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June 22, 2008


EOT Awards Day

the crowd


The Dooley Gang ran the awards ceremony. This is not your father's awards ceremony

After the Dooleys changed into cowboys, they gave out the awards expeditiously, with music and entertainment. The top ten in each of the 462 categories were called out in rapid reverse order, and they were given their awards and moved outside for a group photo. This is Ladies Frontier Cartridge, won by the Diva of the Darkside Penny Wrangler


I did manage to get a shooting buckle to go with the 2 from costume contests, 10th in Frontiersman. That might sound pretty low, and it is, but it's a lot better than 11th, which I've been. I can assure you the happiest people at the event were the 432 category champions and the 432 guys who barely got a buckle. The guys in 2nd through 9th might be replaying in their minds their minor mistakes that kept them out of a higher placing, but guys in tenth are just happy to have the buckle that cost them $200,000 and 9 years to win.

(Actually, there were only 30 something categories.)

The End of the End of Trail

Thus ended the 27th Annual End of Trail, the World Championship of Cowboy Action Shooting. It was a great match. We enjoyed it immensely. As Evil Roy called it, "It's our World Series." If you haven't been to an EOT, and you're into CAS, I strongly suggest you go to the next one. They're getting better every year. Yes, there are a lot of regionals. Yes, there is Winter Range, the National Championship, and then there is EOT. There's nothing like it. Ignore the horror stories on the SASS Wire written by people who weren't there. Ignore the carping of people who are still mad that it was moved from California (before the state made such events impossible or the owner of the property made it into a housing development, etc.) This was a great event, and I can't wait for the next one.

Master Guns Scott

Sometime in the afternoon/evening we had several people over for Margaritas. One was Master Guns Scott. Master Guns Scott is a Marine Master Gunnery Sergeant. That's E-9, the highest enlisted rank, equivalent to a Sergeant Major of operations in the Army. (The Judge, another Marine, told me Master Guns Scott was the third highest ranking enlisted man in the Corps.) Master Guns Scott came to EOT as a conventioneer, being new to the sport. I had met him at the convention, where he came to learn about us. He had been wounded in Iraq and had been sent to California to train troops going to the Sand Box. He had been on active duty for 31 years. In the Marine Corps for an enlisted man to serve for more than 30 years, a general has to want him to stay. His wounds had resulted in cochlear implants, which would bar him from another assignment in harms way. Thus he has chosen to retire soon. I am sure the Corps would prefer he stay, but he has surely earned his retirement.

While at EOT as a conventioneer, he made a lot of friends. This was easy in my case. As you probably have guessed, I have a fondness for military guys who go into harms way, especially senior NCOs, the guys who make it run. I generally like senior enlisted men more than senior officers. I've known good and bad senior officers, but I've never met a bad senior NCO. Some of his friends talked him into shooting the warmup match with them. After he did, they told him to go to the admin office and pay the extra money to be a contestant. He shot too well to be a conventioneer. So he did. He is now the World Champion in Precision Pistol.

Anyway, while in the bus with the Oregon crowd and perhaps some others, he mentioned that he would like to be a member of the Dooley Gang. Well, the Dooley Gang bus had left, and, taking the initiative, I gave him my original Dooley Gang armband. I haven't seen the bylaws lately, and I don't know if I have the authority to make him a member. But I know he should be.

The Redhead was surprised that I would give him my precious armband. I replied, "I wouldn't have done it for anyone else."

Stories missing

Since I wrote this in haste because I've been busy (2 events behind as I speak), I'm sure I missed some good EOT stories. I'll try to tell them when I think of them, later in the journal.

June 21, 2008


EOT Main Match Day 3

Early Schedule

The Ritual Reading of the Stage Instructions. There were some great stages in this match, and no bad ones. No Lawrence Welk sweeps. Shooting order made sense. Procedurals were rare. Good target distances, big targets.

Shooter on our posse

It's It's about time I showed some shooting pictures. Amidst all the shopping and partying and entertainment, we had a shooting match. 12 stages, 550 or so contestants shooting an average of 24 rounds a stage (158,400 rounds for the main match alone), and no shooting accidents. Most posses finished on time. Very well run match.



