April 2013 Journal

March 28-31, 2013

Rio Grande Renegades has matches on the 5th Saturday and 5th Sunday. There's a letter going around Facebook and emails saying this occurs only every 823 years, but, of course, it happens a lot more often than that. It happened again this March, so we had 2 extra matches.

Tex, at the Saturday match, shooting a 19.39 second stage. 2 posses Saturday, excellent stages.

I shot Saturday clean, a good start for ABQ.

English Lyn, otherwise known as Texas Tiger's gun bearer and reloader, shooting very well on Sunday. One posse. Texas Tiger and English Lyn had the only clean matches.

March 27, 2013, Wednesday

Went to Discount Tire and bought 4 new 16" alloy trailer wheels and 4 new Michelin light truck tires with a 70,000 mile Michelin warranty and got the Discount Tire replacement guarantee. We sure made out on that on the crap 15" trailer tires. No one makes decent 15" trailer tires. It was much easier for me to remove the old wheels and mount the new ones than to try to get the trailer to Discount using the bus. Considering the condition of my left arm this was not a lot of fun. Any heavy lifting is very painful, but, the good news is the VA will see me about it in June.

new wheels and Michelins on the trailer.

March 26, 2013, Tuesday

Lunch break. Arthur Pendragon does not look happy, but the cats are having a better time today. Angelique got her own crate.

Made it to Enchanted Trails. Met our new neighbor, Harley

made it to Thunder Road Steakhouse and Cantina at Route 66 Casino. Here Robert Mitchum's moonshine running '50 Ford bursts through the wall over diners. It "left the road at ninety. That's all there is to say. the devil got his moonshine and the mountain boy that day"

March 25. 2013, Monday

The navigator and The Redhead

McGuireville Rest Area. Things got really testy with the cats because The Redhead had to put GSP in the big crate with them. When Angelique came out, she was all fangs, claws, and hiss. Eventually she spent a section of the day's run in the bathroom.

Left rear trailer tire started leaking. Barely made it to the KOA in Holbrook. Changed it.

March 24, 2013, Sunday

The "t" from "Dutch Star" had fallen off, so most of the winter the bus was a "Dutch S ar". I finally got around to putting it back on using a spray 3M adhesive, supposedly the one with the most grip. This meant cleaning off both surfaces, masking off the front of the bus with a space smaller than the "t", then spraying both surfaces, letting it dry, and pressing the letter in place. Then cleaning things off took a while, using various chemicals, all to avoid hurting the Diamond Shield surface. Then the "S" proved to be loose. This was more work as the previous adhesive was on both surfaces, and it took about half an hour to get it off. Then masking, spraying, applying, and cleaning, all in all a good hour.

Then I took the shades off the front glass, rolled it all into a tube and put it in a 6" dia. PVC pipe and into the basement for travel. Then cleaning the glass, using the 12 ft. ladder, and applying 303 Protectant to the Diamond Shield. Then checking fluids on the engine and generator, climbing on the roof to inspect it.

The Redhead was working equally long and hard getting the interior ready to travel.

Then we put the Jeep in the trailer:

The escape door. When designing your trailer, don't forget the escape door.


March 23, 2013, Saturday

Worked on getting things ready to move. The trailer has been on jackstands all winter to get it close to level, and those had to be removed and stowed, among other things.

March 22, 2013, Friday

Spent 3 hours getting an Arizona I D card. That's 3 hours I'll never get back. There was a reason, and it wasn't for voting, which now I do in 12 battleground states--early and often. It was easy. I just tell the local Obama campaign I want to vote early and often for Obama, and they do all the paperwork to get me mail in ballots.

The Redhead and I took Larsen E. Pettifogger to dinner at Haus Murphy, a classic German Tourist Restaurant. He had never had Weiner schnitzel. I think he liked it. I certainly did. German restaurants are a little rare where we're going next.

March 21,2013

The Redhead won another poker tournament yesterday. To be more precise, she was in the top 6. The players decided to "chop" at that point, meaning they split the winnings evenly, so she got what she would have for 3rd place. This is notable because at one point she was down to $1300 in chips when the blinds were $800 and $400. 35 players were left at that point, out of 100 starters. She fought back from that to the top 6. She credits her coach. I'm still looking for a shooting coach who can do as much for me for the same cost.

the front of the shop during the 2 minutes every 6 months it's clean.

