .45 ACP

Yards and yards of data. If I've counted correctly, 54 strings of 5 rounds for a total of 270 rounds.

Dirty brass from the session

Chronograph Session 7-29-15

July 1-15 , 2015

Somewhere under the rainbow(s)

Very busy after EOT, too busy to do much here. Because the Cowboy Chronicle is going to be in real dead tree paper 4 times a year that means the End Of Trail article will be in it, which gives me a little more time to get the article written. Additionally the column needs to be "special," so extra work is needed there. There are still CCs every month, so I'm spending most of my "spare" time working on several articles.

Several people have been offended by the Confederate Battle Flag. We call these people idiots. I hope they're all offended by these flags.

The one, the only Fannie Kickinshoot

Jo Crigger Robinson

I'll have another Diet Coke, bartender.

Reserved Veteran Parking at Home Depot