May 2013 Journal

F100s over Europe, 1968

I had a really good job as a First Lieutenant in the Army in late 1968 to mid 1969. I was "Ground Liaison Officer" for a couple of fighter wings in England, was stationed at RAF Lakenheath, and had a little apartment in Cambridge, England. Occasionally I got to ride in the back seat of one of the squadron's 2-seat F100Fs.

After a while the Army found me and sent me to Vietnam, where I would call on F100s for close air support several times. They were able to deliver 500 lb. bombs and napalm at incredibly close distances more than once.


Failed to post this on April 21, Arthur Pendradon's 10th Birthday. Happy Birthday, Arthur:

April 30, 2013, Tuesday

Saw the civilian hand surgeon, Dr. Pribyl. He still recommends against the hand surgery, no new techniques that might work, and says the arm pain after the ulnar nerve surgery is normal, and the surgery leaves some weakness because they cut through one muscle to move the nerve and reattach. He injected both hands with cortizone using a 4" needle that's about 1" in diameter, no pain or anything like that...

April 29, 2013, Monday

Took Angelique to the Albuquerque Cat Clinic for her annual and shots, and they managed to do it without having to sedate her. Good place.

April 28, 2013

4th Sunday at RGR. Good match. Shot clean but v-e-r-y s-l-o-w.

Returned home to receive the news that Debbie's youngest brother, Steve, 46, died sometime between Friday and Sunday. Cause undetermined.

April 23-27, 2013

Loaded up the remaining 200 gr. bullets as .45 ACP ammo. The 230s have not arrived yet, and there was a Wild Bunch match at Founders Ranch on Saturday. Managed to finish ahead of two beginners but last otherwise, primarily because the rifle made a LOUD bang and wouldn't open afterwards on one stage. Case separation, cause unknown. After that the rifle's action was very heavy, so I took it to Jack Diamond and begged for repairs in time for the WB match at Buffalo Stampede next Wednesday.

April 22, 2013, Monday

April 22, 1982:

Our 31st anniversary party was pretty low key, dinner with Tex and Cat at the High Noon Saloon. We both enjoyed it very much. I'm very lucky.

Early Photos of The Redhead

Even at 22 months (according to the back of the photo) she was preparing to be an Executive Secretary. She is saying, "Do you have an appointment?"

She doesn't remember this hairstyle, but even in B & W you can tell it was red


This was taken a couple of years after our wedding

1985 with our cats at the time, Andromeda and Kahlua

Early photos of me:

My mother made this outfit. My father owned horses, and we rode in parades with the Sheriff's Mounted Posse, I'm told. I don't remember. My parents were divorced when I was 5, and my mother moved us and her parents to Texas City in order to make a living, taking one of the first jobs offered to women at Monsanto Chemical Company in Texas City. After that, no more parade riding

My first B-Western outfit

Gene Autry hat, if I remember correctly. My mother made the rest

Even then I had more than one hat

Probably the dumbest looking photo of me I haven't burned. At the first SASS Convention we went to the MGM Grand to play with one of their kitties.


April 21, 2013

The Battle of San Jacinto took place April 21, 1836. The Battle of San Jacinto and the Legend of the Yellow Rose of Texas

RGR had a charity Wild Bunch Team match on Saturday. It was an entire 6 stage match based on the WB Team Match (Side Match) rules in the WB Handook3- but modified.



• All handgun and rifle ammunition must meet the Wild Bunch Action Shooting power factor requirements.

• All revolvers must be at least .40 caliber, and all rifles must be Wild Bunch Action Shooting legal.

• Four shooters on a team. One each as Pike, Dutch, Lyle, and Tector.

• Firearms for Pike: 1911 pistol and 1897 shotgun.

• Firearms for Dutch: SASS Cowboy Action ShootingTM main match revolvers and 1897 shotgun. Revolvers must be .40 caliber or above.

• Firearms for Lyle: 1911 pistol and SASS main match rifle.40 caliber or above.

• Firearms for Tector: SASS Cowboy Action ShootingTM main match revolvers and SASS main match rifle. Revolvers and rifle must be .40 caliber or above.

• Team Matches may be shot by all competitors with their main match costuming, but to be true to the characters of the movie the following is a recommendation:

• Pike: Dark pants, light colored long sleeve shirt, dark vest, SASS legal boots, and hat.

• Dutch: Dark pants, light colored long sleeve shirt, dark vest, SASS legal boots, and hat.

• Lyle: Dark pants, light colored long sleeve shirt, NO vest, SASS legal boots, and hat optional.

• Tector: Dark pants, light colored long sleeve shirt, dark vest, SASS legal boots, and hat.

Each contestant shot as one of the 4 both as an individual for category wins, and in a team. A couple of shooters shot as one character then as another.

The match went well. $143.222.10 was collected for charity. Didn't hear what charity it was for sure. I think it was the Reno Home For Wayward Girls

April 20, 2013

Went to the RGR 3rd Saturday CAS match. Good match.

Poor Tex was trying 4 guns he hadn't shot in competition before. What could possibly go wrong?

Everything. The stock '87 doesn't work like his tricked out one. One of the open topped Colts in .44 Colt wasn't popping caps, and primers were backing out. The '92 wasn't ejecting. He was last seen talking with Jack Diamond.

April 14-19, 2013

Wednesday went to the RGR Range to do Ransom Rest and Chrono testing. Got the Ransom Rest set up and set the target stand up. The wind blew it away. I chased it down and put everything up and went back to the shop.

