July 2012 Journal

This month's wallpaper

The Cowgirl In Black is one of a series of photos sent to me. Thus I don't know the original source. One was used last year. This is probably the last from the series I can use here. I'm running out of cowgirl photos appropriate for wallpaper.

June 30. 2012, Saturday

Seen at the RV Park:

Perfectly restored 1948 Chevy convertiple. If you came home from WWII and wanted a new car, this was your dream car. You probably had to stand in line to buy it because Detroit was still catching up after the war

It has every option, I believe. I was only 2 when it hit the showroom in late '47, so I could be wrong.

Yep, every option.

The license plate frame says, "Driving Topless"

Went to the RGR match. Excellent match. Very hot, up to 100°F. Reminded me of spring in Houston but with less humidity.

June 29, 2012, Friday

Cleaned out the car, vacumming, using 303 Protectant on all of the vinyl and Lexol on the leather, lots of scrubbing, basic interior detailing. It's probably 20 lb. lighter with the dust and dirt from Founders Ranch removed. The milk smell is almost gone. I did use the air freshener packet that comes with the Octopus car wash. Usually I don't. I've used everything I have. That and time seem to be working. The Stinky Be Gone (Griot's Garage) is still inside. I put it out in the sun to rejuvinate it every few days.

Then it was time to get guns ready for the weekend's matches. Thorough cleaning on all the match guns, emptying and repacking the gun cart, the ussual after a big match.

June 28, 2012, Thursday

Went to breakfast at the Cracker Barrel and saw Hipshot and wife pulling in as we left. They're going to Sedona for a few days to decompress. He was doing hard, manual labor at Founders Ranch for a month and really transformed the place. The newly painted buildings, the new sets, and the chapel really make the place look sharp.

Then got the Jeep washed and UPSed and mailed. The old Frozen Concoction Maker went UPS. The electronic ear protectors went Priority Mail to SportEARS. Then back to the VA for the blood test. The lady was ready for me, and it took less than 15 minutes.

Spent the rest of the day working on the EOT Journal. Too hot to work in the garage.

June 27, Wednesday

Went to the VA. Naturally the ENT department said my appointment was cancelled. Eventually we fought our way through the overwhelming line of bureaucrats and reached the nurse who had called me. Then we waited for the doctor. When he got there he prescribed a heavier, longer dose of Prednisone. If he hadn't cancelled last week, I would already be on it. If I hadn't fought the change to July 9, it would be even later. I wonder how many deaf veterans we have just because of the inadequacy of the system. The doctor and his nurse are great, but he's the ONLY ENT at the Albuquerque VA, and he works there part time.

He also ordered a blood test that is very rare. When I got to the lab, the lady, after figuring it out and doing the extra computer and paper work to get it to work, discovered that it required overnight shipping, and the courier had already left. So I have to go back tomorrow. The pharmacy added half an hour or so to my visit to get the Prednisone, about like Walgreens or Walmart but with more security.

June 26, Tuesday

The Shop Vac wasn't cleaning well. Checked the filter. Looks like it might need changing:

I just don't understand it. The filter was only 5 years old. Lousy, cheap junk...

So a visit to Lowe's was in order. Also picked up some priority mail boxes for stuff I have to ship.

June 25, 2012, Monday

The Jeep had started smelling bad, and when I cleaned it out Sunday afternoon, I discovered a quart of milk under the back seat. I spent a lot of time cleaning that up. Fortunately it's a Jeep, simple carpet, no padding underneath to soak up the odor, and it's all accessible. Lots of vacuuming, hair dryer, all the baking soda we had. This morning more of the same an a heavy duty carpet deodorizer The Redhead had. This will continue for some days, I'm sure.

Moved the bus back to Enchanted Trails. Good to get power and water again. My #2 CodyMatic '73 was waiting for me. I asked the lady at the desk when it had arrived. She said it came just after we left. Figures. Anyway, it's fixed now. New carrier, new style bolt, and re-installed lever safety, the latter two at my request. I had sent the new bolt. The old one was working fine, but the new one is safer. The Redhead's replacement Frozen Concoction Maker was there, too.

