June 2013 Journal

Chrono/Ransom Rest Test results below

May 12-31 2013

Okay, I got too far behind in May to catch up. The hand problem is limiting my typing severely. We'll move to June and try to catch up.

Chrono/Ransom Rest Test

American Pioneer Powder sent me some Super Powder, which is currently only available in sticks for hunters. It has more processing than regular APP to minimize velocity spread. It's also hotter than APP. The full article will be in the July Cowboy Chronicle. Here's the test results in brief:


May 11, 2013, Saturday

The shotgun belching fire into the sun Saturday morning

Shot 6 stages of main match, then shot 4 Plainsman stages. There were only 3 Plainsman stages, but I got a reshoot on stage 2. On stage 1 Tex and I were a few hundredths apart. Same on the second stage. Then Tex put in filler but no powder in one chamber of one pistol and got a miss and 65 second stage. I shot it in 51. Sometimes motivation works.

Doc Barium took movies of the Plainsman match:

Tex, Stage 1

Cowboy Clay, Stage 1 (how many targets does he kill?)

Tex, Stage 2 (Note his stage times vs. mine.)

Cowboy Clay, Stage 3

Baylor, Stage 2

Baylor, Stage 3


Packin' Parson shot Plainsman Traditional with a Smith Carbine--A PERCUSSION rifle.

He used some sort of catridges...

but he had to cap each round...

and fired

Cowboy Clay graduated from high school this year... and I'm feeling older

Big Dave, aside from whipping my ass again in Frontiersman, won Plainsman Traditional again. At least I won overall, which I should have with a much faster rifle. Dave left his modern rifle in the hotel.

Mad Dog 2, who has been shooting Plainsman since its origination, shot Plainsman modern

Edward R. S. Canby shot Plainsman Modern using a H & R Handi-Rifle .45-700. To practice loading he shot a H & R single-shot 12 ga. shotgun in the warm-up match.

Tex was second in Plainsman Modern with a H & R Buffalo Classic .38-55. Back when the earth was flat they were made with SASS emblems and, I think, your SASS # as serial number. Tex got me started in Plainsman at Winter Range (2001-2?) by letting me shoot that rifle.

May 10, 2013, Friday

Shot 6 stages of main match. Missed once. @#$!#$#!#^&@!!

Shooting into the sun with black powder

shotgun is unloded and open and still smoking. So are the empties

Singin' Sue and Vaquero Luna mugging the camera

Singin' Sue making smoke

Shirley Shooter making smoke

The intrepid scoring crew

May 9, 2013. Thursday

Stages 1-6 of Wild Bunch match, did better than yesterday

May 8, 2013, Wednesday

Shot stages 7-12 of the Wild Bunch match at Buffalo Stampede. well-written stages. Good posse. I did worse than usual due to the fact my (backup. primary not back from gunsmith) rifle, a carbine, somehow wound up with the barrel band/sight twisted, knocking the front sight off to the right, meaning it shot way to the left of the targets, something like 6 misses before I figured it out and fixed it. 1 clean stage out of 6, but let's just say they won't be giving out many, if any white buffalos for this match. Everybody on my posse has misses, I think. Small or distant targets abounded, as usual for Wild Bunch matches.

I note that the Model 12 isn't the panacea expected. They seem to have the same number of hang ups as '97s.

Topping things off, one of the tempered glass panels in the inner (screen) door to the bus shattered when The Redhead went to close it while I was walking GSP.

May 7, 2013, Tuesday

English Lyn shooting the Wild Bunch warm up

The Wild Bunch warm up was very good. Excellent posse. If I hadn't run into the corner of a fence while running flat out down range, it would have been better. Nice gash on my knee. It'll be blue tomorrow, as they say.

May 6, 2013, Monday

Took the ROII class for a refresher, required every 2 years to maintain ROII Instructor status and a good idea for any ROII to keep up with rule changes and interpretations, some of which don't make it into the rules books for a while. (Example: wearing sponsors' logos is prohibited. A SASS jacket with a big logo on the back is a no-no, but a Ruger logo on a bandana is okay.) Excellent class. Dirty Bob was chief instructor, and Jack Diamond, who is working on his black pin, was an instructor.

The VA audiology department called moving my appointment from tomorrow to next Monday. This will allow me to shoot the Wild Bunch warm up tomorrow.

Dinner with Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue (and The Redhead) at the Greenside Cafe. We all ordered chicken fried steak and pronounced it almost as good as you can get in Texas.

Cinco De Mayo, 2013, Sunday

Shot the BRR match clean.

Wild Horse John suggested we dress for Cinco De Mayo

If you're wondering why this is late getting posted.

May 4, 2013, Saturday

Shot the Bighorn Vigilantes match at FR.

Mr. Peabody built this neat '40 Chevrolet pickup. It took a long time. 350 Corvette block with many high performance parts, 4 speed auto with overdrive, tilt steering wheel, disc front brakes, rack and pinion steering, really wide rear tires. VERY nice.

Had steaks grilled by Wild Horse John celebrating The Redhead's Birthday, our Anniversary, Arthur Pendragon's birthday, Wild Horse John's Birthday, John and Anna's Anniversary, and Anna's birthday. Kristal champagne bottle opened by John using a saber.

May 3, 2013, Friday

Made it to Founders Ranch

Had to go back to ABQ to Costco where the Pet Dermatologist called in a prescription for GSP after fungal culture. The rare and expensive drug had to be flown in from the rainforests of Carjackistan. Costco is The Redhead's definition of hell. It makes WalMart seem like a convent. Then we had dinner at Papadeaux.

To get back into Founders Ranch we had to convince the holder of the combination to leave the gate unlocked, and The Redhead promised solemnly to lock it when we came in. But Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue had been delayed and were due in after 10. Eventually The Redhead stood guard at the gate until they arrived.

May 2, 2013, Thursday

All day getting the bus and trailer ready to roll. Put new sensors on the Pressure Pro Tire Pressure Monitor, which is a really good exercise. It involves about 2 hours of kneeling, squatting, walking, climbing, and repeating. First remove 10 old sensors, located on all of the tires. Then adjust pressures to colt spec. This is a lot of fun on the front tires because 110 is minimum, and the compressor in the shop is rated at 125, which means it won't pump up a big tire to that. The trick is to let enough air out of the compressor to get the pump going, and attach to the tire. It will go to 110 after many tries involving running from the front of the bus to the trailer and back multiple times. They now make good 150 psi small compressors. I used up 2 Porter Cable compressors in 2 years, just over warranty, and bought a little Craftsman 125 psi. It seems indestructible, but I really could use a 150. For one thing, if much more weight is added up front, 120 lb. will be required.

Then, one by one you climb into the cockpit, fiddle with the Pressure Pro Panel, and go back down to the tire you're working on. Screw in the new sensor, then climb back inside and push a button on the Pressure Pro. If you've done everything right, the pressure will appear on the readout. Count on 10-12 attempts per sensor before you get it right for the first , oh, 9 sensors. Then on the 10th sensor, accidentally program it as one of the tires you don't have (It can handle up to 10 on the bus and 6 on the trailer). Now you have to start over. But I got it together finally. You do not want to drive a big rig without tire pressure sensors. Most motorhome fatalities, after wives shooting their husbands because they're tired of living in 400 sq. ft., is due to blowouts.

May 1, 2013, Wednesday

Went to the RGR Range to practice with the Plainsman rifles. There were actually other people practicing!!!

Dollar Bill and Vaquero Luna have done a lot of improvement work on the sets at Hayes City, the Rio Grande Renegades' range at Shooting Range Park