Close, big targets, but not too close, and still challenging (as attested to by the only 44 bonus target hits on stage 12

At the range at 0700. The last of the posse members showed up at 0730, and we started shooting. Clouds hid the sun for most of my first stage. The sun broke out as I went for the shotgun targets. After I hit the first one, the second one was invisible. "Use the force, George," came through my earplugs, and I shot through the smoke. Hit it. Didn't have to make up any shotguns all match. Clean today. One disaster, though. Didn't cap one pistol. Did it on the clock. Assumed I was out of the buckles at that point, if not the first day when the cap jam messed up one stage.

Well-undressed lady

Yes, all of the women walking around shopping looked like this.

Two well-dressed ladies shopping and promenading

Or this

Two ladies in costume

Or this

Mounted shooters show disdain for "no horses in town" rule with parade through town every day

High Horse outside Taylor's booth

There she is again

Wimpy at Lindholm Brothers Spurs store

Wimpy at Lindholm Brothers Spurs Shop. They raffled off some special spurs for Breast Cancer research

Old Pueblo Saddle Co.

She's wearing Shasta Leather

Pauxatony Phil (National Firearms Museum Director) and Tex

I inquired about buying this horse for pulling the gun cart, but without success.

A Dooley Gang Member

West Fargo and Tijuana Rose


Bandida and Tijuana Rose entertain West Fargo

The Evening Costume Contest has its own section

Peaches O'Day as Mae West

The Can-Can Girls get ready to Can-Can



Went to the show after the Costume Contest. Good show. After the costume awards too tired to keep partying there. Invited other costume contest participants to the bus for Margaritas. The Redhead stayed for the poker tournament.

The Redhead came in about 0100 saying the Poker Tournament was won by someone playing Blackjack. I haven't figured out why they called it a poker tournament. What happened was someone came to the last table of poker players and told them a blackjack player had more money than was on the table, so they left. ????

June 20, 2008


EOT Main Match Day 2

Late Schedule

John King Fisher before the costume committee

John King Fisher, complete with "leggings made from the skin of a tiger," "a brown beaver hat suitable for a cattle king or a bandit king, and "silver-plated six-shooters in hand tooled leather" tells his story before the shooting costume judges. Slim Weed won. This costume was second

Costume contest judging was mid day, so I had to wear my hottest costume on the day I shot in the afternoon. But a windstorm with some rain came through, making it cool. It also made it dark for my last stage. The left eye only works decently in bright sunlight, and I can't focus on the front sight well in bad light. 2 misses on stage 6, the only ones for the day.

Miss Tabitha, Broadway star of the variety show

Miss Tabitha was hostess of the Coyote Calhoun's Wild West Variety Show. She sang and danced and kept the show together. Outstanding!

Peaches O'Day was a perfect Mae West

The Shooting Costume awards were given out at 8 PM. The variety show was great, but by then I was exhausted. The Redhead stayed and played in the poker tournament. I went back to the bus. At 9 PM Kelly Lassiter and Joey Dillon came by. Kelly wanted a Margarita. Joey doesn't drink. The Redhead's Margarita's have gotten more and more popular.

The Redhead came in at 0100 or so giggling that a lot of SASS people can't play poker. She can. The tournament continues tomorrow night.



June 19, 2008


EOT Main Match Day 1

Middle Schedule

Shot 4 stages clean. One took too long because of a cap jam and complications clearing it.

Stage 12 had the "Winchester '73" scenario with THE bonus shot of the match. A rifle target consisted of a "washer" target with a 3" diameter hole in the middle with a red knockdown behind it. If you hit the knockdown and took it down, your name went into a drawing for a Taylor's Uberti '73 "One of One Thousand." 44 of us knocked it down, but they drew someone else's name by mistake.

Action targets had Evil Roy doing personal appearances. Holy Terror sat quietly in the Great Basin Cartridge tent next door.

Bianchi Leather had a tent with prototype rigs for a reentry into the western leather gear. Their rigs are well made, but they wouldn't be competitive with Kirkpatrick, Mernickle, San Pedro, and LoneRider Leather's best rigs. I talked with them for some time. Several people had been giving them good suggestions and recommendations. They were passing them on to the engineers back at the factory. I took the 2 Bianchi people to the range so they could see how fast the drawing and re-holstering is.

Ten High horns in on a photo of Buffy Lo Gal

Cowgirl waiting

The Lady at Antique Wrangler

Mounted Soiled Doves?

Gunther Cartright

Gunther Cartright, maker of excellent gun carts. If I ever need to replace mine, I'll call him.

Diva of the Darkside

Penny Wrangler's Gun Cart

Earthwalker Boots

Earthwalker Boots, so busy I was never able to say hello. Great boots for old feet on the rough terrain of EOT. The terrain here is so rough I totaled the wheels on my gun cart in '06, and at least one handicapped scooter gave up the ghost.

Great Basin Cartridge Co.

Holy Terror hanging out at Great Basin Cartridge Co./Thunder Ridge Muzzleloading. You'll note the ammunition shelves are almost empty. Only the unusual cartridges remain. The sales were of Black Powder Substitute (American Pioneer Powder) loads and, of course, heathen smokeless

Lady Demonstrating Gun Sight Cup

The lady is demonstrating the Gun Sight Cup (as opposed to a Gun Site cup, which would have a black raven on it). She is taking a sight on an imaginary co-worker (or, as Dilbert calls them, cow-orker) during an imaginary bad day at the orifice. Since I'm retired, I don't have a need for one

Hodgdon's Birdshot

Hodgdon's Birdshot, talking with The Brisco Kid

Katawba Kate

The ever lovely and impeccably dressed Catawba Kate. One wonders where she got this neat outfit

Leta of Coon Creek

Miss Leta, the magician of Coon Creek. She and Buck are sources of all things military of the 19th century.

Little River Scout, Old Shoe Kate, and Laughing Eagle with hapless Confederate sent to recruit them to fight for the South

To see the Soiled Dove Contest go HERE

June 18, 2008


EOT Side Match Day

Shot the Plainsman Match. Thought I could shoot 4 stages and make it to teach my 1300 Costuming class. But things went s-l-o-w-l-y that at noon we'd only done 3 stages. Got on the stick to speed up the posse, shot #3 first. Just when our last shooter was shooting 3, and we were ready to go to 4, a ton of shooters showed up expecting to shoot the stages. Larsen E. Pettifogger said the book showed it as 1-4 PM. The book is so confused, with everything from entertainment to all of the matches interspersed with advertising and such, that I can't find anything. The schedule I found in the book showed 10:30-2:30 or something like that. Plainsman, if run by one group of stage drivers, has to be run as a posse through the stages.

Anyway, the stage drivers got enough of us over to stage 4 that I could shoot it and head to the SASS office.

They gave me a roster of the students. I asked if the AV equipment was there. Blank stares. I went to the tent. Nothing. Found Wild Shot. "Oh, is it 1 PM already?"

It was 1:30 before the AV equipment was working, and the light in the tent was such that it was hard to see the PowerPoint slides.

This evening was the Opening Ceremonies.


Cactus Cris and his gun cart corral: NOTE TO WILD BUNCH! GIVE THIS MAN MORE SPACE! This photo was taken Wednesday morning, before 594 contestants put their carts in there. You rent carts from Cris and store them there, or you store your own. He also sells carts. Free peanuts if you rent there. There's also a BP cleaning area.

Cowboy Clay, a BUCKAROO who shoots Plainsman with a Remington, a Colt, a 1871 .38-55 rifle, and a 12 gauge. The future of SASS looks good. Also won the shooting costume contest--in a different costume than this winner.

I don't know why Mike's Custom Hatters was overwhelmed by a gaggle of good looking women.

The Opening Ceremony started with a parade of all of the flags representing contestants at EOT, and their national anthems. Impressive

Justice Lilly Kate told us the SASS Scholarship fund was up $20,000 over last year. She recognized the winners. The future of SASS is in good hands.




Pearl Hart


Classic Cowboy Ten High as Classic Bartender


One of the well-deserved True Grit Award winners was West Fargo, who is always cheerful and friendly despite his problems.