May 2012 Journal

April 27-30, 2012


Went to Founders Ranch to practice on Saturday now that they're open for same. Much better than going to Zia and putting up targets and putting them back in the target trailer when done. RGR match Sunday. Good match.

This is late getting posted because I'm working on the Buffalo Stampede article and the next column.

Photos left out of the Buffalo Stampede section:

Bighorn was working on the Long Hunter Saloon building, a permanent shooting set at Founders Ranch, when the rented Bobcat got away from him:

He was using the auger to drill post holes. This was the foundation before some of it became kindling

Then the Bobcat took out the unloading table


April 26, 2012, Thursday

Vietnam numbers:

304,000 seriously wounded

31% experienced Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

2.6 million effected by Agent Orange

58,272 killed in theater

3,417 Texans killed.

April 25, 2012, Wednesday

Spent several hours at the VA. Received the two SKB's from Johnny Meadows. Very nice. More when I get to shoot them. The Dillon RF100 returned from a rebuild at Dillon. Lots of new parts.

Finished reading "Empire of the Summer Moon," a history of the Comanche, Quanah Parker, and Ranald Slidell Mackenzie, the finest Indian fighter the US Army had. Fascinating, well-written, well-researched. I've been reading about the Comanche for 55 years or so, and this was the best book I've read. It would make a fantastic mini-series if someone with an unlimited budget and a great cast could do it. Stephen Lang is too old to play Mackenzie, and I don't know who could play Quanah Parker. It would be a plum role for an actor who could act, ride a horse like a Comanche, and pick up a fallen comrade on a battlefield while on horseback--at full gallop. A lot of historical figures that movie and TV western characters were based on were in there, Jack Hays, Cynthia Ann Parker, "Rip" Ford, Billy Dixon, Bat Masterson, several Indian chiefs that were prototypes (Kiowa Chief Satana committed suicide jumping from a second floor window while in custody. Sound familiar?)

Tex and Cat, among others, had recommended the book. Now I do, too.

April 23-24, 2012

Worked in the garage and caught up on things ignored while at FR.

April 22, 2012, Sunday

Left 3 shotguns with Johnny Meadows. 2 SKB's are getting converted from recoil operation of the barrel switching to mechanical. The Winchester 97 has hammer follow problems. Needs welding to fix. Moved the bus to Enchanted Trails. Mad Dog Too and Ramblin' Rose went to Enchanted Trails for the night. They have an electrical problem and have a Monday appointment with Camping World. We all went to dinner at Thunder Road and celebrated The Redhead and my 30th wedding anniversary. I know, I should have done something more special, and I will, but we've been celebrating anniversaries at Buffalo Stampede since 2008. She was happy, so I'm happy.

April 21, 2012, Saturday

The match continued to be good. My aim got worse. Several misses.


Will Two Gun Adams shot gunfighter

Tex shot Senior Gunfighter with full-charge Black Powder loads.

When I shot Plainsman the WB (White Balance) on the camera got put on the wrong setting, making the world blue.

This is the best I could correct it with my limited PhotoShop skills. This is Big Dave, one of my "proteges," who, at the awards ceremony for Frontiersman, where he got first and I got second, he said, "you taught me everything I know." Great. You'll note that he's about 100 years younger than I. He's shooting Plainsman Traditional (no ejectors on the rifle. He won. I won Modern)

Willie Hittem

Willie Hittem

English Lyn (2nd Plainsman Modern)

I discovered it was much less time consuming to make the photos into antique sepia. Shaky Shooter at the knockdown stage. No shooters were injured in the making of these pictures

Tex-If you had a Remington with an 8" barrel and long arms you had to make sure you didn't lean over too far and hit the target with the barrel.

Creek Harding

After the Plainsman match I went to the TG meeting (ROIIIs are expected to attend at least one TG meeting a year.) Most of the meeting was occupied by Hipshot asking for complaints and suggestions about the stages, which ones we liked/disliked, etc. The best ones will go on to be EOT stages. Then Happy Jack touted a new scoring system modified from the kind used at IDPA and IPSC. It's even more complicated and harder to explain than rank points scoring. It's going to be tried at Wild Bunch matches first. One of the selling points is it makes it harder to figure out who is winning.

I had had virtually nothing to eat all day and was forced, at gunpoint, to drink about half a gallon of white wine, or maybe 2-3 drinks, not sure. So I could be wrong about the above.