The ENT doctor's nurse at the VA called and tried to change the appointment AGAIN. Eventually she told me to come on in tomorrow, and he would see me after he finished surgery.

June 16-24, 2012, End Of Trail

June 15, 2012, Friday

End Of Trail starts tomorrow

We're set up. Margaritas will be served. Remember, Frontiersmen get Special "Time Machine" Margaritas, no extra charge

June 14, 2012, Thursday

Seen at Sears earlier this week:

Silver Heart, your tool cart is ready. I looked this up online. They have several pink tool carts. About them they say, "...has many possible uses: tool or jewelry box, make-up case, craft supplies, kitchen storage, hair or nail supplies, gardening supplies, or car accessories!" Whew. I was worried they were promoting them for Father's Day

Got the trailer ready to move and cleaned the Wild Bunch guns. The Redhead did a whole bunch of things, filling the fresh water tank, rinsing the black tank, emptying same and the grey tank, putting new salt in the water softener (which is an involved process including back flushing and standing on your head chanting).

Sent in the 0812 and 0912 columns. Need to be ahead since I'll be working on the EOT article.

June 13, 2012, Wednesday

Pecos Clyde sent this photo of an out of the ordinary Walmart shopper:

Ranger Dave has been shooting black powder and asked me several questions along the way. This was at the end of his most recent communication. "By the way, I don't know if I mentioned this, but your writings on CAS are what I studied very heavily before I ever bought my first piece of CAS clothing or firearms. You've never steered me wrong yet. Thanks for all you do."

You're welcome, Dave. That's why I do it, to get more people into the sport. But I've gotta stop writing about Frontiersman. Most of the people who beat me credit "Frontiersman for Dummies" for their guns working through an event.

Went to the RGR 2nd Wed match. Pepper Jack wrote the stages. All great stages. I shot clean, 5 stages under 30, the other 32. Would that I could do that at EOT.

June 12, 2012, Tuesday

Took the bus to a body shop to repair the door to the battery compartment. It had come partly off its hinges and pulled a trim piece off when opened the last time. 2 hrs, $300, actually done by 1000, which was good as we had run out of errands. We had all 3 pets in the Jeep. The cats, in one carrier, did not like corners. The hissing and growling was intense.

Got a message on Facebook from Scott Enderle telling me it was Danny Sullivan that spun at Indy and won (1985). I'd said Rick Mears, but I'm working on memory. Jimmy Clark did it first, then Sullivan, then Al Unser, Jr. Amazing feats. I'll put Dario Franchitti's amazing run from last to 3rd in one tank and going on to win right up there with it. He probably qualifies as the only Indy winner married to someone who played Marilyn Monroe in a movie, complete with duplications of the Playboy photo series. That's the end of the Indy trivia for the day. You can look up the movie for yourself.

I realized on Monday that I had enough .45 ACP match ammo to shoot EOT with only about 70 rounds extra. So today I made a couple of hundred more. Bad ammo is the biggest equipment problem for WB shooters, usually oversized, sometimes underpowered. I've settled on 4.0 gr. WST and 230 gr. LRN bullets. OAL is adjusted so the case mouth is at the edge of the little ridge on the bullet. This allows the round to headspace on the case mouth. I put in a little taper crimp, enough to insure feeding, but not so far that it won't headspace on the case mouth. If that happens, it'll headspace on the extractor. My IPSC match ammo, back in the day of the 200 gr. LSWC H & G 68 bullet, had so much taper crimp that it headspaced on the extractor. Everybody I knew then did it that way. One of my guns, in a Ransom Rest, did 2" groups at 50 yards, so I don't think it hurt accuracy as much as it should in theory. But for WB, the 230 gr. bullet seems to be the way to go. We have "difficult" knockdowns, and the RN bullet will feed in non-throated guns.

