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February 2013 Journal, very fancy leather work

David at D Bar J takes a measurement of Keri's head (Taylor & Co.) D Bar J had a Margarita party Friday night. I have no idea how many people woke up the next morning (a) wondering where they were and (b) not knowing they ordered pink sombreros until they read their Amex bill and/or open the box that arrives 4-6 weeks later from D Bar J.


Sassy Lassy (Mrs. Jim Bowie) at Cowboys and Indian's trailer. Jim Bowie saves more matches doing emergency gun repairs. At 0930 I gave him a rifle that was going to half cock when the trigger was pulled and got it back at 1030. At 1100 I was shooting with it.

Madd Mountain Mike, the artist in buckskin at River Crossing

Major Photography's new puppy

Saginaw Sue and Wild Horse John. Major Photography in background

Saginaw Sue and Capt. Baylor on Red Shirt Friday

Red Shirt Friday

Texas Tiger studying for the day's shooting

Stage 4, Last Kiss shooting, Flying W Ramrod timing, Chrissy Carson spotting

Stage 1, new set, the chapel, extremely well done

Stage two, the Telegraph office, Larsen E. Pettifogger timing

Stage 3, the bank

Baylor shooting stage 3, last stage on Saturday. The Timer Operator is Larsen E. Pettifogger, who I missed when getting photos of the posse members (below)

Unloading table, showing 12 naked nipples to Klickitat Bob, another Frontiersman and thus an expert on naked nipples

Posse 8

Dan Diamond scoring

Incorrigible and Mad Dog McCoy

Klickitat Bob

Fast Harley

Mad Wolf

Jess Ducky

Chrissy Carson

Mad Dog Jack--my hero. He has some physical problems that make shooting CAS very difficult, but he perseveres. true grace under pressure

Last Kiss

Pistol Creek

M T Stetson

Judah Macabee, who has managed to beat me regularly this year so far

Queen of Bling

Grandpa Dillon

Will Sackett

Long Gulch

Flying W Ramrod

If I missed anyone on Posse 8, please let me know. I might have a photo of you, and I'll put it in if I do

Grand Canyon Railway has become a regular vendor at WR

Told you it got more crowded. This is Saturday afternoon. I managed to miss photographing several vendors, such a Coon Creek Old West, Pietta, Taylor's & Co., Legendary Firearms, Saber River Gunsmithing and Millinery, Unique Tek, and several others due to a combination of things. My apologies to all the vendors I didn't photograph

Saturday Night Party

Saturday night party, Wild Horse John, The Redhead, Saginaw Sue, Janet and Dave of D Bar J

Joe Arpaio, Sheriff Joe of Maricopa County, was the featured comedian. Great comedy act

Best Dressed Military, Best Dressed Lady Dixie Bell, and Best Dressed Cathouse Owner Wild Horse John

Peso Tom


The Apache medicine man who was angry at the WR Committee for not paying him to do a good weather dance continued to cause havoc. High winds blew over an entire row of tents, flinging merchandise and guns (including my ROAs, with Slick McCade for those wide brass front sights of his that were the hit of WR). Redwing and Myra were caught in their van, attempting to escape but were hit by the flying tent, breaking the van's windshield and bending the van, but no damage to their persons.

Aspen Filly's tent had another tent on it, doing significant damage. One row (of 4 rows) flew into another. The others were undamaged. My ROAs weren't hurt. Slick was working on them when I arrived--in the open since he had no tent

Holding seats for the awards ceremony, watching the tent poles the entire time. The Fire Marshal closed the place down. WR officials read the names of the top 10s as fast as they could, so the awards ceremony was finished at 10:58. The shortened ceremony was so popular next year they're going to set the tent on fire before reading the names, to make it go faster.

Next year's Winter Range will be February 24-March 1. If this year's had been that week, the weather would have been perfect.

News of the Future

February 28. 2014--Phoenix, AZ experienced the worst blizzard in their history, 42 inches of snow with 50 mph winds. Weathermen baffled.

March 1, 2014--Phoenix, AZ, rocked by yesterday's blizzard, was further rocked with the first category 5 hurricane in Phoenix history, with 150 mph winds and tidal flooding to 12 feet at points. No local weathermen could be found after the storm passed for comment.

Apache Medicine man arrested for laughing hysterically as Phoenix dug out of hurricane damage. Sheriff Joe Arpaio commented, "It was for his own protection."