At dinner I was happy to get the chicken fried steak dinner, which helped sober me up a little. They did the drawing for prizes correctly, no raffle tickets, just your name in the basket if you entered the match. A Dillon 650 and a pair of SASS Vaqueros were the top prizes, but there were several guns. I won a Big Iron 45, whatever that is. I haven't gotten with Jack Diamond to have it shipped to Long Hunter, the nearest Texas FFL, where it will sit for a while.

Misty Moonshine and Buttercup did a great job of giving out the awards. Results are online.

April 20. 2012, Friday

First day of the main match. Really good stages. The new permanent buildings aren't built yet, so we were using the usual props. One wasn't my favorite, a wagon with extremely high sides. No problems if you're 7 feet 32 inches high like Vaquero luna, who just picked the staged rifle up and went straight over the top. I didn't get a picture of that.

On one stage you started with rifle in hand. Henry O. Flipper just after the timer started

The next stage you started with two hands on either wheel. More Or Less demonstrates.

Then you shot the rifle--Dr. T Medicine Woman

Whiplash Whitey—After you shot the rifle you restaged it in the wagon and …

…retrieve the shotgun and run about 200 yards to the nest shooting station

Tex demonstrates the problem with the wagon if you're not 7 ft. 32 inches tall.

Estancia Kid running to the shotgun shooting station

Dirty dan running with the shotgun

running left to right carrying a shotgun left-handed

Creek Harding at the shotgun barrel had no problem getting his shotgun open

But Creek's wife had trouble opening her shotgun. I see a lot of women struggling with shotguns simply because the guns haven't been prepped by a good SASS shotgun gunsmith

Prairie Mary's Cimarron single trigger double had been to a well-known gunsmith who told her it would get easy to open if she just shot it a lot. It hasn't. It is STIFF She has to fight it on every stage.

Half-A-Hand Henri, as usual, had no problems making her shotgun fly

Cat Ballou

Lots of gunfighters and senior gunfighters. This is Tijeras Pete

Creek Hoarding

April 19, 2012, Thursday

Second day of the Wild Bunch match. Didn't do as well as the first day, but most of the posse cratered at one point or another. Chili Cook off in the evening. Wicked Felina won for red, and Estancia Kid won for green--with peppers grown on his land.

April 18, 2012, Wednesday

Joke Du Jour

What's the difference between a Secret Service agent and Charlie Sheen?

Charlie Sheen pays his hookers.

Buffalo Stampede

Shot the first day of the Wild Bunch match:

Tijeras Pete, photographed by Tex using my Nikon

Tex took this shot of me. It looks like I'm actually moving. 1916 US 11th Cavalry Captain's uniform, M1916 khaki uniform with leather puttee's and M1905 marching shoes, D Bar J campaign hat

Black Jack Flagg, shooting Traditional, dressed in uniform, a little before the Wild Bunch

Robber Baron, as usual, shot very well, very smoothly

Tex shot Traditional wearing a M1912 enlisted uniform with canvas puttees. D Bar J campaign hat

Sundown shot Modern

Will Two Gun Adams shot Modern

Happy Jack, posse marshal, WB Board member, shot Modern quite well

Stages 11 and 12 provided a target rich environment

Continuing the tradition of showing Wicked Felina shoot knockdowns, we present stage 12. The pistol targets were to double tap two stationary targets, then then one knockdown, repeat. When 3 mags were used up that way, you had 6 pistol targets to take down, making it 21+ pistol rounds. You had already shot 10 rifle rounds and 6 shotgun.

Wild Horse John taking on the pistol targets Traditional

Good posse. Fun day. Tired after cleaning the guns and getting ready for tomorrow.

April 17, 2012, Tuesday

Photographed Long Hunter's SASS University class for the CC Buffalo Stampede article:

Shot the warm up for the Wild Bunch. We shot on the main match stages so as, I suppose, not to get an advantage on the WB stages. We chronoed, and everyone passed. I had the manliest rifle ammunition at PF214. I'm loading a bit lighter than that now.

Very tired.

April 16, 2012, Monday

T A Chance and Miss Chance arrived, and, along with Wild Horse John, we proof-checked the main match stages. They're very good, with simple target orders and reasonable target distances. We made a couple of suggestions and tweaked some props, but didn't move any targets. It should be "Running Bare friendly" so people under 60" tall should be able to see all of the targets.

