WARNING: DESPITE OUR BEST INTENTIONS, ALL OF THESE LADIES ARE TASTEFULLY DRESSED. A warning to future Soiled Dove contestants: Please don't let this happen again

At the time of writing this, the official list of the winners hasn't been printed on the SASS Website, and I didn't take notes. Thus some names are left out, at least temporarily.

T-Bone Dooley and Ringo Fire leering at Madam Shotglass and one of her girls. They did a lot of leering



two for the price of four


Extra cost for the masks. These girls won first place

Grumpy in the Morning, very authentic, as the girls were usually not too flashy in their dress, and many were young. She won second place





The Contestants--Fantastic!


The Winning Madams


The winning girls

The winning judge

(and Bandida and Tijuana Rose)

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