Winter Range 2014

Cleaning Ruger Old Armies For Dummies

February 22-23, 2014

Fire and Ice was at Cowtown. Left the iPhone at the bus. No photos.

February 21, 2014

Winter Range Wild Bunch Warm Up at Cowtown

The targets were very realistic

February 16-20, 2014

R & D Conversion Cylinders

Practicing with percussion pistols is difficult because it takes 5-6 minutes to charge the cylinders. The solution is conversion cylinders. I got these from Taylor's some time back. They take .45 Colt or .45 Cowboy Special ammunition.

The "Drop In" cylinder doesn't necessarily fit all ROAs out of the box. I had to send the guns and cylinders to Taylor's to be fitted. No charge except for one way shipping

Of course we only load 5 chambers in SASS. Note the locating pin. The hole is visible from the outside. I leave the empty chamber to the left of the pin.

After firing the cylinder must be removed and disassembled in order to remove the spent cartridges.

Sometimes the rounds will fall out, but generally they need to be pushed out, especially shooting BP.

I spray the chambers with the magic elixir, Windex after every firing.

The front of the cylinder looks like any cylinder after BP. Spray and wipe.

The cap. Spray with Windex to clean, but keep lubed to prevent the firing pins from sticking. Store well-lubed.

The recoil shield and hammer slot are a lot cleaner than after shooting percussion because most of that residue is from the caps. This was after 12 stages of practice, and it wiped off easily. The recoil shield, hammer slot, and hammer had been lightly coated with Rand CLP. This helps a lot.

Note the locator pin hole. Additionally there are inspection chambers so you can see the rim in a loaded chamber. So the unloaded chamber is easily found. The cylinder fits very tightly in the ROA. Any irregularities in the rim of the round will keep the cap from fitting tightly on the cylinder which will keep it from fitting in the gun. Additionally the firing pins in the cap can stick in the down position, which will keep you from inserting the cylinder. I've had one stick several times. Lube and fiddling with it has always worked. DO NOT DRY FIRE. THIS WILL DAMAGE THE FIRING PINS.

The oval shows the locator pin hole. The rectangle shows an inspection chamber with a round visible in it. The one on top is empty.

February 15, 2014

Special section just added: Cleaning Ruger Old Armies For Dummies

February 1-14, 2014

The Redhead's roses

Still getting ready for Winter Range. Managed to get the April column off to the Chronicle. Just realized it was April, and I didn't do an April Fools article. Can't believe I didn't think of that. Oh well, back to my 2 hobbies. I make empty brass into loaded ammunition then make loaded ammunition into empty brass. The third hobby is cleaning guns.


I felt underdressed at the CCSA Wild Bunch Match Feb 1


CCSA Cowboy Match Feb 2 had one stage shooting both pistols at a rifle target. Catlow shooting

Gawd Awful has been reading my stuff, has 2 Ruger Old Armies, shooting Frontiersman. I've gotta stop writing about how to shoot Frontiersman

Practiced a lot. Best plan was to be there early. Wasn't the only early bird.

One day's brass shot Feb 13, clean Feb 14. Also shot 100 shotgun and 50 .38-55s that day

4 days .38 Special brass

Cleaned the Wild Bunch guns for Valentines Day:

Wilson Colt 1911A1 from early 80's

Thunder Ranch Special, one of the first, by Les Baer

Cimarron 73 carbine, .45 Colt, from '90s. Bought used in 99-2000. Jim Bowie did the action job and short stroke back then.


Cimarron '73 Trapper carbine, .45 Colt, traded for it in 2012. Larsen E. Pettifogger did the work.


Winchester '97 from the 50s. Coyote Cap did the action job, but, since it's a '97, several gunsmiths have worked on it.


Cimarron '97 from 2008 or so. Johnny Meadows did the action job.

Thought for the day: