April 2014 Journal

March 31, 2014, Monday

Name change from Journal Of A Gypsy Cowboy to Captain Baylor's Journal so I can advertise it on Facebook. Something about Gypsy bothers them.

Got the Bordertown application off Express mail . (Yes, an Express Mailing label went on top of that one.) $19.99

MARCH 29-30, 2014

Rio Grande Renegades in Albuquerque has a monthly match on the 2nd Wednesday, 3rd Saturday, and 4th Sunday plus one on the 5th Saturday and/or 5th Sunday. This time there were both.

Saturday's Match

Sunday's match

Bonus target, the cowboy on the back berm. I hit it with my standard wimpy rifle load

Overall winner Sandoval Kid shows off his Mernickle Quick Cal crossdraw rig. He bought it at EOT 2013 from Bob Mernickle, who you'll remember says this is THE rig for crossdraw use. He switched in the middle of EOT and buckled in a touch category.

2nd OA El Diablo had a Quick Cal rig, too. He got it a couple of years ago.

The other bonus target was a pop up flier, diet cola, shaken, not stirred.

I hit it and managed to photograph it, too. Not really. I did hit it, though. I think this was Pepper Jack

After the match the Bordertown app was on line. Wasn't when I left for the match. Right on the published schedule. It's in an Express envelope to go out as soon as the post office opens. Should put me in the firs 320. Most Arizonans drive to the registrar's house in the middle of the night Sunday and pound on the door until they get a receipt, so they're ahead of me.

March 25-28, 2014

Leaving Pioneer RV

Left for ABQ Wednesday AM. Watching the weather report. The wind advisory turned into a warning while we were on I40. No real place to park this rig until Holbrook. At the Meteor Crater Rest Area we decide to spend the night at Holbrook KOA.

Didn't make it.

About 30 miles out a violent gust of wind hit. The big awning flew off just after we left the rest area, went over the roof, and left destruction on both sides. Sounded like major collision or perhaps multiple blown tires, then flopping and banging. Various aluminum braces and mounts were bouncing around loose gouging Fiberglas, etc. The Redhead and the dog were screaming. Pulled off the side of the road, examined it, and decided to go to the Flying J in sight. Exited. The dog crawled under the dash on my side, under the brake and accelerator. That was fun.

Eventually pulled into a handicapped site in the Flying J. Every 18-wheeler in northeast AZ was escaping the wind. It was the only site open. No one complained. Then Santa appeared. Actually his name was Buzz. Looked like Santa Claus. Vietnam Vet. Offered to help. We got on roof and disconnected the awning and disassembled things enough to remove it. It was totaled, no doubt. We got the mounts off the side with some difficulty. Glad I have a lot of tools and had just sorted them so I could find them easily. Put the side pieces in the trailer. Left the big, loooong mess in a Flying J construction site dump with permission. It was longer than the trailer. Then we went to leave. A truck had pulled up on one side very close, and the "escape" door on the side of the trailer had been opened for access to the Little Giant Ladder. Couldn't close it because he was so close. Had to drive out, find a spot marked "NO PARKING" in the lot and then close that door. Wind still excessive.

The bus at the Holbrook KOA sans the awning and several things on the roof

At Enchanted Trails

The front AC's shroud had been ripped off, leaving it vulnerable to rain. We went next door to Camping World with the installation manual, model number, etc. They sold us the wrong unit. Once we figured that out and went back and got the right one we had to install it in what was still a pretty high wind.

Once we got it into place that was fairly easy

The Redhead did her part

The new unit

Needless to say we had to call the insurance co and get the process started. The $1000 deductible is probably used up on just the body work.


March 24, Monday

The shop is ready to go inside.

March 23, 2014, Sunday

Bus, trailer, and Jeep close to being ready for the trip

Drawer 4 before

Drawer 4 after

Drawer 5 before

Drawer 5 after

I'm ready to clean the floor tomorrow, a major industrial project in itself. I figure Flight 370 is in the dirt on the floor. Yes, it involves sweeps with magnets. It'd be nice if that $525 Rolex bezel with $175 insert showed up, but it hasn't so far.

March 21-22, 2014

Still working on getting the shop upgraded from chaos to hopeless

Storage under the workbench after

A neighbor has this little compact Ford pulling his 5th wheel

Had to take the picture quickly. The workbench attracts clutter, and when we move it's covered by things I don't have another place for

Stuck some trophies in a corner. No place for trophies in the RV lifestyle. Not a complaint. I like trophies. The walls of the shop are pretty much covered in wall plaques. It's been full since 2011. Buckles. Yeah, that's the ticket.

