At the time of posting, the results haven't been posted on the SASS Web Site, so if I'm not sure of the Alias, I'm not mentioning it here. An email with a name will get it printed with the picture.

Lilly Orleans


Representative George Baylor, the Sergeant-At-
Arms of the Texas Stage Legislature in his daytime working clothes, top hat, frock coat with contrasting striped trousers, low-quarter shoes.


Gentlemen wore black or white vests. Colored vests usually indicated you were a professional gambler. The Bow Tie was the preferred neckwear, but this was ignored by a lot of men. The cane has a skull for a knob and has hidden qualities that would be prized by a gentleman of the day


What a great Sister Sarah. Once there was a Silver Screen category. It's morphed into "B-Western" and is judged on a different night. I vote for a return of "Silver Screen" and the encouragement of same. We have a lot of great movie costumes in SASS. This is one of them.

Cowtown Scout awaiting his turn. Best dressed military costume, a Texas staff officer, a colonel. The beauty of the Confederacy as far as uniforms go is "uniform" and "Confederate" don't generally belong in the same sentence, especially concerning senior officers. Many were peacocks. Their uniforms were custom made, not issued. Their leather gear varied from place to place. Hats were individual. When we're both dressed as Confederate Colonels standing side by side, we look quite different, but both are likely correct




Cowboy Clay, buckaroo. Great presentation



Best Dressed Couple. Slick Vic Ulster Ranger and Tart N Terror. WOW!


The Brisco Kid was the only entrant in "Classic Western" category. I'm of the opinion he would have been likely to win if there had been 50. He plays John Wayne in several different roles. In this one, he's a spitting image for Rooster Cogburn. A vendor as well as a competitor, he also won best dressed vendor during the shooting costume contest


Slim Weed won best dressed gentleman

Cat Ballou's homage to Marlene Dietrich in "Destry Rides Again"