July Journal

June 30, 2008


Drove to Cheyenne for Hell On Wheels. Needed 3 qts of Transyn for the Allison transmission (holds 29). Also needed windshield wipers. Went to alleged Newmar dealer, RV America. Got into the parking lot and realized there was no way out, and it was full of small RVs. They don't do diesel pushers, so no help. They moved some RVs so I could turn around.

Fueled up at Flying J. No Transyn. They said Amex was rejected, though I doubt it. Had to pay with MC. Amex worked at other places, no problem.

Stopped at RV America in Loveland. Reminded me of a sleazy car dealer. They had the windshield wipers (expensive), but not the Transyn.

Got to HOW with no further incident. Parked in designated parking place (43), and the TV dish couldn't lock on to a satellite. The bus was under an intersection of high tension lines. Moved bus -- AFTER having dropped pads and extended slide outs. Had to reverse same, of course, before moving. Still couldn't get it to lock. Went looking for someone to get permission to move to 45. Found Lizzie Marie. She was calling THE POWERS THAT BE without success when The Redhead got locked on. So we're just parked 20 feet behind the line, so to speak.

Margaritas were a bit late. Lizzie Marie enjoyed them.

June 29, 2008


Rocky Mountain Regional Raid

Shot in the couples shoot. This required promiscuous women, as there weren't enough to go around. They were limited to 3 men this time. Thus one lady was first and second.

Then shot the team pole shoot. Brought the long-barreled Marlin .45 Colt. Underestimated the amount of ammunition required and had to borrow after the first 2 stages. We were limited to 2 rifles. I stood on the left with the .45, and a guy with a .44 was on the right. They tore big holes in the wood, and we won. I believe I might be more popular at next year's team shoot. I'll have plenty of ammo for this event next time.

Enjoyable event. One to go to.

June 28, 2008


Rocky Mountain Regional Raid

Better day of shooting. Targets were close enough, but lots of procedural traps. Weird target orders and complicated sweeps. Never figured out the need for it. Punishes mediocre shooters. Spreads time between the pros and the rest of the field.

Judy Roy Bean

A new alias?

Pretty Mean Shawmee wears another spectacular costume

The ever photographable Pretty Mean Shawmee shot in another spectacular costume.


Despite the disastrous first day, won Frontiersman. Thank God for rank points. Also won best military costume. Good party at May Farm. May Farm is a real asset to this shoot.

June 27, 2008


Rocky Mountain Regional Raid

Major Photography Photo

Disastrous first stage. Chances of winning absolutely gone, so I could relax for the rest of the shoot. Stages pretty good. Pistol targets were painted the same color as the field. They were hard to see through smoke. Rifle targets were green. The McDonalds catsup pack targets were back for the rifle, 7 yds. Most people didn't get hits. I couldn't tell with my vision. I got the bonus.

Justice Lily Kate demonstrates her famous "Teapot" style of duelist shooting.

Casino Night

Who has the poker face?

Major Photography Photo

June 26, 2008


Rocky Mountain Regional Raid

Side Match Day

Shot all of the side matches except the long range ones (can't see the targets. Makes it a bit difficult.) Even shot cowboy clays (4/10) and trap (7/10). Had never shot either before. Liked trap. Didn't like clays.


When the rifle targets were shown the contestants a mini-revolt occurred, and not led by me, but by Mad Dog II, who was one of the inventors of Frontiersman Way Back When. The targets ranged from 100 to 200 yards. The consensus was that, with express sights and standing on our hind legs, the more distant targets were quite safe and it was a waste of ammunition.

Sweetwater Bill was called in, and he eliminated the furthest targets. Still a bitch with express sights. Otherwise good stages.

Wild Bunch Match

Major Photography Photo

They have their own Wild Bunch Match rules here, and all of the locals know them. There's a long list of guns eligible, several pages. But none of my 9 1911s was eligible, so I had to borrow one.

Among the rules: Start cocked and locked. When finished with the pistol, return to holster cocked and locked (!) Shoulder holsters and cross draws allowed, even in the "Last Man Standing" category (after the forgettable Bruce Willis movie), in which 2 1911s--IN SHOULDER HOLSTERS are shot gunfighter style.

The hot firearms choices were .38 Super 1911 (10 shots), Savage Automatic (10 shots), Browning A5 (Semi-auto) shotgun, and Thompson for the rifle. Actually the Thompson's unreliability in semi-auto form made it a poor choice. Many problems.

They had a class for double action pistols, generally using moon and half-moon clips.

For some reason, rifles had to be 1892 or later, so I shot the Marlin. The '97 acted up on a couple of stages, as '97s are wont to do, putting me out of any chance.

Two posses, lots of interest.

Ice Cream Social at May Farm in the evening.

June 25, 2008


At night the Pressure Pro alarm came on, telling me the right rear tire had gotten down to 65 lb. It's supposed to be at 65 lb., but, when I took it off to pump it up to the correct hot pressure, it reset the sensor to 75, thus setting off the alarm at 65. No problem, just take it off long enough for it to reset and put it back on. Then it's set to 65 lb. But since I had used Loctite, I had to get 2 sets of pliers, one to keep the schrader valve from turning, and the other to turn the sensor.

Worked in the garage all day. Cleanup after EOT, repairing damage to gun cart from EOT, getting ready for the next match.

June 24, 2008


Arrived at the Strasbourg KOA, Strasbourg, CO, about 25 miles from the Colorado Rifle Club where the Rocky Mountain Regional Raid Blackpowder Shootout is put on by the Sand Creek Raiders.


Do not park the bus in a space with trees on the south side. You only have to move. Either the TV dish won't lock in to a satellite.

Had trouble with the right rear trailer tire again. The tire pressure monitor sensor unscrewed itself again, letting air out. Pumped it up with the compressor in the basement and used a tad of blue Loctite on the sensor.

June 23, 2008


Moving Day

Went to Raton for the night, at the KOA. Good place for a night or two. Walked to the K-Bob's for comfort food that didn't involve The Redhead cooking.

Dry Camping Results

It should be noted that we camped at Founders Ranch for 14 days and did not buy water and only dumped the holding tanks Sunday so we wouldn't have to carry an excess 800 lb. or so. This is a lot better than last year. We've learned some things:

1. Just because the 5 lights on the Fresh Water Tank gauge are lit up does not mean it is full. It is full when the overflow tube pours water out. That is, at 39 psi, about 45 minutes after the fifth light is lit.

2. Just because the 5 lights on the Grey Tank are lit up does not mean it is full. Tests by The Redhead showed another 20 or so gallons could be poured in before it overflows.

3. We've become expert at "Navy Showers." Example: Put a bowl in the lavatory. Start the hot water. Put the dry, hard wash cloth in the bowl. When the hot starts to flow, turn the tap off and put the wash cloth over the shower head, and turn the shower on. When the water becomes slightly above freezing, remove the wash cloth, and put your head under the shower head to get your hair wet. Turn the water off. Shampoo up. Water on. Rinse, quickly. Water off. Conditioner. Water on. Rinse, quickly. Water off. By now you should have gotten your body wet. Use the wash cloth to soap up. Water on. Rinse, quickly. Water off. Shave. Water on. Rinse, quickly. Water off. Pour the bowl of water in the lavatory in the toilet for flushing water.

4. Paper plates.

5. Bowls in lavatories and sinks to catch water. Use in toilet.

6. GoJo