February 2014 Journal

January 24-31, 2014

Yes, I've been busy getting ready for Winter Range.

One post from my Facebook page:

Tactical is one of the most overused words in the English language. Odds are that 75 %+ of items for shooters are labeled “Tactical.” Most of the items had nothing to do with anything remotely tactical. It did give me the idea to propose to Trojan, Tactical condoms. Unlike most of the crap labeled “tactical,” condoms can have a tactical use. The following story illustrates that.
.30 caliber weapons, if put underwater, would drain if you just pointed the barrel down before firing. The .223, due to capillary action, might not drain. The solution was a plastic cap to fit over the muzzle of the M-16. They also protected against mud and dirt. The U.S. military made them OD. The ARVN (Army of the Republic of Vietnam) was issued red ones. By the time I got there at least the ARVN infantry had stopped using red bandanas. Advisors before me had gotten them to stop by simply pointing out where all of the unit was when deployed in heavy foliage.
But the damn muzzle caps had the same effect. I, for one, did not want to be in a unit that could be easily seen by the enemy when otherwise invisible in the jungle. I mentioned to my ARVN counterpart that I could see those damn caps, so the NVA could, too. His response was, “Well, get me some that aren’t red, and we’ll use them.”
So I went to the supply sergeant and eventually up the chain to the S-4 advisor in an attempt to get OD muzzle caps, with no success. An American unit would have been able to, but some things just weren’t available to advisors. Don’t ask why. It was the Army. The usual situation to these dilemmas was to take a case of Scotch and start looking for an alcoholic supply sergeant in a nearby American unit. Advisors could get, at their own expense, of course, alcohol in excess of the one or two bottles a month on the ration card. The PX at Advisory Team 70 HQ knew how advisors in the field kept themselves supplied and didn't punch our ration cards.
On the other hand, one of my sergeants had a cheaper suggestion. “just give ‘em rubbers.” Yes, I did recommend he be promoted immediately on his next efficiency report. As you can imagine, they weren't rationed. In fact, the "impulse buys" at the checkouts were mostly condoms, along with some candy bars. They just didn't have bulk packages at our PX. So I took the Jeep south to Phu Loi where there was a big PX and went down the aisles until I found condoms in bulk. I bought 144. The checkout personnel were young Vietnamese women. I looked for the youngest and cutest and checked out. She took one look, giggled, and said, “Dai Uy, you ve-wy opti-mistic.”
I’m thinking desert camo and woodlands camo. Of course, not having bought condoms in this century, I could be behind the curve. They might make them already.

January 23. 2014, Thursday

The Redhead took the Jeep to the casino for a poker tournament, so I went running:

13:51 is still not 8 minutes, but I'm still running.

Working on a column that will probably use these photos:

Buckboard Gun Cart Wagon by Robert Wendel


Chuckwagon by Robert Wendel

Buckboard wagon by Robert Wendel


Covered Wagon gun cart with brakes by Robert Wendel

Covered wagon gun cart with brakes by Robert Wendel


Buckboard Gun Cart with brakes by Robert Wendel


48" Top Flare Side wagon by Off The Wall Gun Carts

unfinished 48" top flareside buckboard wagon by Off The Wall Gun Carts


Unfinished 40" Prairie Runner gun cart wagon with ammuniton box by Off The Wall Gun Carts

War Wagon seen at THSS in 2002


January 22, 2014, Wednesday

Saw "Lone Survivor"

January 21, 2014, Tuesday

George S Patton got to use Angelique's bed for a while.

Practiced. This was best time of a "Start hands on head. Shoot one round from each pistol." I don't think I ever matched that time using 2 strong side holsters. I got to where most times were sub 3 seconds. Might not be good if you're Matt Black, but one handed, 68, screwed up left arm and arthritic thumb...

More photos from the Velvet Glove Fan Club:

2013 Convention winning Best Dressed Lady costume

7000+ Svaroski crystals outfit from 2011

January 20, 2014, Monday

Worked on April column & other writing. Loaded .38-55 in shop.

January 19, 2014 Sunday

Practiced at Cowtown

When I got my SKB 100 back from Johnny Meadows the last time he had installed this leather cover for the forearm. It keeps the forearm from coming off in case you (a) hit the plunger by mistake, or (b) the hook releases under recoil or (c) the set screw strips.

It also keeps you from burning your hand on those 14 round stages when firing black powder.

Slides on. Friction fit. I got another one from Bob yesterday so both SKBs have them.

January 17-18, 2014

CCSA match Saturday. 4 posses (Yuma's annual is this weekend). Ours was kinda small. Shot clean. Judah Macabee had a chain fire on the first stage. 2 chambers fired at once. He won by 2.97 seconds anyway. Klickitat Bob was third. Good match. Good stages.

Klickitat Bob shooting Frontiersman

January 16. 2014, Thursday

Practiced at Cowtown. First practice with Plainsman rifle since before the surgery.

January 15, 2014, Wednesday

A little less slow than last time. Now getting to the point of needing to practice and work out. Hard to do both.


January 14, 2014, Tuesday

The Redhead had her annual checkup today. I go to doctors about 10 times a year. She goes once. I guess these new '58 models need less maintenance than the '45 models.

Loaded .38-55 until I ran out of brass. I have enough loaded ammunition for all ofthe other calibers to make it through Winter Range, but I'll have to load .38-55 again to have enough for practice.

January 13, 2014, Monday

Practiced at Cowtown. First time I've practiced with the Plainsman rifle since before the surgery. After 50 rounds almost as fast as my previous level of mediocrity

January 12, 2014, Sunday

Went for a walk in the desert with The Redhead:

Found these benches in the desert... made by aliens I presume

No kidding

Trailer out in the desert, probably full of dead bodies left by a serial killer

January 6-11, 2014

Recovered enough to start running again.

Only twice what it took me at Fort Knox in 1967… sigh

ACSA match on Saturday had 150± contestants divided into 6 posses so it took a while. Drove out of the parking lot at 2:50 PM. But a good event, fun posse.

Fort Sinclair (site of stage 11 at Winter Range)

Coosie's (site of Stage 12 at Winter Range)

Darlin' Diana shooting B-Western, but you knew that by looking

January 5, 2013, Sunday

Made it to the CCSA match:

Hey Granpaw's gun cart. He shoots Ruger Old Armies in Frontiersman. He sent them back to Ruger back when they had spare parts and had them fit extra cylinders, so he has 4 per gun. Very few people do this. Usually it's Remington shooters. Spare cylinders are easily available for them. Makes life easier at the match, but then you have to clean and maintain 8 cylinders


January 1-4, 2013

Still sick. Too sick to go to the CCSA Wild Bunch match on Saturday, but getting a little better day by day. Good weight loss program.