We took the Jeep in for its 32,000 mile checkup and oil, filter and air filter change. They let me bring my own Mobil 1, which saves about $40. It turns out I'd missed the differential service at 24,000 miles, and the rear brake pads needed replacing (10% left, which really surprised me. I'm used to vehicles that use up the front pads first), but the service writer said it was common on Jeeps). I'd also asked for a suspension alignment, not knowing how well Jeeps hold alignment, and knowing that you can't feel it when toe gets out of adjustment, but it can wear tires out quickly. It wasn't needed it turns out. Before and after specs were almost identical and all within specs. I had them rotate the tires, too. This might be superfluous on a Jeep as they're all 4 worn evenly. Less than $20 though. The tech found carbon on the throttle body and wanted to do a fuel injection cleaning as well as throttle body. Fuel economy had been dropping gradually, so this made sense. Total was $800. We've spent virtually nothing on it, just oil basically, so I didn't feel too bad. (Actually I feel bad any time I spend $800 unless I'm buying 20 $100 bills.) This would have been $2000 on the Benz, with at least $200 every 10,000 miles for oil changes, and we'd be halfway through our second set of $350 tires instead of halfway through the first set of $200 tires. They had it done before closing.

April 12-13, 2013

The High Desert Drifters Match went well. I shot clean.

April 8-11, 2013

Took George S Patton to the Dermatologist Tuesday, Dr. Schick. Very impressive. She's doing a bacterial culture from a spot and a fungal culture. It could well be both. Changed soaps because the last one was drying his skin. This is better at that.

I'm doing the High Desert Drifters match at Founders Ranch this Saturday, April 13, registration starting at 0900, shooters meeting at 1000. The stages are here

April 7, 2013, Sunday

Shot the Buffalo Range Riders match at Founders Ranch

April 6, 2013, Saturday

Went to the shotgun venue at Founders Ranch for the charity shotgun match for Juvenile Diabetes. Misty Moonshine's son, Notorious Nick, had died of complications of type 1 Diabetes. Huge turnout. I shot cowboy 5 Stand using one of my SKBs--terribly. I think I got 5. I can't see the birds in peripheral vision (since I don't have much, especially on the right.) Watched the "Registered shooters" shoot their 5 stand, all doubles. Amazing.

April 4-5, 2013

One more trip to the VA. The retina surgeon looked at the "pseudohole" in my left eye and said it hadn't changed any since August, and surgery wasn't recommended. Great.

April 3, 2013, Wednesday

There used to be Wednesday practice sessions at the Rio Grande Renegades range. Last year I was the only one interested. I volunteered to "manage" the sessions this year if the club would publicize them. The first one was today. I was the only one who showed up. Fortunately Dollar Bill and Vaquero Luna were doing construction work on the set, so that meant there were at least two people on the range, so I could shoot. The targets are kept in a locked building, so I had to put them up and take them down. The problem is that stresses the bad left arm pretty badly, meaning that it wears out, shortening the practice session. Then I had to put them back up, which really wore out the left arm. Went home and put the arm on ice.

Vaquero Luna (L) and Dollar Bill have a full contracting site set up with a generator, chop saw, and multiple power tools. They have built much of the improvements to the range.

April 2, 2013, Tuesday

Saw the shrink today. I'm still crazy after all these years. He wants me to read "What It Is Like to Go to War," a book by another Vietnam Vet, Karl Mariantes, who also has PTSD. Okay. Maybe I'll learn what it's like to go to war. Oh, I forgot. I went to war.

Took The Redhead to lunch at the Owl Cafe, a classic diner and home of really good hamburgers and green chili cheeseburgers. It's her birthday. The original plan was to take her out to dinner, too, but after that lunch we put that off till tomorrow.

The Redhead at the Owl Cafe on her 22nd birthday

The Redhead played poker in the afternoon. I leveled the trailer. I use two different kinds of chocks to keep the wheels from moving, including ones that clamps between the wheels. I have some scissors jacks that I can raise and lower with the 18v impact wrench to adjust the right side. The front is disconnected from the bus and raised with the jack (an electric jack is getting more and more attractive as the arm gets worse). The left side is supported by jackstands. It's not quite level because of the terrain. Raising the front any more would result in contact with the bus bumper. Just in case you're new to RVs, I'll mention the secret: Not all RV spots are level.

Powder had arrived from APP earlier. Got it into the cabinet. I won't run out of powder soon. Bullets are on order from S n S Casting, a big order for me. It'll take a couple of weeks. Like everyone else they're backordered. The limiting factor probably will be primers, but I have them on order, too. No telling when they'll arrive. Yes, I have more primers than what are visible in the photo:

April 1, 2013, Monday

No April Fool Jokes this year, other than the wallpaper

VA Audiology and ENT. The ENT doctor told me my left ear was pretty much deaf. No shit. He thought the right ear might have stabilized. It was a bit better than the last audiogram. I complained about the hearing aids. He authorized an appointment with the Audiologist who fitted them. They FIT. They just don't WORK. Naturally the choice of appointment days are either during Buffalo Stampede or EOT. I kid you not. Picked Buffalo Stampede. He said I'm not a candidate for a kochlear implant in this country, but I could get one in Europe, assuming I was rich. A Baha implant might help with the left ear. It transfers hearing impulses from the left side to the right via bone conduction. But if I got one, then if the right ear went south, I couldn't get a kochlear implant on the left side because the Baha implant, which wouldn't do any good then, would be in the way.

I understand why so many vets are alcoholics. They're driven into it by the VA.