July 2015 Journal

June 19-28, 3015 End Of Trail

June 28, 2015 Sunday Awards

Lorrie of Quigley Photography took the winners' photographs from this ladder, saving a lot of time. The category winners didn't have to go outside and get back into the correct order and get their pictures taken

Though she won't have it until we can get to Billy Boots' shop (Texas resident), The Redhead won a Cimarron 1911 in the poker game. THANKS CIMARRON!

Luxury RV at EOT


This was the brass and hulls that I shot at EOT

June 25-27, 2015 EOT Main Match

You don't want to wear this shirt, do you?

Shooting Costume Contest

An entry in the best guncart contest

SASS Staff

Sirroco Roma as the Sharon Stone character in "The Quick and the Dead". Yes, her cross-draw holster is illegal at 45°. Yes, I didn't notice either until I was working on this page. I would suggest that this picture replace mine in the ROI PowerPoint presentaion in the "illegal" page, but then no man in the audience would see anything else for 10 minutes or so.

Soiled Doves

Parlor House Madams


My best shooting costume contest entry photographed by Lorrie at Mr. Quigley Photrography

Another photographer, with duster

Trigger Happy Ted's RV

This is my distant cousin Tigger. What have you done to her?

This year Trail Mix was given out on the range by Hipshot, SASS 7

Richochet Roy's Leather

Ricochet Roy's Leather

Blue Fox Dandy had a good time

River Crossing


Jax Leather

Major Photography

They're Texans.

Bond Arms

The Cloak Drummer

Buckaroo Bobbins

River Crossing

SASS Mercantile

Taylor's & Co.

Taylor's was always busy

Jim Downing, the Gun Engraver

Shamrock Sadie and her lipstick holder

Official Merchandise


Mama Bee's

Holy Smoke


Sky's--always busy


Kettle Corn


Colorado Mountain Hats had the custom hat business to themselves

Kelly Laster

Hearing protection and knives

Bone Orchard Ammunition—Nice fplks. I've done a test on their .38 Special, .45 Colt, and .45 ACP for the Cowboy Chronicle. It's high quality stuff, suitable for main match and Wild Bunch

I think this is Wild West Arts

The Aussies get tintypes taken in their finery. They wanted a tintype of them mooning main street, but the photographer wouldn't go for it. *Gustavo Castilla
Cell 505 469 8341

Bullets and Bling

Slick McClade's Slick Magic

The Cows Hide


The Old Pine Box

Really beautiful work, no nails or screws

Mr. Quigley Photography

Buffalo Soldiers recruiting


Mernickle Holsters had this in their tent

A story about Bob Mernickle. Lead Ringer and Miss Behavin's truck was broken into at a hotel, and their leather gear was stolen. It was brand new Mernickle leather. They ran into the Mernickle tent needing leather gear RIGHT NOW! He fitted them both with rigs on hand and promised to replace them with new HP rigs to be custom made later. No Charge. Lead Ringer was 7th overall with the new leather gear

Tiny puppy visiting Cowboy Shooters Supply


I believe this is a new category in Mounted Shooting


Victorian Tea Room

blurred photo of my 8th Texas Cavalry uniform from the Best Dressed Costume contest Saturday night

June 24, 2015 EOT Plainsman Match

3 Aussies, one Texan at the EOT Plainsman. Charlie Hart, Aussie Drover, and Mulga Bill. Thanks to Gawd Awful for providing guns and ammo for Bill and Drover.

Shot Z Lady, second Ladies Plainsman

June 23, 2015 EOT Warm Up Match

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Pretty good day at EOT. Shot warm up. Set up a couple of Aussies for tomorrow's Plainsman match. Went to the ACSA party and saw old and new friends. Ended the evening with The Redhead sipping 30 year old Scotch left in my gun cart by a friend.

The new stage, the Jersey Lilly. Main Match warm up

Panhandle Cowgirl

Panhandle Cowgirl

Diamond Kate. She was on my posse in 2012 at her first EOT, buckarette, and look at her now.


June 20-22,2015 EOT Wild Bunch Match

Wild Bunch Safety Meeting, Happy Jack and Texas Jack Morales

Boggus Deal shooting Wild Bunch very well. Half-a-Hand Henry timing.

New vendor/Sponsor Born Orchard Ammunition. I have some for a future test

June 19-6th confirmed kill, June 20-7th confirmed kill, June 21-probable


The second and third place awards for the Poker Tournament, courtesy of Redwing Knives


June 19, 2015

Wild Bunch Warm Up, June 19th

Camp Baylor Square


June 18, 2015

Awoke this morning to a lot of meowing. Turns out Angelique is now an ace. She got her 5th mouse.


WBAS RO Class taught by Legendary Lawman and Serenity

Test time

Class started at 0900. I got back to the bus at 1630. Excellent, detailed class using a PowerPoint presentation with narration. This saved the voice of the instructor.

June 17, 2015

0700-Went to VA and got new hearing aids. Best yet. I raved about the new system, and The Redhead said, "What kind is it?"

"About 8 o'clock."

Then we moved the bus, trailer, and Jeep to Founders Ranch.


Arrived at Founders Ranch

Forward element has secured Camp Baylor HQ site. On Left Trigger Happy Ted's MH. Camp Baylor on right. Room for Dan Diamond, Larsen E. Pettifogger, and Wild Horse John

Panoramic View Row 5

View of End Of Trail Town below

Bob Mernickle and friends entertained 4-9:30 PM

Distaff side


June 16. 2015

Took the shades off the windshield and side windows and cleaned the windshield, did several other pre-move prep items. The Redhead worked on it for several hours, too. VA at 0700 tomorrow, then move to Founders Ranch--hopefully.

Tex had a couple of pictures of me from Winter Range

1887 Texas Ranger striped shirt by Waddie Wear

Caught in mid reload. Trigger finger is on mag release.

June 15, 2015

The shop trailer is ready to move to Founders Ranch.

June 14, 2015

Went to Founders Ranch and marked the parking spots for the usual suspects who surround Camp Baylor and drink our Margaritas. The Mernickles were there already(!) We'll have 5 RVs, 4 in a square and a flank guard to protect us from the Shanley's gang to our north.

Speaking of the Mernickle's, Bob has designed another revolutionary rig. It looks a lot like a normal rig until you see and feel the subtleties involved. Drawing the weak-side pistol is facilitated, and reholstering both guns is facilitated. Everything is the first quality you expect from Mernickle.

Bob spent $80,000 on a computerized leather cutting machine that has CAD features and cuts the leather, marks stitches, and punches holes. It speeds up production so much that Bob had to hire more people to handle the output. I don't know if any other CAS leathermaker has such an operation, but if you do, I want to know about it. I'll publicize it, too.

Ask Bob to show you the new rig at EOT. Unfortunately he only has one, the prototype, with him. I tried to get it away from him to no avail.

June 1-13, 2015

Still behind the curve

Got the August Dispatches off to the editor. Loaded 1,200,241 rounds of every caliber known to man, or at least it felt like it. All guns cleaned, packed, and ready to move to Founders Ranch.

A note about using a sonic cleaner and APP Premium on the Ruger Old Armies. I've learned to completely disassemble the guns before a main match to get into the hand slot (pawl slot?) and trigger slot to get gunk out. But I've switched to APP Premium compressed with 1/4" thick Circle Fly wads, and I use the sonic cleaner often--not every cleaning, but often. This time I disassembled, and there was nothing to remove. I oiled thoroughly, always a necessity with Sonic cleaning, and reassembled.

Our new RV Rig

wallpaper--I've received complaints about my choice of wallpaper being unsuitable for some of the audience. This one should be G-rated. This is Annie Laura George Priest in 1910 shooting cowgirl.