July 2014 Journal

END OF TRAIL 2014—Special Section

June 18, 2014

Order out of chaos, well, more or less:

Shop trailer ready to go to Founders Ranch tomorrow

June 17, 2014

Bob Mernickle's Harley

Bob's Harley is covered in images of naked/semi-nude/scantily clad women. I've put pictures of it on a separate page. If nipples offend you, don't go there. If you do go there, don't complain to me.

Bob Mernickle's Harley

Founders Ranch

Wild Horse John and I went to Founders Ranch to mark off spots for the 4 RVs of our "Square" and 1 flank guard, Trigger Happy Ted.

John did most of the hard labor because I discovered the 42 lb. sledgehammer used to put in the stakes for the tape was too much for my left arm. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

The Mernickles will guard the right flank. They're already set up!

John made sure everyone would know this is CAMP BAYLOR. Before you bitch, we're putting 5 RVs into 4 spaces because of the "square". There's plenty of room left for your rig.

June 16, 2014

The garage is almost ready to move.

June 15, 2014, Sunday

Went to the RGR Wild Bunch match with Wild Horse John. Big turnout. Wonder why?

Wild Horse John

June 14, 2014, Saturday

The Redhead on her way to poker at Sandia

A gift from John and Anna

We had dinner with John and Anna at Thunder Road. Excellent.

June 10-13, 2014

The Redhead answered the phone when Verizon called offering her an iPhone 5S for $99. So we went to Verizon and bought it, discovering that they offer a military discount on the monthly bill, pretty significant. A VA card will get you the discount.

Finally the REMFs have their own patch. Some vets will get this.

The 2nd Wednesday RGR match was shut down by a sandstorm. No kidding, no exaggeration.

Evidence. The gun cart looked like this. Unfortunately, so did the newly detailed interior of the Jeep. When I took it back Friday for a wash the manager said they'd taken half the state of New Mexico out of the interior.

On Thursday John and Anna Manley arrived and got the spot next to us. (Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue.) He's working on set up at Founders Ranch. We had breakfast at the Cracker Barrel on Friday morning. In the afternoon I finished cleaning the main match guns and the ROAs (still used in Plainsman). Put a lot of things away in the trailer, getting ready to move. Takes a while to make order out of chaos.


June 7-9, 2014

Sunday shot the last match at Founders Ranch before EOT, in FCD. One miss. Almost as slow as FT, but the pistols are easier.

Monday made 1200 rounds. The last 500 being "Major Match" ammunition, new Starline cases, Federal Premium primers. Checked every round for upside down primers. None found. It can be done using a RF100.

June 6. 2014

Got up at 0430 deciding to switch to FCD for EOT. Switched hammers on my Vaqueros from stock to Super Blackhawk. When I got them they had Super Blackhawk, and shooting two handed I would short-stroke with those, so I switched to the high hammers. They were also closer to the hammers in the ROAs. But shooting duelist the lower hammers are easier on my arthritic thumb. This is a job that should take 15 minutes a side. It took a lot longer for the first one, 15 minutes for the second one. I don't do it every day.

Then went to Founders Ranch and practiced with Black Diamond. We were shooting Plainsman stages, even though I was using the Vaqueros.

APP Premium Grade

The first batch of the new APP Premium Grade arrived today

In fact, 48 bottles in all arrived, not all Premium grade. I now have some of all of the versions APP makes for a comparative test in the future (AFTER EOT)

June 2-5. 2014

Frankford Arsenal Platinum Rotary Tumbler
Don't let the name fool you. I couldn't find any platinum. I thought that was too good to be true for the price.

I've been trying to get my lead levels down, and the last checkup still showed elevated levels. My shooting is outdoors, and when handling lead I wear nitrile gloves. Using a normal vibratory tumbler results in a lot of dust in the air, and there's no way to improve ventilation in the mobile shop. I use a respirator when dealing with media, but that doesn't eliminate residual dust. So I decided to try a rotary tumbler and stainless pins media.

This seemed to bet the best design of the rotary tumblers out so far. (The CED tumbler brochure arrived after I ordered and looks good, but it is a lot more money.)

This is what's in the package, the tumbler and two sifter ends, a bag of stainless steel media pins, a bag of Frankford Ultrasonic Brass cleaner, and instructions. What was missing was the extra-cost but necessary Frankfort Arsenal Media Magnet. It's still back ordered. The tumbler arrived Friday afternoon late, and after reading and re-reading the instructions several times I came to the conclusion that if I cleaned brass without having a magnet, I would end up with a 5 gallon bucket (which I had--if you don't, get one when you order your tumbler--absolutely necessary) with dirty water and stainless media in it and no way to get the media out easily.

This was the temporary solution until the Frankford Arsenal Media Magnet arrives. It's a big Pick-Up magnet from Harbor Freight. It has a release handle so you can pick up the stainless media and then drop it where desired.

The tumbler comes with a timer built-in. I don't know of any vibratory tumblers with a timer.

This was my "test" brass, black powder brass that had sat with no pre-soaking in anything.

The cleaner that comes with it works very well. I'm trying other additives because I can't get this locally and don't want to pay freight.

put the tumbler in this big plastic tub in case it leaks, a possibility if the end caps are loose ore the seals dirty. It has not leaked.

Brass after 3 hours cleaning. Rinsing is kinda complicated and no fun when you don't have running water and a sink in your shop, but I figured it out.

Drying the brass is another task you don't have with vibratory tumblers. They tell you to lay it out like this and roll the brass frequently. Right. Tests showed it didn't dry in 24 hours this way.


But putting it outside in Albuquerque in June dried it in 15 minutes.

Cleaner, shinier brass than with vibratory tumbler and NO DUST!!! I'll continue using this method.

Practiced at the Founders Ranch public Range Wed, 6-4, and Thurs, 6-5. Some Plainsman rifle, some main match rifle, with a lot of rifle reloads, some main match pistol.

June 1, 2014

The Pietta Building has been repainted

Cowboy Coffee Saloon will be to the left, along with the Lost & Found and the Announcer's Booth