April 15, 2012, Sunday

Jack Diamond teaching the ROII class

Jack Diamond and Crotchety Old Bart taught a ROII class at Founders Ranch as part of their black pin qualification, and Bighorn and I helped and "supervised." It went well.

April 14, 2012, Saturday

So, filling up your Yugo cost you $80, huh? I'm not impressed.

Went to Founders Ranch. Got fuel along the way and went to RV Sales Moriarty to get the wheel bearings packed on the trailer $214.

Our spot at Founders Ranch. Not many people there yet. ROII class tomorrow, then nothing till Tuesday. Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue are next door, then More or Les and Giggles.

April 13, 2012, Friday

Got the trailer ready to travel. Wild Horse John and Saginaw Sue made it in from Cheyenne. The 4 of us went to Thunder Road for dinner. Excellent.

April 12, 2012, Thursday

Took the Jeep in to get the "UConnect" replaced. Now we have to reload The Redhead's 1,000 songs, and I have to put the addresses back in. But it works. The Sat Radio works perfectly.

April 11, 2012, Wednesday

RGR match. Good match. A dust devil picked up my gun cart, threw it on its side, and deposited the contents over about 10 sq. yards. When I came off the line, Vaquero Luna was using a picker to pick up ammunition.

April 10, 2012, Tuesday


April 9, 2012, Monday

Worked on the roof. Recaulked a couple of items, but I don't think that was the problem. I think the satellite TV dish mechanism wasn't designed to handle 6" of melting ice. In the future I'll brush the snow off as soon as it stops snowing.

April 8, 2012, Sunday

Back to Founders Ranch for the Wild Bunch match. Tex was experimenting. Excellent match.

April 7, 2012, Saturday

Went to Founders Ranch for the HDD match. Good match. Amazing that 7 posses showed up on Easter Weekend.

April 6. 2012, Friday

Took the Jeep in for service and to complain about the satellite radio not working properly (no picture).

April 5, 2012, Thursday

Two VA appointments, Audiology and the ENT doctor. They did another audiogram and took the hearing aid away to send it off for repairs. Glad to hear it's broken. The ENT doctor wants to put something in called a Baha device. I'll provide details if I decide to do it. Surgery is required. Appointment to test without surgery in August.

April 4, 2012, Wednesday

Came back from walking the dog to find a waterfall out of the front fluorescent light. The Redhead had covered the floor with towels, and a bowl was under the waterfall. I climbed on the roof, lots of fun as it was covered in 6" of ice. The ice was melting and getting through somehow. So I took the ice off, and the waterfall stopped. Went to the Newmar dealer and got the proper caulk for re-caulking things on the roof, then went to Home Depot for a caulking gun and plastic and steel putty knives. Will get there when the weather is right and I have time to torture myself.

April 3, 2012, Tuesday

Woke up this morning to a non-functioning satellite TV dish. Couldn't figure out why until The Redhead opened a curtain and found the ground covered with a strange, white substance that was falling from the sky. An alien invasion, no doubt.

Early AM

Suddenly everything was white. Isn't it April?

The white material apparently melted the RV next to us, leaving only a wet puddle.

After cleaning the stuff off the Jeep and warming it (remote start is great), we braved the blizzard to get to the VA for an appointment. When we got out it had stopped falling, leaving only mud covering the RV park.

April 2, 2012, Monday

It was The Redhead's birthday. We went to Landry's with Tex and Cat. The Redhead said it was her best birthday party that she can remember.

April 1, 2012, Sunday

Shot the Buffalo Range Riders match at Founders Ranch. Excellent match. Some of the stages were being tested for Buffalo Stampede. 6 Buffalo Stampede stages will be used in End of Trail.

A lot of changes are in the hopper for End of Trail. They're building 2 permanent sets, the Long Hunter Saloon and Taylor's Gun Store (I think). Eventually they'll have 3 or 4. The Train and Train Station will be improved, with among other things, an antique train whistle and a water tower.

There will be no VIP Only area. The Happy Jack Saloon will be open to all shooters and workers. The VIPs will be the shooters. It's going to be a shooter's match. The Judge is back, and, as some of you know, he has not been happy with the way a lot of things have been done.

There are still openings in Buffalo Stampede. It sounds like a great match, and, remember, it's the warm up for EOT as well as a Regional.

In the continuing saga of the Great Nipple Test of 2012, I shot "Heaven" and one of the plain pistols, "353," and both were 100%. but there were a couple of minor cap jams.

This Month's Wallpaper: