May 2009 Journal

April 30, 2009


Took the ML to the MB dealer for a "C" service, almost $500. (I see why BMWs sell, their free service for 3/36,000. It can't be the cars.) They want $249 for an updated navigation DVD. Didn't buy it. They did a recall on the trailer hitch. The car was clean, done by 3 something, and we had a nice C350 Sport to drive.

Went to Beauchamps jewelers to get my GMT Master fixed. It was just after 10, and we drove up in a Mercedes. The lady who greeted us got the watch to the repairman quickly (bezel was knocked off). While waiting she showed me a new GMT Master II--$7,000 in Stainless Steel. A gold day date with diamonds in the numerals similar to mine is $27,000! The heck with IRAs and gun collections, we all should have been collecting Rolexes in the 70s and 80s!

April 29, 2009


Went to the Renegades practice session.

April 28, 2009


Took the Bus to Aloha RV. It was there most of the day. They fixed the loose slide-out fascia the slide out control button, the dead driver's window, and have antenna masts on stock order. The dead keyless entry is still dead. They ordered one and are trying to get it warranted, since they put it in last MAy.

April 27, 2009


Went to the Zia Range, hooked up their little trailer, and took a few targets out to a berm, one of the practical ranges. Set up popups and put birds on them. Knocked one down, and the bird flew up. Covered it with my barrel and--- the trigger didn't work. Several more attempts. It worked horizontally, but not vertically. Switched to the other guns and practiced a while.

April 26, 2009


Buffalo Stampede

Left after the awards ceremony. Founders Ranch is depressing after events end, and the only Sunday open restaurant in Edgewood is a Chinese one. Back to Enchanted Trails. For the 2 of you who care about results, GO HERE for category results, and HERE for overall results.

April 25, 2009


Buffalo Stampede

Sensible stage, no P traps. I used 125 gr./APP3f loads in the rifle. All fell first time.

Variations on this have been a common theme at FR events. The only knockdowns were the shotguns.

The running buffalo is now shot from the train. I didn't hear much in the way of complaints, so I would look for something similar at EOT.

Since The theme of EOT is The Wild Bunch, and since The Wild Bunch has a bridge collapse, they've built a bridge to collapse. It doesn't go very far or hit very hard. Evil Roy was ticked off that he shot while it was hitting and had a miss on a 12 second stage.

Another all knockdown stage. I like knockdowns. There's no doubt. It's either up or down, not, "I think I heard a miss."

Larsen E. Pettifogger was shooting Frontiersman with .36 Navies, with short barrels. He loaded them up with a full case of Triple 7 3f, and an 80 gr. round ball. He had tried conicals, but couldn't make them work in the tapered chambers. He was doing well until he got to the pistols, and he left up 6.

Dawgtooth Dave was shooting big, honking Ruger Old Armies, with 5.5" barrels. He was ahead of me in line, and I asked him how much powder he was using. "Over 35 gr." He uses round balls, too, but 148 gr., as do I. He left 3. Well, then there was nothing to do but shoot. I cleaned it, fastest time in Frontiersman (as I had 1 and 7. Larsen won the rest.)

Don't expect to see the shotgun dueling tree at EOT. A lot of people didn't know where their shotguns patterned, to their chagrin. Others knocked the target to the other side, and spotters didn't say anything, so they had to hit them again. I liked it. I've patterned the SKB, and, being an SKB, not a Stoeger, both barrels point to the same point of aim. Anyway, Coyote Calhoun said it would be used in the Wild Bunch match.

It was brutally cold at night.We left early. They need to enclose the Belle Union somehow.

April 24, 2009


Buffalo Stampede

This took a while to get into the blog. When you read next week's blog you'll understand why. Buffalo Stampede is a testing ground of ideas for End of Trail. Not all of the stages of this event will be in EOT, but some will. Lessons were learned. Coyote Calhoun is a quick learner, and the things that don't work he notes and changes or eliminates them. Anyway, for the benefit of people who want to shoot EOT but weren't there, I'm putting every stage on the blog and analyzing the results.

We didn't shoot them in this order since I was on Posse 3, The Black Powder Posse!, so we shot 3,4,5,6,1,2, but you get to shoot 1-6.

This introduced a new prop, an elevated shooting platform. This is neat. And the stage was ALL KNOCKDOWNS, which I like. We took safety seriously and had the shooter hand off his long guns to a worker at the bottom of the stairs, then retrieve them at the top. We were ordered to use the hand rail (not shown) and take one step at a time. The front row of targets, small knockdowns remember, were 4 yards in front of the platform. That made the shooting angle quite acute. A lot of good hits bounced off and only wobbled the target, including the 2 closest to me when I shot. The rest of the targets, from the second row on, were easy. I talked to Coyote Calhoun after the event, and he admitted the targets were too close. Simply moving them a yard or so further away will solve the problem. I used 125 gr. rifle bullets and full case of APP3f. For the pistols I used 20 gr. Goex Cowboy and 148 gr. round ball.

The no shoot wasn't the little circle shown here. It was a BIG SASS Marshal, and it was really tough for the average shooter (like me) to get more than 2 shots per swing. I saw people crash and burn trying. Of course Evil Roy did 3 per swing. The pistol targets fell easily. The penalty for failing to knock down 1 pistol target was to shoot 5 shots at a moving target! I believe Coyote Calhoun inhaled enough smoke from fire breathers that the penalty will be more reasonable on future similar stages.

No complaints on this stage, at least from me. But then I got the knockdowns.

This was modified slightly from the drawing. The smallest 2 pistol targets were removed, so you had 10 shots to knock down 8 targets. BUT if you failed to knock down one pistol target, you had to shoot AT LEAST 4 EXTRA SHOTGUN shots, maybe 5 or 6, pretty heavy penalty for leaving one target up. Coyote admitted same. I wouldn't expect that much penalty at EOT. I would expect a popup target or 2 and those damned pistol knockdown racks from hell.

Now you "gamers" will quickly figure out the quick way to shoot the pistol targets is 1-2-3-5-6 with pistol 1, and 4-4-4-4-4 with pistol 2. I did have to explain that several times to the posse marshal (Creek Harding) because I wasn't going to try it and have to fight out its legality later. Creek then explained it to everyone else, but only a few of us did it. It helped me.

I believe everyone in the posse went for the bonus targets. I sure did, Good stage, quite EOT worthy as it stands.

After shooting these 6 stages we had a 6 stage Wild Bunch match. 12 stages is beyond my limits. I fell apart on the last 2. 1900 when I reached the bus. 2000 when I finished cleaning and preparing for tomorrow. No one came by for Margaritas, of course. Cheese sandwich and soup tried to sleep. Too tired.

More later. It's May 1, and this is as far as I've gotten, but I'll post it.

April 23, 2009


Buffalo Stampede

Shot the warmup match, 1 miss. Shot Plainsman. Rifle went wonky. Then I got it working. But then it was too late, of course. Dawgtooth Dave and wife dropped by for Margaritas.

Too damned cold to stay in the Belle Union to watch Appaloosa.

April 22, 2009


Worked in the garage. Got the packet just after The Redhead went to a casino. Couldn't reach her when I wanted to tell her there was a dedication of the new SASS HQ. Governor Bill Richardson was the featured speaker. You remember him. He's the pro-gun Democrat, the ONLY pro-gun Democrat nominated to THE ONE's cabinet. Of course he had to drop out on corruption charges. OF COURSE. He's a DEMOCRAT! Jeez! But he comes across as a nice guy and talked about a gun he had just purchased. Apparently SASS convinced him that if he paved the road to EOT, they would move their headquarters to Edge wood and hire New Mexicans to man/woman it. So he got it handled.

He didn't have his Gold Honorary Life Member badge #60000, and General Grant did harass him about it. He admitted he didn't know where it was. The General said he would get him another if he gave a speech to open EOT. Looks like he might.

Good food.

April 21, 2009


Buffalo Stampede

Moved the bus and trailer to Founders Ranch. Giggles had us park by the Waddie Shack. Good, flat, gravel parking place, but w-a-a-a-a-a-a-y far away from the Belle Union and stages 1-6.

April 20, 2009


Got the trailer ready for the move to Founders Ranch in the morning. Lots of work. Tired.

"Do you exercise, Mr. Rich?"

"I live in a motor home and tow a trailer with my workshop in it."

"You didn't answer my question."

"Yes, I did."