Started on the impossible task, the 5 drawer tool cabinet. It's way too small for the tools I have/need. It is like putting Rosie O'Donnell into a size 8 dress. Drawer 1 (top) before

Drawer 1 after

Drawer 2 before

Drawer 2 after

Drawer 3 before

Drawer 3 after. Those 3 took all day. 2 to go.


March 19-20, 2014

Mostly getting the shop ready to travel and other tasks and errands. Got an interesting email this morning:

George, your article on hats of the old west, is the most accurate I
have ever seen. For many years I was an outside specialist to a dozen
museums around the west on the clothing, equipment and firearms of
cowboys. Your conclusions are 100% correct. Nice to see someone put the
truth out there. I have held John Wayne's and Clint Eastwood's hats, and
worn Charlie Russell's earliest surviving hat, but my favorite is the
Stetson that my father wore for 70 years! I have a photo of my great
granddad on a Texas cattle drive in 1881 with the classic round,
flat-brimmed plains sombrero. Recorded family history says when he was
young he met Bill Hickok, and he also saw his best friend killed in a
saloon shootout in Dodge. I sure commend you for putting out such good
material so that people can know fact from fiction. It has always
surprised me how much wrong stuff is taken as gospel when the era is not
that long ago! Back in the 1960s I knew old-timers that remembered those
days very well. I was friends with Teddy Blue Abbott's grandson and
Teddy was upset in the 1920s about all of the fake stuff written about
men that he had personally known...both good and bad.
Best regards,
Steve Shelton


tried U S Egg for breakfast Monday. Not bad

Sign on the wall at U S Egg

The last SASS neighbor heads back to New Hampshire

from Facebook

Getting ready to move soon

Antique spurs I've had for 15 years or so. Kelly 215 is the identification

The straps are not of a common design

Working on cleaning out and reorganizing the upper storage compartment in the front of the shop trailer. Still a lot to do, but it's getting better.


March 16-18, 2014

Cleaned the match guns and put them away into the expensive security system. Worked in the garage. All of my known brass is cleaned and stored. Lots of empty brass.

Got the call from the Rolex Doctor. It's official. Repairing the Rolex will cost almost as much as my first new car. The Rolex repairman I wrote about on March 11, who didn't have the watch in his hands for more than 3 minutes, managed to loosen the back and return it to me with it loose. If I had gotten it wet, the damage would have been catastrophic. Losing the bezel (and bezel insert) added up to over $700 by itself. The only good news is the watch is very collectible and appreciates every year. So, of course, do replacement parts. On the other hand, if a watch says something about the man wearing it, at least I'm old stainless steel, not Chinese plastic. The gold Rolex might never come out of the safe deposit box. New ones cost about what the Jeep cost.

I was doing research for an article on chaps and used Bing. Found a page with a whole lot of pictures of people wearing chaps, sometimes with little else on, sometimes girls with little else on. The "Suggested Pages" heading had a "Boss Of The Plains" reference which resulted in a few hundred pictures of anything related to cowboy hats. Pretty near the top was this photo from the March 2011 Journal Of A Gypsy Cowboy. Tex took the photo. Kurt Russell, Clint Eastwood, and John Wayne were much further down ;)

March 15, 2014, Saturday

CCSA Third Saturday Match

This is probably our last match in Arizona till the fall. I'll miss this place.

caption this yourself

March 12-14, 2014

Worked in the garageā€”a lot. For one thing I wanted to make sure the missing Rolex bezel ($175-500 depending) wasn't in there. For another, we'll be leaving soon. Also took the Rolex to a UPS Store and shipped it heavily insured 2nd day. I had them pack it so they couldn't complain about my packing if it got lost. A little hint. If you're looking for a Rolex repair shop, find out if they include shipping in the base price or not. One place was $449 and offered free shipping. The other was $325 but charged for shipping, even though he prepaid it at his end. Heavily insured it seems to average $125. So they were really about the same price. Both shops came across very well on the phone. Two "Authorized Rolex Repair Shops" came across like snooty, condescending #@%$s.

Another ammo can filled with clean .38 Special brass. I have a lot of reloading to do in ABQ.

March 11, 2014, Tuesday

This morning we went to see a Rolex repairman. I'm not naming the place because after visiting I'm convinced the watch repair was just a front for something. The "CASH ONLY" sign and the "No Firearms his on these Premises" sign would have run me off, but the guy behind the counter is missing his calling. He could play a Russian mobster for a living, or maybe he is already.

