APRIL 2015 Journal

1870s photo (before Maybelline, Clinique, etc.)

The Alamo, 1849, before it got the distinctive shape when the U.S. Army remodeled it. Oldest known photo of the Alamo chapel.


From True West magazine, what the Alamo looked like during the attack. It is much 123431bigger than you think, going all the way to the river. A glance tells anyone with any military background that it would be indefensible with more troops than were available.

March 25-30, 2015

Brought the trailer home March 25. I feel much better now. Of course, since we're leaving for ABQ next week, no projects will be started in the shop.

Link to find all of the articles I've done that are on the online Cowboy Chronicle archives:




March 22-24. 2015

Worked on the next Dispatches for 1-1/2 days over the keyboard (!) It's an index, with links, to all the CC articles I've done since August 2005, when the Online archives start.

Also had to make my Cabela's visit until we return to Phoenix. It reminded me why I buy very little from Cabela's.

Adventures In RVing continue:

Went to the RV shop and looked at the trailer. Most things fixed. The leaking roof was fixed by removing the AC, repositioning it and the gasket, and reassembling. Something had moved the AC a couple of inches to the rear. Hmm.. The rear ramp is 2 piece, and the fold-out piece, wood, had deteriorated. It was attached to the other wood part by a full width hinge. With the wood deteriorated, there was nothing holding thee parts together. An angle iron was welded on the base part, and the hinge attaches to that now. The wood on the folding part was replaced. A small chassis joint at one corner needed re-welding. The axles, the most important thing, were last on the list. We did other errands and did lunch, and the tech called and said it needs 3 sets of bearings and races, all except the one replaced in Deming last fall. He said it doesn't need a new axle, and that spindle passes inspection. It has one scratch on it, which he called a gouge. Not enough to be a problem. Maybe tomorrow we can bring it home...

If this illustration was in color, she would have red hair


March 15-21, 2015

Really good Wild Bunch match at Cowtown on the 15th. If they were all like that I would be more enthused about Wild Bunch. I lost a clean match due to a split case on a rifle round. Couldn't clear it on the clock. Then we had a "Last Man Standing" side match. Starting position, 1 pistol in each hand, loaded, chambered, cocked, 7 rounds in each. Shoot 14 rounds at the most distant target. Everyone was shooting very carefully. I shot it in 7 seconds... but had 10 misses. iPhone failure meant no video.@!@#$!

During this time I finished and submitted the SASS Convention article and then found out since the costuming article hadn't been completed, it won't be until June. Then I submitted the Dispatches column. Hence no work on this page.

Then we took the trailer into the shop. It needed several things, including a roof leak and ramp repairs, but most importantly, having the axles checked after the spun bearing in Deming last fall. To move it I had to clean it.

First a whole lot of stuff was put in the middle of the shop while I cleaned and rearranged the cabinet so everything would fit.

When I finished it looked like this.

On March 21st shot the last match I'll be able to shoot in Phoenix until we return, CCSA. Really good match. Won FT and shot clean. The fact that a couple of fierce competitors, Gawd Awful, and Judah Maccabee shot Frontier Cartridge Gunfighter made it easier. More FCD shooters went to that category, too. I predict it will be popular.

March 8-14, 2015

At the ACSA match Gawd Awful took a bunch of pictures of me on one stage. He caught some transitions. First, one pistol to the other:

Then pistol to shotgun:

It should be noted I do this in slow motion so everyone can see the techniques. That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.

This bike got my attention. You don't see too many SASS shooters arriving by motorcycle

Now that is packing.

Additionally Judge U. Harshly sold his old SUV and bought a Kia Soul. That's the vehicle that uses hamsters in its commercials. It turns out Judge Harshly was one of those. He had an ingenious solution to the space problem, too.

March 1-7, 2015

Spectacular shot of a Colt replica disassembling itself when fired. Keep the wedge tight to avoid this... or shoot Rugers.

When I cleaned my rifle after WR I discovered the lower ejector was bent, a common problem with recent Uberti bolts. The Brisco Kid was still here for a few days and replaced the bolt with one of his which have a slot cut in them, a hole drilled, and a removable lower ejector inserted. I neglected to photograph it before it was installed. Brisco put in a bunch of these at WR, and even more ejectors. Another gunsmith bought 10 of the modified bolts. It's considerably more economical than Jim Bowie's billet steel bolt. Both have their place and are useful, needed items.

Larsen E. Pettifogger showed up with a double container like this. I noted the brand name was Sistema. Then I did a search and found out the brand is sold at The Container Store. While in the neighborhood (it's near the Apple Store), I went there and bought this one. Balls in one side, wads in the other.

Not wanting to pick up 100 balls and 200 wads from sandy soil, I don't do it like this. I put 10 balls and 10 wads on the wad area on the table and reseal the container and put it back in the gun cart. This is just to show it in use.