March 2012 Journal

February 27-29, 2012

Had dinner with Wild Horse John and his wife Sunday night (26th), and Omaha John and his wife Monday night. But the Upper Respiratory Infection that had been bothering me since Friday took over, and I spent the rest of the week sleeping.

Some notes about WR:

This year's weather attack (there's always something at WR) occurred Friday morning when the wind blew in our faces at near hurricane speeds, knocking down sets, tents, and signs. We were shooting the bowling ball stage then. 5 shotgun knockdowns and one flying Diet Coke can. The activator started a bowling ball down a track that took 4 seconds to launch the bird. So strategy was involved. A few could hit the activator first, the other 4 knockdowns, and the flyer. I went for the knockdown first, then a knockdown, reload, flyer. Then the others. Hit the flyer but then, for some reason, opened the shotgun and ejected the good round. Dumb.

The weather was good the rest of the time.

I used Captain Dan Blodgett's trailer to change Saturday for the costume contest. Many thanks, Dan. We shot late. Becoming General Lee isn't an instant thing. Many problems with the expensive new beard. Captain Dan won as an Indian Wars infantry captain in the ceremonial uniform, that's the one with the helmet.

February 21-26, 2012

The rest of Winter Range:

This is showing up late because I was awfully busy during Winter Range. Then I was sick the following week, along, apparently, with most of the WR contestants.

I took a few pictures, not the usual amount. I blame fatigue. That's my story, and I'm stickin' to it.

Wild Bunch Posse 5 (Major Photography)

Winter Range posse 20 (Major Photography)

Winter Range Main Tent

One of the WB stages. Let's see, dueling tree rifle targets at 120 yards, and pistol knockdowns that laughed at 200 gr. bullets. Here Wicked Felina shoots 230 gr. bullets at 990 ft./sec.

Dan Diamond demonstrates the proper headgear for shooting in a 60 mph breeze.

The outfit needs a pink hat

At one stage we had a dueling tree for rifle targets. Someone is shooting at it from another window. The targets started on the outside. They were very close, about 80 yards out

The pistol targets went down easier than they had during the WB match. No problem taking them with 300 gr. bullets at 950 ft./sec.--and that was a .38

Sheriff Joe Arpaio was the speaker Friday night. He missed his calling as a comedian.

Our excellent scoring crew--great posse

Larsen E. Pettifogger, as usual, an outstanding posse marshal. We started one stage a full posse late because of posses ahead of us but finished the day on time. All 3 days we finished early or on time--without hurrying any shooters. If you hurry a shooter on the line, you shouldn't be a timer operator or a posse marshal--just my opinion.

Let's see. I blew all chances at the Wild Bunch match. Then I shot 3 decent stages at the Plainsman match. Unfortunately there were 4. Then I left hulls in the SG on 2 stages of the main match, among other fiascos. The Redhead made the last table at the poker tournament.

February 20, 2012, Monday

Winter Range Wild Bunch Match, day 1

Shot the first day of the Wild Bunch match--badly. Good stages and good posse. In case you didn't read the regulations lately, magazines now have a 3.0 oz. maximum weight limit. The guns are weighed with an empty magazine in, and the mags can be weighed. Our PM was picking up dropped magazines and noted 3 were heavier than normal. He had them weighed. 3.2 oz. MDQ. I looked through the regs looking for a loophole, but I couldn't find one. The heaviest stock magazine (Novak) weighs 2.7 oz.

Two of our scoring crew, both redheads. The lady on the left is wearing a uniform. The first person to email me telling me the origin of the uniform, meaning what country, what branch of service, what unit, and what year, will win a huge cash prize.

Mr. Quigley photographs a shooter at the depot.

Chronoing was different. They collected 10 rounds of pistol ammo and 10 of rifle ammo and chronoed it in their guns. Those who failed were asked to shoot it through their guns. One rifle chronoed at 149.7. Don't know what happened when he re-shot it in his gun. Those with rifles other than .45 Colt had to take their rifles to the chrono station, where, when I left, the line was about 500 people. Not bad foe 120 odd contestants. Oh, they did shoot one contestant's .44-40 ammo through a .45 Colt, and it chronoed at 80 PF. If the bag with the remainder of your ammo was waiting for you, you passed. If it wasn't, you got in line.