The Rolex will be going to a more reputable place out of town despite the cost of shipping it properly insured. Yes, there are authorized Rolex dealers in town who are reputable, but somewhere in its long lifetime the stainless oyster band was replaced by a copy, and Rolex dealers won't work on the watch without removing the band or my buying a new one for $1000. This was much easier in Houston where there were several good Rolex repairmen. But then everyone in Houston wore a Rolex in the 80's. They didn't call them the Texas Timex for nothing. Mine have been better investments than Single Action Armies, so I can't complain.

March 10, 2014, Monday

Did an Inventory of CAS/WB ammo:
.38 spcl 105 gr APP--Practice/local match--800+
Major Match--700 (new Starline brass)
125 gr--200
125 gr old --200 (practice only-Win primers)
158 gr-70
Smokeless --250
,38-55--65 (plainsman)
45 Colt--APP-240 (practice w/ conversion cylinders for Ruger old Armies)
45 Colt Wild Bunch 600+
45 ACP--1200+
12 ga-BP--375+
This is just the CAS/WB ammo.

Took everything out of the basement, threw things away, consolidated, rearranged, and put things back in. This is one with a full-width pull-out. Yes, there are 3 swords in there, 2 Confederate, one US Cav.

This one is half-width pull-out. Some things that had been there for 7 years, with no sign I would ever use them again, are gone.

Found in the basement, 3 generations of Gunsite belt buckles. The API (the original name was American Pistol Institute) buckle has the ill-fated Bren 10 as part of its logo. The "Crucified Raven" was the original one, and the other was meant to be its replacement. Current management likes the original. These were all acquired while Jeff Cooper was still in charge. He made an unfortunate choice when he decided to sell it, but that operator sold it to the current owner, Buzz Mills, who rescued it and is doing a fantastic job of carrying on Jeff's legacy.

March 9, 2014, Sunday

CCSA First Sunday Match at Cowtown (moved because of Winter Range)

March 8, 2014, Saturday

ACSA Match at Ben Avery:

Frontiersmen have to charge their pistols before shooting. Smart ones go to the berm and do it before the match starts. The cart and loading stand on our left is mine. The next one is Gawdawful's. Hmmm...

Gawdawful's loading stand and table. Wonder where he got all those ideas?

Gawdawful's gun cart

Judah Maccabee


March 7, 2014, Friday

The Jeep was a big ball of mud inside and out after Winter Range. Took it to Danny's Car Wash and bought all the extras. 45 minutes work by 17 guys.

Got a replacement third taillight (ordered when we made the appointment at the dealer and was there when we brought it in). Easy installation, so it only took me 6 hours. Just kidding.

The workbench after Winter Range. Yes, I'm working on it now.

The shop after Winter Range and putting things in from the basement. Note the black and mud item on the left. The gun cart is under the mud.

Took the wheels off the gun cart and hosed them off and scrubbed them. Wasn't going to put them back in the now clean Jeep. Also hosed off and scrubbed the gun cart raincoat.


March 4-6, 2014

Drove to the dealer in Mesa Tuesday afternoon and got a hotel room in Phoenix. The hotel is pet friendly, but they don't have FX, so can't see Justified. The horror, the horror.

Wednesday wasted time seeing things in Phoenix. Thursday morning we picked up the bus. One slide-out was fixed. One needs to be pulled out and have new rollers installed. We took it to this Newmar dealer because a dealer should be able to do that, right? Wrong. Fortunately repair can wait. We'll keep looking for a RV shop with the proper equipment. Had the Splendide Washer/dryer removed. It hasn't worked in a year or so, and we can't find people to work on it. It's been non-working most of the bus's life. Extra storage room now. Got the bus parked and reattached the trailer. Satellite TV is good.

Those parts I needed? I didn't get the clips because the parts man wanted to put them all on the same ticket (?), and the basement supports, well, they're all different. There is no "standard" size. Had to go to the bus and get numbers and length, and he didn't have any and couldn't get them locally. He's still looking. This is the fun of RVs. You go to a car dealer and say, "I need a so-and-so for a 2007 Farfignewton, and the guy looks it up on the fiche. If they have it, he hands it to you. If not, he orders and calls when it's in. With RVs you can take it to the factory and the entire staff can't figure out what was originally installed and where. I'm used to it, but still...


March 3, 2014

Getting things ready to go. Took several things out of the basement and put them in the shop making it easier to get to the slide-out controls in the basement. Lots of cleaning out and rearranging. The shop is pure chaos.

Took pictures of some parts I need to get at the RV dealer. This is a sliding closet door clip. they last 4 days in the unit, so I'll get several.

I also need three of these gas pistols, one horizontal and 2 vertical.

March 2, 2014

After returning to the bus from Winter Range got to work on getting the guns cleaned and stored. The bus is going into the shop Tuesday.


2014 Winter Range