March 17-20, 2013

Worked in the garage getting it ready to travel. The floor is usually covered in working stuff, so sweeping and mopping are impossible, ditto the countertop. Spent one day putting things away, most of one day on the countertop, and the next on the floor. Probably removed 200 lb. of AZ desert. Exhausting work, lots of hands-and-knees scrubbing the floor. One of the things found in the floor debris was a Marbles rear sight elevator. Turns out it came off the new HR Buffalo Classic. The rear sight had been loose in the dovetail when I put it into its travel case, and I'd worked on it to prevent that from happening again, but I missed the lack of an elevator adjusting piece. Reinstalled it.

Quick, take a picture while it's clean and uncluttered, at least from this angle

March 16, 2013, Saturday

Last AZ match for a while-at Cowtown. Pretty sure Judah Macabee beat me again. Each of us had one miss. Smoke conditions better than average for Cowtown.

March 15, 2013, Friday

Thunder Ranch Oregon

Clint Smith posted on Facebook that he's doing a Defensive Handgun 3 course for the first time since the school moved to Oregon. It's limited to 10 students, and there is a long list of qualifications necessary to get in. One is to be able to shoot a qualification course on demand:

Mandatory Course of Fire:
25 rounds - All stages are shot two handed and will begin with the shooter standing relaxed with loaded pistol secured in holster with any/all retention devices on and in place.

- Target zone is an 8” center mass circle, 4” circle head
- Any shots out of these zones are a miss. A shot off the “threat” portion of the target or completely off the target itself is an automatic disqualification.

The test will begin at the 25-yard line and progress as follows:
1 - 25 yards - 2 shots center mass -- par 6.00 seconds -- x2
2 - 15 yards - 2 rounds center mass and 1 round to the head -- par 6.00 seconds -- x1
3 - 7 yards - 1 round center mass, slide locks open, reload the pistol and fire 1 additional round center mass -- par 6.00 seconds -- x2
4 - 7 yards - 5 rounds center mass and 1 round to the head -- par 5.00 seconds -- x1
5 - 5 yards - 1 round to the head -- par 2.50 seconds -- x2
6 - 3 yards - 5 rounds center mass and 1 round to the head -- par 4.00 seconds -- x1

I took DHG3 in '99 or so at Thunder Ranch when it was in Texas. It was 5 days then. The premise of Thunder Ranch was different then. The school had instructors other than Clint and Heidi. Now Clint's the main instructor. Classes are smaller, and only frangible ammunition is allowed, in this case 1200 rounds.

The course of fire caught my eye. I'm going to have to shoot it when I get to ABQ just to see how hard it really is. The instant disqualification for a miss sounds pretty severe, but the rest sounds doable. I won't be applying because I stopped doing defensive handgun schools after doing DH3. I did do the "Pre-1900" course at TR after that one with cowboy guns. Then there was the Ruger course at Gunsite, but that was for an article. I got into a lot of trouble there because I looked at the holster when holstering. Ed Head went Marine DI on me and almost threw me out. In any case, my shooting is CAS and Wild Bunch guns now. Let's see, before stopping the schools thing (not counting CAS schools like Evil Roy's, which I did twice), I did the Ray Chapman Academy Intermediate and Advanced courses, Gunsite 250, 260, and 499, (and the Ruger Single Action Self-Defense course, 3 days), Thunder Ranch DHG2, a 3 day course of all simulators, and DHG3 (and Pre-1900), That's 48 days. Somewhere along the way it stopped being fun, and CAS is still fun.

I think I've finished working on the ceiling in the trailer. I'll know next rain storm. I have one more match in AZ tomorrow. Then I'll clean the main match guns once more and put everything away and clean the floor in the shop. That sounds like a week's worth of work by itself.