Speaking of that, I've been surprised to encounter 2 high-quality guns that left the factory without throated barrels, a Colt Series 70, and a Springfield Mil-Spec. If you're using RN bullets that are really round nosed, it doesn't matter, but I'd get either gun throated. Any good 1911 gunsmith will have a throat reamer. Back when the earth was flat, I remember doing it with a Dremel and not destroying the barrel, so, clearly, it isn't hard. Still, I'd find someone with the reamer today.

We noted Sunday that EVERYTHING affects the velocity of your rounds. Tex made some rounds with Desperado bullets. Desperado bullets are softer than most, meaning nearly all lead. He usually got a PF of 168 with hard lead bullets. At a major match he chronoed a 152. No changes.

I just received some Bang & Clang bullets for a test. They're softer than some, which is good for most SASS applications. They weighed from 235.3 to 238.7, which indicates more lead than normal for that mold. I suppose I could claim 235 as the bullet weight when they're chronoed at a match. I'm keeping them separate so I can chrono them later to see how they compare to the S n S bullets I used before.

Anyway, as for the comment "everything affects the velocity," if you seat the bullets deeper or shallower it affects velocity. Magnum vs. regular primers can make a difference. The volume of your chamber will make a difference. You want a "big" chamber so that all your ammo will work, but "bullseye" barrels have tight chambers. My nearly 30 year old Wilson Combat Colt has a Bar-Sto barrel, known to have a tight chamber, but, before it got to me, a chamber reamer was obviously used, and it feeds garbage ammo about as well as Federal Match. So, with all those variables, pick a recipe that works and don't change it. And, since the trend is to chrono ammo on a match-supplied gun and only using yours if it fails, don't count on a tight chamber to make marginal ammo acceptable. The guys who know more than I do seem to like a target PF of 170. Then you have a lot of leeway for passing, and you probably can't tell the difference in the heat of battle.

June 11, 2012, Monday

Went to work in the garage, getting it ready to move to Founders Ranch.

June 10, 2012, Sunday

From Wild Horse John:


Saginaw Sue won the Ladies Silver Screen costume contest at the Wyoming State Championship in the Joann Drue outfit from "She Wore A Yellow Ribbon"

Wild Bunch match at Founders Ranch. Tex had set up a chrono. My .45 Colt load, 5.4 gr. Clays, 200 gr. LRNFP:

.45 ACP load, 4.0 gr. WST, 230 gr. LRN:

Obviously WST is consistent. Garrison Joe was using 4.7 gr. and a 200 gr. bullet. The SD was 6. If I remember correctly, velocity was about 850, which gives a PF of 170. Now you have starting loads for 200 and 230 gr. bullets with WST.

When I said I wish I could find a powder that gave an SD of 9 for the .45 Colt, Tex said, it already exists. Swiss FFg.

Today's Photos of the construction at Founders Ranch:

The tin roof on the chapel looks finished

There is a bell in the bell tower

Taylor's Gunshop


The Long Hunter Saloon

The Redhead sanitized the fresh water tank today. This involves putting about 6 cups of bleach in 6 gallons of water into the tank, then filling the tank,draining, refilling. It didn't go well because she failed to leave the grey tank drain open while the pump was on and the faucets opened to drain the fresh water tank, and the grey tank filled up and overflowed out of the shower, flooding the wood floor--again. Angelique the cat noticed the flooding before it flooded the carpeting.

The things I miss by being out shooting. By the time I got back, the excitement was over.

June 7-9, 2012

Worked in the garage Thursday, back to Founders Ranch on Friday to practice. HDD match on Saturday at Founders Ranch. Shakey Shooter, who had 2 stents put in recently, was shooting again, and pretty well.

June 6, 2012, Wednesday

While I was off practicing, The Redhead decided to wash the bus.