Forgot, added April 21

The assist handle

April 19, 2009


High Desert Drifters Match

27 shooters were out at Founders Ranch. Long Hunter was on my posse. He was very fast. Lots of misses. All of the fast guys missed a lot. I missed 2 times, just enough to mess up a clean match. Mostly in the 30s and low 40s. One in the 20s, 29 something.

Hipshot wants me to work the SASS booth at the NRA Convention. Hmm.

Very tired by the time I got back to the bus.

April 18, 2009


Renegades match

5 stages. Good stages except for the aerial targets. Much fun was made of me for my inability to hit same. Other than that I shot okay.

April 17, 2009


Went to the RV show, The Rally. The way it was talked up, I expected something huge. The indoor vendors were pretty much the same hucksters. "The ShammyWOW! Avoid cheap imitations!" 42 membership or ownership resorts, hundreds of pure hucksters, the sort I used to see at the auto show. Outside the local dealers took their tired inventory out. There was one 2010 Country Coach--with a DECK! Better get that one quick before it's gone. You probably only have 36 months to buy it.

Blowing snow, grey day. Disappointed all around.

April 16, 2009


Birdshot (Hodgdon) on the shortages of ammo components:

The shortages are very real. There is not enough product to meet the irrational, mindless demand.

There is no giant purchase by the military. There is nothing being added to primer or powder to make it go bad in a short time. There is no vast left wing conspiracy. There is no immediate threat of legislation.

There are mindless, ignorant, irrational people hoarding huge quantities of primers, brass, bullets, powder, ammo, and guns. Period. The end. I know that there is price gouging going on but it is not by the manufacturers. Their price lists have been fixed since last October or before.

As for those who say" just build more plants and hire more people" you obviously have never run a business and have absolutely no idea what it would take to build a plant, hire and train the people and get into production. If you did have knowledge of business practice, you would know that no business can afford to be prepared for irrational panic purchasing of any product. You would also know that it takes years to get the approval to build new plants and that the government will probably never allow a new powder or primer plant in the U.S. Too many environmental hurdles. All plants are making all the powder possible. This is not like making pasta. You can't just add more flour water and eggs and get more powder. It takes time.

The blame for this mess falls squarely on panic driven buyers who read the internet and think there is truth to these lies. Before you pass along a baseless rumor as fact, call the companies involved and ask. We will tell you the truth. We have nothing to hide.

Here is another truth for you. Most of the firearms industry is made up of small businesses employing less that 100 people. There are many of these small businesses in danger of failing in the next few years. What happens when no one buys primers or powder or bullets or brass for the next 2 to 10 years because they hoarded so much? The answer is pretty simple. These companies will go out of business because there is no cash flow down the road. Oh, the profits are nice now but when the panic is over no one will be buying.

Every day we get many calls from people who have purchased 100,000 primers or 200 pounds of powder and they want to know about long term storage. These people are not coming back anytime soon as a customer. We are also getting a significant number of calls from people saying they have purchased a lifetime supply of powder. They will never be back to purchase more.

And, just something to think about. if you are one of those hoarding you are probably in violation of federal, state and local laws and your homeowners insurance will be of no value should you have an incident.

Got questions or don't think I know what I'm talking about? Call me 800-622-4366 ext 110 Monday through thursday 7:00 to 5:30 Central. And no, I can't help you get any primers or powder. I can't even get enough for my wife and I to shoot this year.

Hodgdon Powder Company

Drive to Survive Letter:

I wanted to write you to tell you that I just finished reading your book, "Drive to Survive", on Col. Cooper's advice. Although I am not a Family Member, I read everything that Jeff Cooper wrote and recommended, and when my children reach the driving age, your book will be a must-read-first. Thank you for your advice, specifically about using the "2-second" rule when following, and adjusting the side mirrors to encompass the whole rear and side fields of view. Although I have been in the driver's seat for lo these 25 years, your advice is timely as it is too easy to become complacent and think, "Nothing will happen to me. I'm a careful driver." So thank you for pointing out to me all those things that I have been doing wrong. I guess I have just been lucky so far.
Actually, there are more than just two things that I have been taking chances with while driving but I don't want to waste your time with all the examples. Just know that I appreciate your taking the time to write your book and hope that others read it and take it to heart.

Sincerely yours,

Matt Sanford
Springdale, Arkansas


Good to hear from you.  Drive to Survive came out in 1999.  Col. Cooper recommended it. Mas Ayoob and Clint Smith sold it.  I found it on a lot drivers ed and martial arts websites.  It’s still in print--amazingly.  I lost count of the number of “saves” reported to me that were attributed to the book.  I’m gratified and amazed.   Glad I could help you and your children.  Thanks much for the kind words.


Worked in the garage. Finished up making .45-70 rounds, probably enough for the summer. I'm really getting to hate that RCBS Turret Press.

Working on the '73 carbine, trying to get a rear sight that fit the damn rear dovetail, I tried a lot of things. Finally I put the original rear sight in as an experiment. It fit fine. Marbles and Williams couldn't be made to fit. I decided to live with the stock rear sight. It's flat topped with a notch. I'm just looking at the front sight most of the time, so it works fine. I have Grabber front sights on everything but the Plainsman rifle, and I might get one for it, too, soon. I polished all of the brass sights today.

I'm not allowed to tell how or why, but the mammoth ivory scaled Screw Knife that disappeared at EOT has been returned to me. It now has "BAYLOR" put on with a hand engraver and filled in with a Sharpie so MAYBE someone picking it up can read it. I photographed it, the replacement, and the Unicorn horn screwdriver that I use to seat caps so that if any of them is lost, I can post the photos on the SASS wire. "BAYLOR" is engraved in each of them.

April 15, 2009


Renegades Practice Session

I'm pretty sure this should be renamed "Renegades BSing Session. Managed to shoot the Plainsman rifle enough rounds to get the sights zeroed (new rear sight). Shot the WB '73. The rear sight fell off. Again. So much for that repair. I'll let you know if I come up with one that works. The rifle is over 10 years old and, shall we say, wasn't up to the current Cimarron/Uberti standards. The dovetail was poorly cut, just a tad large. If the latest fix doesn't work, I'll need a new dovetail cut in front of it and use a long base Marble's rear sight instead of a short base or a Williams, which is what I'm trying to make work now.

Dillon called, $39.95 for the new motor in the tumbler. I asked if it would last more than 13 months this time, and the man said yes. I asked if they had put in a CV-750 motor. No, that's $79.95. "Well, if I'd been told that, I'd have ordered it." "No problem, we can still do it."

Using BPS, this machine is working 24 hours a day often. So I ordered that. I went to Harbor Freight and got their little 4 lb./$54 tumbler so I can do 2 calibers at once. The lady asked if I wanted the extended warranty. Normally the answer is no, but it'll probably be working hard, so I spent $10 for a 2 year, bring it in for another one warranty. When I got back I put in the .45/70s and set it to work. It seems pretty well made. I noticed they do sell the bowls separately. I don't know if that means they wear out or if rock polishers keep multiple bowls with different grits in them. They don't mention brass cleaning in their instructions, just de-rusting, polishing, prepping.

They have an 18 lb. Industrial Strength model-BIG, for $149. Too big for my little shop, but looked like a serious machine.

Started loading .45-70s on the RCBS turret press--Hate that thing. Well, that's too harsh. I hate NVA and anti-gunners, but this thing I have a strong dislike for, about like Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid. Hmm, they're anti-gunners too. That's confusing. Let's just say RCBS shouldn't call me for an endorsement unless they intend to pay me handsomely for it.

April 14, 2009



Capt. Baylor

I have to say many, many thanks to you for your website.  I am starting in Frontiersman this year and your website has been a GREAT deal of help and has answered numerous questions about the pistols and loading the shotgun.  
Thanks Again and Best Wishes
SASS #28543


Thanks.  Glad to hear I could help.  Just remember, when you see me at a match, say hello and shoot slowly and miss a lot.  Way too many guys have learned Frontiersman from my website then showed up shooting 20 second stages clean.;)
Your Humble and Obedient Servant
Captain George Baylor
SASS #24287

SASS France

If there's any doubt about SASS being an international sport, take a look at SASS France:

Still recovering from the bout with whatever. So far it's crud 1, Curt 0, but I'm recovering. Not accomplishing anything as to getting ready for Buffalo Stampede, but I don't want to drag this out.

Went to the garage to work a couple of hours. Managed to put small primers in the large primer tube. Don't ever do this. Trust me. Eventually made a few .45 Colt WB rounds.

April 13, 2009


Today's plan was to take the bus to Aloha RV for a punch list of several minor things. But I was ordered to postpone it by the boss, The Redhead (Chain of command: The Redhead, Arthur, George, me.) The fact that I have considerably less strength than Arthur and still feel like hell might have had something to do with it. It's scheduled for the 28th now. The shop is full up because of "The Rally," a huge Good Sam Club event, where RV nuts from around the country do things RVers do who don't have SASS or Poker go to have fun and spend money.

Lone Rider Wild Bunch Rig

Jack Houston made a Wild Bunch Rig for a prize donation at the Georgia State Championship. I can see only one thing wrong with it:


figured it out yet?

The holster is on the wrong side.

April 12, 2009


The plan was to spend quality time with The Redhead. We decided to take a drive. The weather was about like Thanksgiving in Houston, 40-50°F, windy, cloudy. Went to the Petroglyphs. Not really a great day to do that. And I started feeling worse and worse. We came home. My worse and worse turned into all of the symptoms of a gastrointestinal virus, and my diet became Gatorade. I have a theory about Gatorade. If it tastes good, you're dehydrated and need it. It did.

April 11, 2009


Why You Don't Send Your Wife to Home Depot
Charlie was fixing a door and found that he needed a new hinge, so he sent his wife Mary to Home Depot. At Home Depot, Mary saw a beautiful bathroom faucet while she was waiting for Walt, (the manager) to finish waiting on a customer..

When Walt was finished, Mary asked. "How much for that faucet?"
Walt replied, "That's pewter and it costs $300."
"My goodness that sure is a lot," Mary exclaimed.
Then she proceeded to describe the hinge that Charlie had sent her to buy, and Walt went to the back room to find it.

From the back room Walt yelled, "Mary, you wanna screw for
that hinge?"

Mary replied, "No, but I will for the faucet."
This is why you can't send a woman to Home Depot!

April 10, 2009

Good Friday

Poster in a gun store, submitted by Allie Mo:

I told The Redhead that today was her day, that we would do anything she wanted to do, get some quality time together.

She went to Route 66 Casino and played poker.

I emptied the tanks, rinsed out the black tank, and worked in the shop, mostly reloading.

Took The Redhead to dinner at La Placita, a very old place in old town. A huge tree grows through the main dining room, several hundred years old.

Chips and Salsa do not come with the meal, they're $2.50 extra, which we figured out when none were brought us. The Grand Gold Margarita is pretty good.

The Old Town was busy, as if it was a holiday or something.

April 9, 2009


Took The Redhead out for breakfast, then to Verizon for a broadband card for her computer. She's been kicked off enough poker games via satellite that the cost should be covered by additional winnings/less losses. Ran other errands, including a run to Wally World. Wally World is proof that crazy mass murderers like the guy in NY recently aren't provoked by their surroundings but by their inner demons. If it was the surroundings, Wally World would be the site of a massacre every week.

And that's not even including the frustration that this one was out of half of the things we went for, from Break Free in big cans to Size G bags for Red Devil hand vac's to file folders. They had 4, count them 4 boxes of Winchester light target 7-1/2s. Are they in the financial trouble that haunts Sportsman's Warehouse?

Went to Founders Ranch to shoot with Tex. The fee for shooting there was an hour+ of moving furniture at the ranch house. You see, the ranch house had flooded. Yes, I know it's on a hillside. The water line was '70s PVC. While changing out the kitchen sink, the water line was broken. At that point they discovered there was no water shut off between the water tank and the house. A hacksaw cut the line. Now there are two shut offs. But the new sink was kluged in with various Rube Goldberg connections, including the use of PVC cement on plastic. Eventually one of those connections broke, and no one was home. When they got there, they were greeted by a new first floor swimming pool. Krazy Kurt, a general contractor, and Jack Diamond were among the people working there. Big Iron and Doughboy were providing grunt work, also Tex, and to as little extent possible, me. The neurosurgeon who did my back has retired. I'm forbidden to damage my back again.

After that Tex, Doughboy, and I went and practiced in 40 mph wind.

April 8, 2009


Rio Grande Renegades Wednesday match

Another Renegades match, another non-clean match. This time I give some of the credit to the match, 4 pop-up targets, little black targets. High winds. They have one posse at these "old, retired farts matches". Complicated stages, but they prepare me for similar types at big matches. I just like everything and try to use what I learn.

The wind grew to near hurricane force, as is normal for ABQ in the spring.

I have a case of clays for the next available Zia trip, but not little-bitty black ones. I need to get some cheap WalMart 12 ga. ammo for that. Don't want to use a case of match grade BP rounds.

April 7, 2009


Talked with the tax accountant. Since we didn't vote for "The One," our taxes went up to $2 billion. The good news is they'll name an ACORN facility in Mississippi after me.

Went to Zia Rifle and Pistol club to practice. Need to get a trailer hitch insert and ball. There's a little flat-bed trailer at the target shed that would keep me from having to make multiple trips and endanger the interior of the ML in order to move their targets to the berm.

Other than that a good practice session... till I left my keys in the gate when leaving. A guy pulled up behind me, and he said he'd close the gate. Then the entire population of Albuquerque showed up either entering or leaving, and I forgot about the keys.

Half an hour later I got a call. A pair of shooters had the keys. I have a little Swiss Army knife on the key ring with my name and phone # on it, and they called me. They were kind enough to meet me at a Wally World.

April 6, 2009


Errands. FedUpKinky for a box for the CV500, then to Lowe's for things I couldn't find and to Sportsman's Warehouse to look at the empty shelves, realized I had forgotten bubble wrap, back to FedUpKinky, home, pack, return to FedUpKinky to ship. Garage.

April 5, 2009


Buffalo Range Riders Monthly Match

27°F said Weather. com. "Feels like 17°." Wonderful. I'm a Texan, from coastal Texas. I do not like 27, feels like 17. I didn't like it when the Army sent me to Germany in the winter of '67. I still don't.

But I dressed warmly, took a pair of pocket warmers (little chemical packets), and went to Founders Ranch. The temperature dropped as the car climbed 1600 feet. It was cold.

But it was a fun match, no terrible Procedural traps. Short stroked the rifle on stage two, leaving a round in the chamber and one in the carrier, and two in the mag tube. Not something I could cure in less than 20 seconds, so I went to the next gun. After that I did okay.

April 4, 2009


The wind was so bad last night we had to retract the DataStorm dish. It's rated for 50 mph. Very cold. Very windy. Magdalena canceled their match, so I worked in the garage. The shot shell boxes came in yesterday, so I put the loaded shells in them, 22 boxes. 57 more already loaded in storage, 4 more in the car.

Went back to loading .38s. Nearly all of the clean .38 Special brass is loaded now, about 6,000 rounds total. Would like more, but don't have the brass. Anyway, once I get the brass clean (when the CV500 returns), I have a few thousand .45 Colt and .45 ACP to load. Feeding the beast is difficult.

April 3, 2009


Called Dillon. The CV500 case cleaner, apparently upset that I had been shopping for another case cleaner, gave up the ghost Wednesday. They gave me an RMA. Now I've got to get a box it'll fit in.

Reloaded .38 Specials. The 650 is working very well. APP 3f, 105 gr. bullets. Wind outside is 25-60 mph.

April 2, 2009


The Redhead's 29th Birthday

Took her out to breakfast, then we went to a mall for hair cuts. Mine,laying on the shop floor, looked like a shaded silver Persian cat had been clipped. I was 3 lb. lighter when the team of hair stylists finished 4 hours later. The Redhead looked gorgeous with Bettie Page-like bangs in red.

The flowers were at the RV Park office when we got back.

That evening took her to a restaurant that we both like.

April 1, 2009


The Redhead decided to stop playing low stakes poker games and went to a no limit came at Sandia Casino. Came back 27 hours later with $2.2 million in cash. Called the accountant and asked how much of that we could keep. He said the new Obama tax rate on $2.2 million would be $1,98 million, with a marriage penalty of $220,000. The New Mexico State income tax would be $220,000, and his fee would be $100,000, meaning we would have to come up with $2,620,005. The $5 was to cover the tip she gave the dealer.

I asked how we could make that something less than that. Could we give something to our favorite charity, the SASS Scholarship fund? No, that wouldn't count. In fact that would raise our taxes another $100,000. The only thing that would work would be to offset the winnings with gambling losses. Frustrated, I took the $2.2 million to Route 66 casino and put it on 16 red at the roulette wheel. It came up red. Frustrated that I couldn't lose the money, I let it ride, and it came up 16 again. We're now half owners of the Route 66 Casino, and our tax bill is $1.6 billion, or 49¢ if we register as Democrats and vote Democratic early and often in the new card check elections.