January 2, 2017-Monday

Journal has been hold. Lots of reasons, not the least of which is Adobe updated the program I use to write this and changed it from barely understandable to mid tenth century Chinese gibberish. More when/if I ever figure it out. Did I mention that Adobe is owned by the Devil and staffed by demons? I'll feel better once I figure this out enough to post new pages.

April 5, 2016-Tuesday

FINALLY got the primary care appointment at the VA. For those not afflicted with the VA system, the primary care physician controls the patient's access to any other clinics. Without a "consult." I can't get my annual eye exam (not just glasses. I have an optic nerve disease), and I can't get to see an audiologist to get my hearing aids tweaked. Anyway, new doctor, a resident, so I'll have him for 3 years. Very nice, very thorough, gung-ho. All prescriptions refilled, several consults that are already bearing fruit with appointments.

April 3, 2016-Sunday

Shot Buffalo Range Riders match at Founders Ranch. Another White Buffalo for the collection (Clean Match award at Founders Ranch). Singin' Sue took the photo above and posted a video of me shooting s-l-o-w-l-y.


April 2, 2016-Saturday

Shot Bighorn Vigilantes Match at Founders Ranch. First match in a while.


Happy Birthday to the love of my life and my best friend.

April 1, 2016-Friday

This just in--after receiving complaints from members in the east about having to go out west to New Mexico for End Of Trail SASS CEO Misty Moonshine announced a deal completed with New York City mayor Bill De Blasio to hold the 2016 End Of Trail in New York City. Dates will remain unchanged. Using a fund allocated to encourage new businesses to move to New York the city will build 18 shooting bays in Central Park and put up the tent city needed to hold EOT and pay the the entry fees of the first 700 competitors. For further information contact SASS at 877-411-7277