It looks fantastic! Several of the neighbors wanted her to wash their RVs, so she decided that would be a good part time job. She'll wash an RV this size for only $500 (base, plus options). No takers. Cheap bastards. I took her to dinner

Meanwhile, back at the ranch:

Another of the "Shooter Friendly" additions to Founders Ranch is shade

The chapel

Taylor's Gun Shop

Long Hunter Saloon. It was made so wide that a vehicle with the big targets, say, a plate rack, couldn't get past. This meant widening the bay, removing dirt from the berm. That, apparently, was a bitch

Back at the park:

A Classic Airstream Rally is moving in for the weekend. The park is turning shiny aluminum. They've done it here for several years now.

June 5, 2012, Tuesday

Took the bus to Cummins for its annual engine service, 150 hour interval generator service, and 5,000 mile interval chassis service. Back at the park and having wine and cheese by 1800. Exhausted. Also considerably poorer.

Joe Weingarten sent me an email asking my opinion on his making a replica of the Teddy Roosevelt medal, as he called it. Only 1200 were made, and the last one went for $4025 at auction. According to the Spanish American War Centennial site, "This medal, often thought to be a reunion medal, was struck by Theodore Roosevelt for members of the First U. S. Volunteer Cavalry ("Rough Riders") on the unit's return to the U.S. after serving in Cuba. Roosevelt notes the medal in his book, The Rough Riders referring to it as "the medal I gave to my men." It is a two piece bronze medal with a T pin top bar titled "1ST U.S. VOL. CAV." The 5th Corps badge and letters "RR" appear in the center of the planchet, which notes the battles and campaigns of the unit." The site calls it the Rough Rider medal. Those of you who wear Rough Rider uniforms in SASS will probably agree with my suggestion he go for it. It'll be $40-50 if he does. Rough Rider uniforms are popular in SASS, and no one is likely to show up with an original medal.

An original Rough Rider or Teddy Roosevelt Medal


June 4, 2012, Monday

Started getting the Handi-Rifle ready to ship, and it worked perfectly. Decided that crud had just gotten into the works and went on a cleaning binge. Decided that the bore wasn't clean enough and went to work on that, too. Then the cleaning jag broke off in the $30 cleaning rod. Had to go to SW and get another of each. The rifle seems to open and close correctly now. Tried it with empties. But then it's clean inside and out, and the bore glows with cleanliness.

June 2-3, 2012

Saturday I went to Sportsman's for a case to ship the Handi-Rifle and actually found Federal Match Small Pistol Primers!

Sunday went to the BRR match at Founders Ranch. Good match. 3 posses.

I got a request to put www.1903.com on my links page. It's the Weingarten Gallery, the largest collection of reproduction US Military Insignia in Sterling Silver in the world. They have a lot of USV and other Spanish American War insignia and rare USMC insignia, plus rank insignia that you just can't get elsewhere unless you find antiques, such as 1916 Captain's bars. All of the insignia of rank were different in some ways from current military issue. He has stuff as far back as 1840. Joe Weingarten also gets extra credit because he designed the military mail system that got mail to us in Vietnam after 1968,

June 1, 2012, Friday

Straight Shot Jane sent this photo of the latest version of the "Naked Cowgirls Shoot Clean" flag. I'm torn between the thoughts of the fun of flying that on the gun cart flagpole and the pain when little old lady prudes start pistol whipping me

Went to Founders Ranch to practice. The Plainsman Handi-Rifle broke, and I'll be sending it to Johnny Meadows ASAP. I'll need to get a case to ship it because my shipping case is of with another rifle. Let's see, Johnny has one of my '97s that he has fixed and will bring to EOT, and he converted both SKB's to mechanical rather than inertia operation. One of them needs some sort of tweaking, so he'll get that at EOT. Cody Conagher has my back up '73. I'm hoping to see it by EOT. That, in all, is 4 guns for repair in one month. Well, we won't count the SKB's as repair since it's re-engineering. Okay, gunsmithing anyway. You'd think I was shooting a lot. I'm not. I think I've practiced 3 times since arriving in ABQ.

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