March 2015 Journal

My Fish Slicker, shown below, is missing. I didn't realize it until I was looking for it to load into the Jeep for tomorrow's WB match. My guess is it was lost from my gun cart at a match at Cowtown or ACSA, and I didn't realize it. Since they were SASS matches, I would expect whoever found it would want to return it if he knew who lost it. If is recognizable as different from the Chinese made copies of today. It was made in the US and is a faithful replica of the original Fish slicker. I haven't seen one like it in years. It would and out at a match.
So my reward for its return is I will buy one of the Chinese replicas for the finder at Winter Range. Please share this and spread the word. Thanks


February 26-28, 2015

Safety briefing by Nine-Toe Joe. Irony noted.

Sexie Sadie and Wild Horse John

Pinto Annie and Wild Horse John

TG Meeting. Hipshot and T A Chance announced the new categories, Elder Statesman Junior and Semi-Dressed Soiled Dove

Kathouse Kelli. Note my hand is on her shoulder (just avoiding future accusations)

Uberti had a big, double length booth. I would tell you what they have new, but I never could get anyone's attention.

Uberti booth. It was used for the Saturday night costume contest judging. It had a solid floor, a good thing, but ladies had to get there through light mud.

Shotgun Boogie showing off his new sights for rifles for shooting in a high wind

And his sight for people who need a big front sight.

Ruger booth

SASS was selling guns. The prices looked good, but I don't think the finish would last long.

My shooting costume contest outfit

Jim Bowie has new one piece bolts for Uberti 66-73s, billet steel

Jim Bowie also has new billet steel levers for 66-73s. They can be bent for fine adjustment, but it took a 6 ft. pipe.

Wild Horse John making smoke

Coosies, where clean matches go to die

Saturday evening party


February 25, 2015

Mernickle Holsters booth, always busy

Pietta Firearms booth

Taylor's & Co.

Each contestant got one ticket. You could put it into any of the jars, all representing several prizes. They have a reasonable number of fairly big prizes instead of 700 prizes ranging from cheap to expensive.


February 24, 2015

It only rains in Phoenix during Winter Range. Tex shooting.


Deodorant Check

Brass in the air

Singing Sue bought me an ice cream. There's a story behind that.


February 23, 2015

Wild Bunch Day 1

Boggus Deal shooting Wild Bunch


Rain? No, I wasn't expecting rain. Why do you ask?

(New Fish Pommel Slicker, not the missing one.)

February 18-19, 2015

February 2-17, 2015

Several things ganged up on me at once. In addition to getting ready for WR and getting my column in to the Cowboy Chronicle, my website host company is no longer going to do "managed hosting," and I had to find a new home for my website. Then the website was with one company and the domain with another. Whenever something was wrong, it was always the other's fault. So I had to move it. Every step took a day or two and time on the phone. Theoretically it's done. I'm about to get really busy with WR, so we'll just see when I can update this.

The Brisco Kid and Kiamichi Queen are parked nearby. The extractor on my #1 73 went tango uniform on stage 7 of the marathon ACSA match on Valentine's Day. Joe replaced it with one of his water jet formed hardened ones. Here he's showing a customer how he fixes broken '66-73 bolts.

February 1, 2015

Repeating the email I just got from American Pioneer Powder

American Pioneer Powder Winter Range Special

From APP Powder:

If you are running low on powder or want to stock up at a great price, we are offering special pricing for our Winter Range Special Pricing under the sales code Range 15 (expires 3/15/15) is listed below.

1 Case (12 bottles) at $19.25 per bottle delivered = $231.00
2 Case (24 bottles) at $17.25 per bottle delivered = $414.00
4 Case (48 bottles) at $16.25 per bottle delivered = $780.00
8 Case (96 bottles) at $15.75 per bottle delivered = $1,464.00

If you order early by 2/15/15, you will receive an additional 4% discount off the already low, special promotional prices listed above. Please see this early discount pricing listed below.

1 Case (12 bottles) at $19.25 per bottle delivered = $231.00 less $ 9.24 additional discount = $221.76
2 Case (24 bottles) at $17.25 per bottle delivered = $414.00 less $16.56 additional discount = $397.44
4 Case (48 bottles) at $16.25 per bottle delivered = $780.00 less $31.20 additional discount = $748.80
8 Case (96 bottles) at $15.75 per bottle delivered = $1,512.00 less $60.48 additional disc. = $1,451.52


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