Saw Lena at Coon Creek Old West and got a proper acorn hat cord for my WB campaign hat (gold and black). David at D Bar J shortened it to fit and put it on. It meant re sewing the chin strap, which goes over the cord and holds it in place.

February 7-19, 2012

No spare time to write this. Got the article into the Chronicle. Shot the ACSA match. On the 17th shot the WB warm up at Cowtown. Then shot both days of Fire and Ice.

Wild Bodie Tom commissioned these custom made velvet gun covers. I had nothing to do with it, nothing

After Fire and Ice I went to Ben Avery and got my Winter Range packet and attended the posse marshals' meeting for the Wild Bunch match. I'm one of the range masters. The course of fire looks good. Bigger and closer small targets than last year.

February 6, 2012, Monday

Great idea from an email:

Okay, you're going to forward an email to 240 people, and you want them to forward it, so you put something idiotic like "If you don't forward this you're not a Real American, so just delete it and go to your Al Quida meeting." Highlight that and delete it and replace it with this:

NOTE: Please delete my E-MAIL address before forwarding this to others. Erasing the history name-trail helps prevent spammers from mining addresses & prevents viruses and Trojans from being propagated. Also send all group mails as BCC instead of TO or CC.

Methinks that I'll be sending a bunch of silly emails back to senders with this modification.

On second thought, if you're sending me something with stupid, insulting instructions at the bottom (like, "if you're the spawn of the devil, just delete this, but if you're a God-Fearing Christian, send this to 1000 people in the next ten minutes or your privates will fall off") either A) delete the stupid, insulting instructions, or B) take my name off your list.

Went to Cowtown at 0800 and left at 1000. Got a lot done, mostly with the rifle at the "long-range" targets there.

Then took The Redhead to Famous Dave's Barbecue and then went to an appointment at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store. The bar on the trackpad had stopped working. The guy checking me in diagnosed it in a split second. He turned the computer over and said, "You need a new battery, it's swelling up." The bottom was warped. I never looked there, of course. The only problem was, instead of just selling me a battery, they had to install it, which meant waiting for my appointment. Then the "genius" got the battery and installed it. Trust me; you could install the battery even if you're klutzy. It's a 20 second operation if you have never done it before and spend 15 seconds reading the instructions.) He also told me not to get the latest OS because it needs double the memory of 10.6.+.Just think how well the gumment would work if it were run by Apple on the tech end, and Wal-Mart on the operations end. Of course, unless the operator was an Italian Cruise Ship line, it would operate better than it is right now run by the ineptocracy.

February 3-5, 2012

Friday: Practiced, then got guns and gear ready for the Cowtown WB match Saturday.

Saturday: went to the Cowtown WB match. 23 in the posse. Took a while.

Sunday: went to the Cowtown cowboy match. Probably last in FC. 5 misses, 4 at "long-range" rifle targets. I miss the old Cowtown.

February 2, 2012, Thursday

Got to Cowtown at 0830, 3-4 people there. Hopalong Harry and I shot stages again. Then I did exercises. The '73 worked fine. Reloaded .45 ACP in the PM.

February 1, 2012, Wednesday

I got to Cowtown early, and there were already 4-5 people there. Hopalong Harry and I shot impromptu stages. The extractor on my back-up '73 was worn out and began to fail, so, when I got back to the trailer I looked for one of my spares. I have 4 extractors, 3 from Uberti and one from Cowboys and Indians. The Uberti ones had holes too small for the cross-pin. The C & I needed chasing with a drill bit to get the pin in, but it was impossible to line up until I took a lot off back and bottom of the extractor. Real PITA. Took a lot of time for such a theoretically simple job. Along the way I bent one cross-pin and lost the other two, so I used the drill bit and cut the end off after it was in place, then smoothed the ends. Anyway, it works now. Eventually found the cross-pins with a magnet.