March 14, 2013, Thursday

The Redhead needed a micro SD card for the updates for the Garmin, so I gave her the 8 gig card in the Nikon and went looking for a new one for it. Probably overdid it, a 64 GB SDXC card. In Max quality pictures, which are 7.5 meg each(!) it gives 8.1K photos. In medium,4.5 MB, it's 13.5K. Their definition of small is 2.3 ?MB photos, or 25.3K. Those would be big enough for the Chronicle, but I take the big ones for that so I can, if I need to, crop heavily. Stuff for this or Facebook get reduced to 640 x 480 pixels

I pulled some pictures of costume contest winners at WR from the WR website. They were taken by Lieutenant Colonel Scratch. All of them are on a page there:

Dixie Bell, 1st Place Best Dressed Lady

Wild Horse John, 1st place Best Dressed Gentleman

UK Dane, Cruzan Confusion, 1st Place Best Dressed Couple. UK Dane also won 1st place Best Working Male

Lady Joy, 1st Placed Best Dressed Saloon Girl

Sugar Cookie, 1st Place Best Dressed Junior Girl

Nick Nitro, 1st place Best Dressed Junior Boy. He also won 1st place Best Dressed Working Junior Boy

Queen of Bling, 1st place Best Dressed B-Western Lady

Texas Brett, 1st Place, B-Western Man

1st Place Military

I always have an interest in a robust Military Category. Reverend Barry M. Deep was second place.

Third Military was Cowtown Scout, this time as a Medical Corps Lieutenant Colonel, Civil War. Scout has more uniforms than I have costumes. I go to him when I need information on anything military. He was very helpful in researching my cavalry captain's uniform

Colorado Starr, 1st Place Sutler Lady

Slickbald, 1st Place Sutler Man

Working Costume:

Best Working Lady, Sister Sarah

Best Working Man, U. K. Dane

Best Working Junior Girl, Fast Fawn Dawn

Best Working Junior Boy, Nick Nitro


March 13, 2013, Wednesday

Spent most of the day working on the ceiling leak in the trailer. Actually I would spend 10-20 minutes setting up the "jigs" to hold the cross-strips in place after placing industrial strength adhesive and caulk on a section of cross-strip then leaving it for an hour to dry before moving the jigs to another location. Basically I could apply tension to about 30" at a time using the equipment available. The leak is coming through the AC unit, and I can't solve that. I'll need a trailer repair facility that knows what they're doing. Probably won't be cheap.

March 12, 2013, Tuesday

George S. Patton seemed to be getting worse, so we took him to the vet. Nothing has worked on his skin problem. Half his hair is gone, and he's in agony judged by the screaming and trying to lick/bite the areas he can reach with the big collar on. None of us had gotten any sleep lately. We left him for skin biopsies. Picked him up later. He survived the anesthetic okay.

The Redhead picking up George S. Patton

The clinic's cat, Bob, ticked off because I stopped petting him. He swatted me and walked off in a huff. Clearly he doesn't get enough petting.

Noted without comment:

March 11, 2013, Monday

SKB 5014 Four Rifle Case arrived from Amazon, replacing a $39 two gun case that wore out. This one won't unless we're nuked. Might get another one.

March 10, 2013

The Redhead played and won a ladies poker tournament. Ca Ching. I worked from 0900 to 1600 on the May column and sent it off at 1600. About 16 hours total on it. That's lower than normal.

March 9, 2013

ACSA match at Ben Avery. Shot clean. This was the last stage we shot. Whooper Crane is shooting. Judah Macabee is timing. The black disk is the target. It's a pendulum and moves pretty quickly. The white target is a no-shoot. 8 shots with rifle

Then move to the barrel with the rifle and shoot 2 shotgun knockdowns. Then run to a magic box and shoot the pendulum 10 times. After 5 clean stages and a long drought of clean matches, I shot this very s-l-o-w-l-y.

March 4-8, 2013

Found this while looking for something else today. It's from my my past.

Lots of work in the garage.

At Winter Range I got a couple of Slick McCade's new wide brass front sights put on my ROAs:


Stock front sight previously gold plated by Mose N Bella (on one of the engraved guns)


As you can probably tell by looking, the sight slips over the stock front sight. It comes with glue to stick it on. Then when it's dry, it's sanded or filed (Slick used a mini-belt sander and a Dremel) to the height of the original sight.


Gold front sight is pretty visible. Good sight picture


Better sight picture. My rear sights had been opened to .015. This is still wide enough to give a good, quick sight picture.


March 1-3, 2013

American Pioneer Powder planned to have a booth at Winter Range, but high demand and weather too cold to make powder left them without any powder to sell, so they made an offer that, if you shoot APP, you can't refuse Do note OFFER ENDS 3/15/2013:

Went to the Cowtown Wild Bunch Match Saturday. Excellent match. Sunday went to the Cowtown Cowboy Match. Another excellent match. Used the new stages on the west end.

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